Player Comments on USA State Capitals - With Zombies!

Why Santa why
-- ChaosBearer on 12/28/2017 8:56:37 PM with a score of 96
Hahaha! THAT was funny. 5/8
-- Frontierloc on 11/4/2017 11:41:57 AM with a score of 32
Gave it a 5. Fun and funny way to learn the U.S. State Capitals, with a little bit of social commentary, which I liked. But certainly not anything amazing. I also liked your writing style.
-- LogstertheNewf on 4/21/2017 7:07:36 PM with a score of 100
Funny, but that's about it.
-- Fel_Rangel on 4/17/2017 9:45:42 PM with a score of 26
Good job...

This was an enjoyable game. It seems like a pre-Fallout setting, what with the hypersexual radioactive rednecks from West Virginia and all. And indeed, sexual references run amok.

For a storyGAME you've pitched a decent, not too shabby effort. 5/8.
-- AgentX on 4/17/2017 5:32:56 PM with a score of 26
Damn you, Santa.

Damn you.
-- MrMustachio on 1/18/2017 3:35:12 PM with a score of 98
Interesting way to do a quiz. I liked it!
-- BigRonn77 on 10/20/2016 10:31:43 AM with a score of 100
this was really thought out! I like these kinds of games and so being able to play a game with educational elements as well as violence is awesome.
-- Shinobi on 6/1/2016 3:21:16 PM with a score of 100
Although I answered every question correctly, I still got culled. Very exciting and interesting way to learn state capitols. Would have been cool to see Indiana Jones, but Hell Puppy was cool, too! I like the fact that the anagram for Satan was Santa. Very funny!
-- johnkoehler on 5/8/2016 5:51:59 PM with a score of 32
It's really good, despite some references. But other than that, it is really good and tests your knowledge of the capitals. Luckily I studied beforehand... -_-
-- Shadowgirl_101 on 4/9/2016 10:38:48 AM with a score of 100
I have these facts drilled into my brain. I need a life. But on the bright side, I do HAVE a brain for the capitals to be drilled into, an rd a zombie didn't eat it, so... I win. x3
-- Cinderblaze on 4/4/2016 3:26:59 AM with a score of 96
Where did all these things come from?! A hat and a whip and a cute puppy!!!!!
I loved it!
-- Spirit on 3/31/2016 9:40:17 AM with a score of 96

It's a USA Capital quiz. There's only supposed to be one type of question. It's in the title, so I'm not quite sure what you were expecting. Dinosaur trivia?
Actually, there are three combat options if you count the whip.
The fedora has a passive combat effect.
The puppy, condom and baseball all control link restrictions if you go to HELL.

So go to HELL - Santa needs you XD
-- Bucky on 2/22/2016 11:06:01 PM with a score of 2
The grammar, spelling, and the world/plot is fine. But I just found it really boring, with there only being one type of question (name the capital), only two options for each and every combat scenario, and items that apparently are just there to... to... to do what, exactly? Seemed like I was just playing and then BAM "A wild fedora has appeared" which I didn't find particularly funny or interesting at all.

So 3/8. Plot idea and the grammar/spelling is fine, but there's just nothing to keep me invested or interested during the actual quiz.
-- Aducan on 2/22/2016 8:46:44 PM with a score of 96
I like the alternative endings.
-- urnam0 on 1/25/2016 2:42:39 AM with a score of 36
Oh man, I died SO fast. The "bad end" I got IS hilarious, though. 6/8, will play again!
-- Morgan_R on 12/28/2015 12:31:48 AM with a score of 4
This is awfully funny. 6/8- keep up the good work!
-- GMB13carat on 7/6/2015 2:07:22 PM with a score of 100
Awesome job. Entertaining, fun and I feel like I was in 6th grade again. Oh the horrible memories......
-- ASL on 6/24/2015 9:51:05 PM with a score of 100
Learning with a twist.
-- At_Your_Throat on 5/1/2015 10:06:35 PM with a score of 100
You scare me, Bucky.
-- Malkalack on 3/25/2015 12:10:19 AM with a score of 6
I got them all right!
-- AthenaT on 3/14/2015 9:27:35 PM with a score of 100
You made me laugh... A lot. 5/8.
-- Chris113022 on 3/8/2015 7:50:29 PM with a score of 0
That was the longest and most amusing quiz I've ever done. I liked it a lot! 6/8
-- LightBringer on 3/7/2015 9:54:10 PM with a score of 94
I got a profile but too lazy to log in. Anyway I got one wrong out of the lot and I am not from America. I don't know why do I care to know these in the first instance. But anyway cool quiz.
-- Indigirl on 3/6/2015 10:20:02 AM with a score of 98
-- jamescoker1226 on 3/6/2015 12:24:59 AM with a score of 100
Oh! You almost had me with Minnesota... and the thing is, I live there.

This was a fun game and interestingly done. It definitely made learning more fun, even though there is no way I'll remember any of this.

There was one typo I found. It asked for the capital of Mexico, when really it was asking for the capital of NEW Mexico.
-- Boringfirelion on 3/5/2015 10:17:26 PM with a score of 96
I enjoyed the humour and the storyline which made the quiz more than just a quiz :) Well written and very enjoyable :D You could turn this into a Tower of Riddles type game with more quizzes and challenges after you beat the first one :)
-- Will11 on 3/5/2015 7:40:50 PM with a score of 10
I've gotta say, it's pretty fun combining a quiz with zombies and combat...and pointless random fun facts.
-- DerpBacon on 3/5/2015 6:28:39 PM with a score of 96
This was good for an Edutainment game. Nice work.
-- Kiel_Farren on 3/5/2015 5:39:58 PM with a score of 98
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