8 goals, 28 rolls

A puzzle / games storygame by tsmpaul

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8 Goals to achieve. Roll a die 28 times, each time you can assign the number you rolled to a free number slot beside one of the goals. If there is no free slot beside a goal, you have to put the number somewhere else. If you click to assign the number to a goal, but the number can not go there, then you waste the number, and move on to the next roll.

Once all 28 die rolls are made, and all numbers are assigned, the game adds up the values of each number you have assigned, to find your score. So, for "Two of a Kind" you would get twelve points for two 6's, and only two points for two 1's.

Goals to achieve:      Examples:

1. Single Score             (4)
2. Two of a Kind           (5, 5)
3. Two Pair                  (3, 3, 6, 6)
4. Three of a Kind         (4, 4, 4)
5. Four in a Row           (2, 3, 4, 5)
6. Four of a Kind           (3, 3, 3, 3)
7. Five in a row            (1, 2, 3, 4, 5)
8. BLITZ!                     (3, 3, 3, 3, 3)

The best possible score gives you 148 points. That consists of all 6's, except for the four in a row, and the five in a row.

At the time of this publication, my high score was only 87 out of 148. See if you can beat me! Go for a high score!

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Killa_Robot on 9/3/2012 9:58:17 PM with a score of 71
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solostrike on 1/3/2007 7:08:32 PM with a score of 69
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Candleshoe on 9/15/2022 5:00:26 PM with a score of 35
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— Jo on 12/6/2021 4:32:59 PM with a score of 103
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Drakon on 10/25/2021 12:51:55 PM with a score of 89
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Reader555 on 7/16/2021 11:43:39 PM with a score of 88
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NamNam09 on 5/20/2021 10:14:06 PM with a score of 75
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nightcatmon on 5/7/2021 12:55:45 AM with a score of 152
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Psych on 4/5/2021 5:12:40 PM with a score of 102
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Celicni on 1/26/2021 9:57:31 PM with a score of 93
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