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Breathe In

Halloween Assignment

This was literally an idea taken from my Halloween assignment in fourth grade. Of course I will elaborate and use an expanded vocabulary, but..... yeah. Enjoy 

Ready for Five Nights?

This is a story-game about you being a security guard at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzaria! Instead of just staying in the office though, your boss explained that someone tampered with the cameras and they are not working properly! Goody! You must walk around the pizzeria with a flashlight that is your only means of defense. Are you ready for five nights?

NOTE (MUST READ): I am sure ALL of you know this but I do NOT own the idea of 'Freddy Fazbear's Pizza', nor do I own FNaF!! Not the concept, or art. Just the story and narration.

The Inner Demons - A Ballad


This (Was going to be) my first contest entry! This particular story (was originally for) the ballad contest. It's not only ballads though. There is a variety of different poems in here. It's about you, the reader, fighting inner demons!


Welp.....I missed the deadline because of  certain family problems, so now I'm doing it for fun. Please enjoy.

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Let's HAVE some bad ideas on 6/5/2017 1:00:42 PM

I didn't mean to upset you, and for that I apologize. Like I've stated, I see this book series in a different light than you two do. But in all reality, there really is no need to be rude.

Let's HAVE some bad ideas on 6/5/2017 12:58:27 PM

I can definitely agree with you. I never said it was the most amazing book on the planet, I just said it wasn't 'poorly' written. I'm simply just saying what I think of the series. A lot of what you say is true, so im not trying ro bicker.

Let's HAVE some bad ideas on 6/5/2017 12:54:13 PM

There is no need to being ill-mannered just because you cannot use more intelligent words than the 'f' word and other vulgar expressions. And while I can see your point of view on the kid vs a great renowned artist, everyone has different senses of style. 


Let's HAVE some bad ideas on 6/5/2017 12:03:34 PM

I never said that WC fans are extremely mature nor did I ever say that they were like Bach or Mozart I said that Warriors has some mature themes underlying personified cats. I did make the comparison to books and music however. I said that you can't compare different books from different authors because each has their own style. Just like music. Bach and Mozart. He said that they change authors, but in fact each author contributes to every book. It doesn't switch frequently. Also, in my opinion, Warriors isn't 'poorly' written. Just curious, have you read the books before?

I just don't understand why you guys hate on something that brings so many others joy. Is it basically just because so many CYOA's on here were trashy? Guess what. That's why those weren't the real authors. 

I'm not trying to be rude, but I just really want to know why you guys hate on these books so much.


Let's HAVE some bad ideas on 6/5/2017 3:18:03 AM

I respect your opinion on this, but I also have an opinion on the matter. I tend to enjoy the series and it is one of the books that inspired me to write. To me, however, I believe that Warriors is a good series of books which teach children, teens, and adults alike different emotions and scenarios in a more friendly way. Since you don't remember a lot of the story plots and sub plots, I'll give you a few that are a little more mature in matter. One cat dies while giving birth, many cats loose loved ones lost in battles, a few cats have to suffer through the pain of being disfigured and being taunted for it, major family issues, and not to mention the love plots where kits are separated from there native clans....and so on. While I do believe what you say about it being increasingly 'burnt out' with every new box set of books, I certainly do not count it as retarded in any sense. I wanted to point out that 'Erin Hunter' is in fact 6 humans, not one, and they collaborate on the books together. Also, you can't really compare books to other books unless they are by the same author. Everyone has a different writing style, and it's like art or music. You can't really compare Bach to Mozart because they are both good in their individual ways. My point is, Warriors is a pretty good book series, and though your comment was solely opinion based, I'd like to ask you to actually try the books for yourself again. At least the first one: 'Into the Wild'

December Contest on 12/12/2016 9:07:09 PM

Candles aren't terrible. Tons of good imagery can come from them. I love candles. They smell nice, and.......THE FIRE....*laughs maniacally*   

December Contest on 12/12/2016 1:02:21 AM

Hello! I would love to enter! This will be so much fun Put me down for 100Pts.

New Site Guidelines on 10/14/2015 9:46:21 AM

Oh ok thats good to know as well! My storygame puts a twist on WC and sorta has the feel but not at the same time! Maybe they will accept it :3

New Site Guidelines on 10/13/2015 7:33:04 PM

Thanks! Its just I spent so much time on one im making now, and I would like them to actually see it before they delete it... :3 But i am sure ill be able to come up with another idea.

New Site Guidelines on 10/13/2015 6:21:13 PM