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Hey! You! Don't click away! I wrote a story game so go check it out and give me feedback. :D 


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Featured Story The Christmas Crossing

     A seemingly hopeless winter falls on you and your regiment as you lie in wait at Valley Forge. You are tired, your shoes are nearly worn and the smell of death and disease lays heavy on the camp. Rumor has it Washington is planning something before year's end. Personally, you think he's going to surrender. Only one way to find out. You trudge through the peppermint-colored snow around the doctor's tents as you make your way to the officers' cabins. 

     In this story, you step into the role of a soldier in the American Revolution at one of the key turning points in the war as you participate in the battle of Trenton and witness the events firsthand. 

Alpha Centauri

Following your father's legacy, you step into the role of a Captain. The leader of an expedition into the far reaches of space in search of a fertile planet worth colonizing.

Your expectations to uncover old artifacts and resources left behind by possible alien life are blown away when you and your team discover far more than you ever intended to find.


An entry for EndMaster's Prompt Contest.

Dull Embers

A love letter to Ray Bradbury.

The Fireman, broken and rebuilt, whose past lies in ashes trudges down the railroad tracks towards a new path. The Professor a coward by nature finds the courage in his heart to leave behind his old life and start a new one. And the Pilot left empty, grasping for something in her life, strives toward a new chapter that will test her will and grit.

Knights of the Phoenix

When an important King goes missing, it's up to you to steal the only magical artifact that may be capable of finding him. You must accomplish this while navigating the politics of your organization, the whims of your client, and about a half dozen things trying to kill you daily.

For the Corgi contest...

The Way of the Magician

Entry for Mizal's 2020 Jungle Contest.

You are Stor Pendelhaven. a Half-Orc boy who has a natural prowess in the arcane arts. Your parents have enrolled you in the Lynalia Academy. A magic school created under the joint effort of the Factions to promote unity and prosperity. What path will you take in this compelling adventure? 

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EndMaster's Myth and Religion Contest on 9/4/2022 6:26:13 PM

Oh, I'm joining by the way. I've been meaning to write something longer than 10k words. Though I want to make things riskier to motivate me to write better so if I can't come up with something better than the interlopers feel free to yeet me into the pit End haha.

EndMaster's Myth and Religion Contest on 9/3/2022 11:52:04 PM

Ah, Ten Commandments, classic.

Needing some opinions on 9/3/2022 11:50:32 PM


BLACKSMITH: The Second Game on 7/12/2022 11:51:55 AM

Sylas looks at the goblin in utter disbelief. How could a creature such as himself be bested this way? "Well, I just spent a shit ton of money in making that sword so I'm going to hold a small town for ransom to recoup my losses. I'll be right back." Sylas flies away into the distance with the newly gathered cultists he's accrued from Skalreach.

After his and Sir Pengwinius's departure, a traveling janitor wanders by sweeping the bloody remnants of Sir Pengwinius's arrival into the sewers. The cool-headed custodian looks clearly exhausted and is covered with all wretched smells that no one dares get within ten feet of him or risk retching violently. He looks at the gathered blacksmiths and says, "Hey guys, I'm Dwayne the Verminator. You may or may not know me, it's not important," he pushes his smudged glasses back up. "Anyways, I've been having some cleaning problems lately with Giant Rats and Insects spawning in people's attics and basements so I was wondering if you had anything to help me deal with this infestation because that would be great. I don't care if it's legal or not I just need something." 

The new customer scratches his head awaiting any cleaning tools the smiths could craft that could be useful.  

Shitposting for Christ on 7/6/2022 5:53:24 PM

You forgot 2 Samuel 13 where David's son Amnon raped his sister Tamar and David's other son Absalom killed him along with the rest of David's sons excluding Solomon.

Veggie tales must've skipped that part.

BLACKSMITH: The Second Game on 7/6/2022 5:08:16 PM

Still reeling from his earlier loss, Sylas chucks the brick in frustration at one of his kobold minions nearly breaking his nose before the kobold goes flying into a haybale. "Well to be honest," he muttered to himself just within earshot of the other blacksmiths, " I didn't know a hundred percent if the brick really did all I said it could do. I just wanted to see if I could make the bard shove a whole brick up his ass. Screech! I need you!" he yelled to the kobold who'd landed in the haybale.

"Yes, boss?" the kobold asked. Sylas tossed him and three other kobolds some flyers as he made his way back to his workbench pounding away furiously. 

"Take your brothers and sisters and distribute those flyers throughout the city. We need to add some more numbers to our cult again. And see if you can't pawn off that brick to a drunk oracle or something!" As some of his retinue left to carry out his task, Sylas gleefully banged metal on metal together accepting Sir Pengwinius's plea for help. Finally, he was challenged to create something that was one of Sylas's specialties. Wanton destruction and violence. The process wasn't easy as he secured the last of the three energy crystals into the hilt he sheathed the blade and strode over to the knight and his retainers.

"My lord, I have constructed a weapon for you that will assuredly end this horrendous invasion of retards among your people, may I present..." As Sylas is about to unsheathe the weapon one of the watchtowers on the walls of Skalreach rings a warning bell. The echoes of the bell ring throughout the city shaking the ground the smiths now stand on. 

The smiths and Sir Pengwinius along with some of the crowd started running towards the watchtower to see what the commotion is all about as several sentries point panicked toward the first hill leading out of Skalreach. "An army of retards has amassed outside our walls. There are thousands of them! How will we hold them off?" one of the sentries screams fainting.   

Sylas looks at the knight saying, "Unbelievable! How did you not notice some of them following you to our gates as well? It looks like World War Z out there! If you humans had stopped inbreeding centuries ago this wouldn't; be a problem! No matter. Perhaps you'd like a professional demonstration of what my creation can do. Would be really handy if that bard from earlier could set up some thematic music right about now."

A pair of black wings rip out of Sylas's human form as his eyes burn brighter. He flys out to where the army of retards has gathered and unsheathes the | EXCEEDINGLY LONG | PEARL | MIAO DAO | OF RED LASERS |.  The blindingly bright blade explodes with energy as the three red energy crystals built into the sword send a burst of red laser energy incinerating droves of the zombie-like foes. They attempt to overwhelm Sylas with pure numbers, but the bright sword keeps them at bay as he cuts through swathes of them. After about five minutes Sylas flies back to the wall sword and body coated in blood. He snaps his fingers and cleans himself instantly as well as the blade. "Well, that's about all I got, who is next?" Sylas grins in anticipation.

The Pit of Eternal SHAME on 7/5/2022 12:56:36 AM

I didn't even know it was possible to sink lower than the third level of shame. There's gotta be some kind of achievement for this.

EndMaster's Prompt Contest on 7/4/2022 10:49:41 PM

Out of curiosity would you know the record for the highest number of SHAMED in a contest?

EndMaster's Prompt Contest on 7/4/2022 9:14:04 PM

Link: Alpha Centauri. Eh. I wish I'd done more with it. I might un-publish to add more. Or I could just write a longer sequel. Either way, I'm happy I at least have something to show for this contest and have avoided shame. 

Agreena results on 6/30/2022 8:07:37 PM

This was my second time trying to right anything remotely horror mostly because I'm scared of what I'd come up with. I think it's interesting exploring what kind of horror someone comes up with and how it can often be a reflection of their own fears. I just didn't know how to concisely establish the info necessary for the story to progress. Your explanation helped me make sense of a lot of it.

Thanks for the feedback Green and hope you are doing well!