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Although it may seem redundant, don't forget to include what methodology you used. This is often the part that trips people up, because there are many different types of research methodologies, and they often overlap. For example, if you were researching the cultural practices of a tribe in Uganda, maybe you used ethnography or in-depth interviews. Being able to identify and clearly explain your methodology can demonstrate to readers that you've chosen the proper methodology for the job. If you are unfamiliar with the various methodologies used in your field, take some time to familiarize yourself with them before attempting to explain your process.

If you're conducting any research involving humans, animals, or sacred spaces, under no circumstances should you do so without undergoing some training in research ethics, which also includes submitting an ieee citation format to an Institutional Review Board. There are far too many things that could go wrong during your study to put people's physical or emotional well-being at risk, which is why you need to consider these factors well in advance of your project.

Assuming that you have taken these steps before getting to work, you should acknowledge this in your methodology. This shows that you have thought about the risks and stressors involved in research and have conducted yourself in a professional manner.

No matter how professional and scholarly you may be, everybody has biases, which can influence your research, whether you know it or not. Prior to conducting your study, spend some time thinking about your motivations, how your experiences and identity may influence your analysis, and consider your position in the overall project.

Like ethics, this is an important element of research, and it demonstrates to others that you have taken precautions and are conducting yourself professionally and responsibly.

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