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I am Nate. I am a moderator for CYS. Many like it, many dont. For those who dont, I am here. You know where to find me. Simply send me a PM and i will work with you. I have successfully done so with many people here at CYS. 


Those who say it can't be done are usually interrupted by others doing it.-James Baldwin

PS: play The Family: A Gangster's Legacy and its sequel The Family: Your Legacy

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Prisoners of Pain

Arizona, 2017. "Clutch", the warden at  Monte Claire's Mondesto Prison, is running low on funds and room for incoming prisoners. " I must find a way to get rid of these prisoners. Maybe... i could set up some kind of tournament... some kind of fighting tournament. This could generate money from gambling and kill off some of those "death row" inmates that have been here for years." With his plan in full swing you have no choice but to participate in this tournament. The winner is promised a full pardon. You arent sure you can trust Clutch but you have no choice really.

Currently there are 10 inmates that will be participating in the Prisoners of Pain Tournament.

Schooled For Life

You are Nathion Hubbard. You want to either graduate college or try out for a sports team. Which team? It doesnt matter, you just love sports and dont care for school. You have the drive and intelligence to do either. However, you are shunned by most of the community that you live in. You are considered special because you are in a wheelchair. You cant walk and society has trouble dealing with this. This "wonderful" community that you live in is struggling to accommodate you. You live in a small community in Tennessee. There, you are trying to go to school but keep your integrity and self esteem at the same time. Your family, while supporting your education, doesnt want you to exert yourself too much. You, however, want nothing more than to feel like you did 10 years ago when you were active in anything you could get your hands on. Can you stay in school or will you go off to chase your dream of being an athlete?

The Rockstar

You are on your way up the music ladder. How will you make it and then stay on top? Meet P. Diddy, date Brittney Spears, be inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, or even play with Eric Clapton. It's all in there, can you find your dream?

The Family: A Gangster's Legacy

In the world of Gangsters noone is as notorious as Clutch. He runs the City of Night Haven from the bottom up. The police, lawyers, and even the mayor is on his payroll. He is now allowing you, his oldest child, to step up and learn the ropes of his dynasty. Can you handle this new power? or will you fall victim to it's ever growing power?


Be sure to continue the Series with The Family: Your Legacy, found in the same Category.

The Family: Your Legacy

You have taken out one of your many foes in Night Haven, seemingly found the one responsible for your father's death, and have inherited the dynasty started by your father, Clutch. Now what are you going to do? (This is Part 2 of The Family series, if you havent played part 1 then you should do so now. This game will pick up from the page where you have just shot Leggs and her men. The first game has 2 different endings that do not occur here.)


There are 2 "Decision Endings" and 1 Good Ending and 1 Best Ending. See if you can find all 3.

The interrogator (movie)

Note: You will need to enable the Windows Media Player add-on for this storygame to function correctly.

You are Spade, Ace detective. Your goal here is to get Spike to confess to the crime before his lawyer shows up.

Spike: Dan, Redstorm

camera/writing/producing: Nate, Fleshnblood_78

Location: Dan's place.

Thanks: Dan, Alex. You guys rock!

Finally, if you see any discrepencies, let me know through PM and i will fix them. I couldnt proof this game with my dial up.

Color Monte
You are walking down the streets of the big city and you come across a man with a table and some cards in his hands. He has an interesting proposition for you if you are interested...


Rise of power is not always the coming of a good thing.

Fluffkins: The Bipolar Leprechaun

The Duder is a waste of space who lives in his parent's attic. On this day, The Duder meets an unusual character. Can they become friends and overcome the obsticles faced by each other? Or will their greed create turmoil that could ultimately bring a destruction to the world?


I started this story a looooong time again but never found the motivation to finish it. If you come to an end link feel free to post what you would like to see happen next and I just might write it in. *be sure to specify what path you took*

How did this happen?

You are sucked into an alternate reality where you are forced to learn nontraditional facts about american history.

How did this happen? Part II

This game is the continuation of part I of the same name. You are currently at lunch and are about to continue your education. Can you survive till you find out whats going on?

I now know how this happened

So you have escaped your alien mother with the help of her son. apparently her son was bored with his reality and decided to switch realities with you. he then tries to send you back to your own reality but it doesnt go as planned.


You are instantly transported back to your own bed room where you awake refreshed. On your wrist you find a wierd device. But for now you decide it best to welcome a new day in your own world. You open the window and See a green sky with 2 suns in the skin......

Joe or Not a Joe
Remember when you were a kid and you had cool toys like the hola hoop, tonka trucks, and those little pieces of rubber that would jump when turned inside out? well we dont either, thats why we made this game. for those of you who remember the coolest toy out there. GI JOE.(Dan, feel free to change any or all of this lol its just a demo right now.)


Sometimes you make decisions that are not accepted as 'best for the masses'.

Pirate Captain

This is a pirate simulation game. You will face off against some of the most notorious names of The Age of Piracy. Black Beard, Black Bart, Anne Bonny, Captain Morgan, and even a special "Captain".
It runs like this, first thing you do is spend your money on weapons, next you go to the boat and face off against one opponent. During that battle you will go from Cannons to Firearms, to sword fighting.

The New Get Smart

Take a walk down memory lane with Maxwell Smart, Larabi, The Chief, and 99. In this adventure it seems Claw has taken another crack at world domination. Now its up to you Maxwell Smart to bring this threat down. Before you all tear this game apart with your comments tho i must say that i didnt really spend that much time on it. Im just a fan of the old show and wanted to share that with everyone.On the other hand, if you like it then try my other game The Family located in the Modern Adventure category.

Along with Color Monte this is another game that i made a long long time ago. I decided to republish them in original form. They are not that good at all, but they are something i wrote so im proud of them. lol

Two of One Heart

This story centers around Nathion Hubbard. He is a mid 20's man who has a woman whom he loves in his life. But then a past love enters his world and a travesty occurs within his heart.

one half rules his past
one half rules his life
one wants to rekindle
the other will cut him like a knife...

Articles Written

How to be Creative and Overcome Writer's Block
Have you ever started a game and then couldn't finish it? Have you ever been at a loss for what to write about? Here you can learn some tricks to overcome those boundaries.

How to Obtain Your Own Trophy
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Joe Dever Interview
Here is the interview that i had with Joe Dever

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