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Author of a 372-page game, yay! I won't be writing another one of them, like, ever.

Always up for a 1 or 2-point duel!

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6-Door Puzzle

This is my first published storygame.

You have 20 minutes to save the world. You have the keys to open any door in a hallway, and the rooms contain items for your solution.

Get the correct items to create the world-saving solution!

But you will lose the keys after you open 6 doors, and you have limited time to get the items you want.

Good luck!


Day 2

This is a game based on a 400-700 word short story (I ended up just under the word limit with 697!) that I wrote for my 8th grade English class, which I've expanded to make into a CYS. It's about a freshman on their second day of high school making a friend, and dealing with bullies. There are 31 pages, 14 endings (6 good, 3 neutral, 5 bad), and even a new branch that you're one of the bullies.

This story is relatively short; the length of one playthrough varies from 3 to 10 pages (roughly 250 words per page). I figured a short storygame would suit me better after my 372-page storygame got an average rating of 3/8!

Maturity Level: I've said 3/8 as young children may find it scary, but this is actually about teenagers.

Welcome to Puzzle Land

This storygame is the product of 9 months on and off for roughly 20 minutes a day (including a 4 month hiatus). 372 pages, 1038 links, 24421 words, 27 items, 43 variables... don't expect storygames this large from me again.

While testing this storygame, I found a MASSIVE bug. In this game, there a four pages that each tell you a digit of a code, and the page that told you the second digit said the wrong digit... fixed now. Now for the real description.


You wake in a mysterious land full of strange puzzles. It seems the only way home is by venturing around and solving them.

You must roam around the map, collecting items to unlock the way home. There are 36 areas, each marked with a letter A-F, and a number 1-6. Every area must be visited at least once to win (at least using the intended route...). Good luck!

I hate storygames that you can't rate if you don't get the good ending as much as you do, so there is an "End Game" link at C2. South Cave in case you want to give up.

You have 3 lives.

Score = 2000 - the number of links you click on. If this goes below zero, you lose.

Score 0: Out of lives.

Score -1: Out of time.

Score -2: Gave up (see above).

Author's best score: 1923. You will not get this score on your first playthrough as it requires knowing a code and exactly what items are needed and where to find them.

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