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It's Raining Again
A short story written and scripted in about four hours.

This isn't meant to be a masterpiece or an attempt at being deep. Hopefully it shows that a competent 20 page + story can be written in a weekend's time.

Contest entrants: there's no reason to garner SHAME when entering a contest on the site. Just sit down and write.

Five Endings.

The Cliche Adventures of a Generic Hero

Generic Warning - For immature  mature audiences only.


Author's Note

I fired the ridiculous cannon up for this one and took it up to eleven.

This project has lingered untouched in my trunk for nearly a year now. Originally intended to be a short work, it grew big and fat in my notes, and was then later locked away and ignored. Life happens. Anyway, I pulled it from the graveyard and decided to patchwork the dangling ends together. 


Play through the heroic or not so heroic adventures of a Cliché knight hero! There are a series of three endings for the knight that I considered canon when I first drafted the story. These unlock the first pages of what were intended to be the other hero paths of wizard, prince and spunky girl (along with some bonus troll material). If enough people enjoy the knight's story, I'd be open to reinvesting in the project and adding one or all of them on as an expansion. Each would play as its own separate story, so don't worry, there is a full and complete story in here.


The work, however, is raw - often intentionally so. And while the 'canon' endings unlock the bonus material, there really is no winning and losing. You just do better or worse.


That said, this is a fragment of the monster that lies in my notes, coming in at a little over 22k words. I feel comfortable saying there are a few chuckles in here, so I think if it brightens one person's day then it was worth publishing.


All comments, both mean and kind, are appreciated. Enjoy.

USA State Capitals - With Zombies!
WARNING: Contains Sexual References

A mildly disturbing result of my attempts to learn my way around the editor. I dabbled a bit in basic html as well. The game functions mostly as a USA State Capitals quiz with a simple combat element. I put in a bit of a backstory, surrounding the quiz, and something mildly disturbing may happen if you die...

While this has little literary merit; hopefully, you may learn something.

Wild Billy
Warning: Not suitable for children.

Written over the course of about three days prior to the extension, as a late decision to enter EndMaster's Depraved Love Contest. The extension was squandered trying to write something more serious, but that story deserves a more honorable effort than Billy.

Billy always had a wild side, even as a tyke.

Another story where you don't really win or lose. You just have a more or less pleasant existence.

A Bastardized Telling of Little Red Riding Hood

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The Disappointment Periodical II on 3/10/2020 1:29:12 PM
Yeah. It's the only vegetable that I actually refuse to buy from the store. At least, on the cob. I don't like the canned corn much either, but it's convenient for chili - I use it primarily to add color.

The Disappointment Periodical II on 3/10/2020 1:16:28 PM
You "think" I was asking you to explain what farm fresh means. I promise you, my sole intent on tagging you was for your opinion on whether you would rather eat something the day it was picked or after it was frozen and de-thawed. I believe you agreed with that sentiment - in the general sense. Obviously this wouldn't apply to every food item either. Apparently I did say, "define: farm fresh" - that is my fault for poor word choice. I did not mean that literally or in the marketing meaning of the term. The quotation marks are not meant to be snarky, just emphasis. My entire position was either misinterpreted or misconstrued in the Discord - and apparently here as well. However, I can see how I contributed to this confusion with poor wording. I was not talking about nutrition or preservatives or anything along those lines. I had two, very narrow points. Boiled down to the very base: 1) An ear of grilled corn, pepper, etc. will taste better the day it is picked than at some point in the future after being picked, shipped, frozen, shipped some more, and eventually de-thawed and eaten - and that is not an attack on freezing food to preserve it, and; 2) Boiling apple cider to kill bacteria seems unnecessary (even if you wash an apple before you eat it, you're not washing the inside or the juice). Those were the very narrow things I was saying. Why Mizal took that as an attack on food preservation techniques in general or milk pasteurization is absolutely beyond me, and I am genuinely confused. I wasn't even trying to advocate that people should buy food at a farmer's market. I did not think the concept of eating something closest to the date it was picked will give it the best taste was a controversial topic. I don't have any problem with canning. Heck, I can tomato sauce. At no point, did I intend for the words "farm fresh" to be taken in the context of package labeling. My choice of words was perhaps poor. The marketing angle of the term was not in my mind at the slightest when I used it. "There is nothing wrong with you preferring fresh picked over frozen." I agree. I agree with the inverse as well. Which is why the entire conversation was stupid ^_^ Though, I can say I have never had a good ear of corn from a grocery store.

The Disappointment Periodical II on 3/9/2020 8:39:14 PM
I was not talking about the commercial branding “farm fresh” - all those branding are garbage.

The Disappointment Periodical II on 3/9/2020 8:37:58 PM
That’s not why I tagged Sabley. And I wasn’t talking about the garbage “farm fresh” tag they put on stuff in the grocery store. I was talking about - for example - grilling corn the same day it comes off the stalk vs. the trash corn in the grocery store or grocery freezer or grocery can of corn. This was a minor tangent from the very narrow point - that if you have the choice between eating something the day it’s picked, or at some point, possibly months in the future, after being frozen, the day it’s picked route is the way to go. At no point did I say preserving things was bad - other than it won’t taste as good as day it’s picked food.

The Disappointment Periodical II on 3/9/2020 9:55:48 AM
No one was against canning or frozen fruit. That's exactly why the entire conversation was stupid. Except maybe the Dane. (Yes, he's a Dane in this canon now.)

Covid20 - continuing thingy on 3/8/2020 3:10:26 PM
Zero percent on cigarettes. One-hundred percent on milk. Whole milk. None of this skim rubbish.

Covid20 - continuing thingy on 3/8/2020 2:37:10 PM
Milk first.

Covid20 - continuing thingy on 3/8/2020 9:51:15 AM
Do this, but also order a one-ton pallet of bone broth on Amazon for home delivery.

The Disappointment Periodical II on 3/8/2020 9:32:05 AM
Featuring: A Bunch of Random Garbage

In recent news:

1) Endeavour may be back. I didn't bother asking the wizard people if it's really him though. @TheFreeEndeavour

2) CYS gave a surprising amount of candid advice to some kid that is considering dropping out of school to flip burgers. Even more surprisingly, Mizal didn't even bother to tell him that asking random idiots on a hobby writing site advice for non-writing matters is a terrible idea.

3) Mars looks cool. It's also less red than you think. Do you want to go to Mars to be a space-monkey? Contact Elon Musk today!

4) Will wrote another CYS Paper. He's retiring in early April though.

5) Sabley's co-worker thinks images of Lysol on the internet are proof that Bernie Sanders is working with China to kill people and rename the United States as American China.

6) Eiwynn is still here. We might get partial custody.

7) Mizal started one of those, vote on the next choice things, in the Creative Corner.

8) Shadowdrake is proofreading stuff for LJacko.

9) You still have a month to write a story for the Infinite Story Contest.

10) As far as I am aware, End's boss still hasn't cleaned the pee van.

New Stories:

Rattler apparently wrote a homosexual version of LoveSick and was accused of plagiarism.

Another kid used CYS for a school project. However, CYS was spared from a horde invasion. Here is an excerpt:

You decide that now is not the time to investigate computer files. You need to finish with these prisoners first. You finish all the preparations, and the prisoners wake up just as you are ready to take them to their cell. They don't cause much resistance. You lock the first few in their cell. It is a small cell. The Battalion doesn't think highly of those who attempt sneak attacks. You only have two more prisoners to take to their cells. Why do you feel like something is off? "Everything okay back there?" You ask turning to face the support soldier. Except she isn't there. One of the prisoners is missing, too. "What happened!?!" You yell at the remaining prisoner. He shrugs. You quickly take him to his cell and lock him up. You then begin looking for the other inmate. It doesn't take long. "Quickly, come in!" She says. You begin to ask if she is okay, but she hushes you. "It's all good. The inmate is right here. I helped him. We need to stage a jailbreak." "Why?" You ask. You probably don't know, but the Battalion has been terrible to their prisoners. I don't mean Onguard members, but races from other planets. They are horribly beaten and starved. We need to stop it! Please help me." Your mind is racing. There is no way that is true, right? You decide to find out. You, the support soldier, and the prisoner and disguise all go to the lower levels of the prison, in which you have never been. Sure enough, hundreds of beaten, starving people from other planets are lying on the ground in cells, shivering through their ragged clothing. You are shocked that this has been going on, and a fuel to stop ignites in your body. "Alright, let's do this." You use your keys to free some of the Onguard prisoners who are skilled with weapons while your comrade arms them. You then sweep down to the lower levels, freeing the starving people and helping them to escape. You don't want to leave until you know everyone is safe, so you decide to run away with the former prisoners. "Are you coming?" You ask your fellow soldier. "I need to stay. There are more prisons out there. Stun blast me." "What?" "They'll execute me if they find out I helped. If you blast me it'll seem like I tried to defend but couldn't." You follow her directions. Then you catch up to the rest of the prisoners. You find a save home for them and pray that this stays true.

What a beautiful wall of text. Clearly, his English teachers have failed him in explaining how to format dialogue and paragraphs.

On the Discord Front:

Mizal bulldozed her way through an unnecessarily animated discussion on food. However, in the end, everyone was able to agree that Bucky, Ogre, and Sabley were not going to take Mizal's frozen blueberries. Also, Bucky, Ogre, and Sabley do not think Mizal is a bad person for liking frozen blueberries. However, allegedly, a Dane may think Mizal is the antichrist for ... well, that part wasn't exactly clear, but it probably had something to do with frozen blueberries.

Mara asked for help in restructuring one of her story endings where you allegedly decide to either sleep in warrior cat form or morph into something less furry. If you chose wrong, you get bitten by a poisonous snake in your sleep. CYS citizens did something productive and provided constructive feedback. Top suggestions included better foreshadowing of the snake and writing the previous scene so that the reader could make an informed decision when making a choice.

Everyone give a big hand to Mara for: 1) Actually writing things, 2) Showing dramatic improvement in English, and 3) learning what "give a big hand to" means.

Let's give a big hand to Mara.

World News:

Men are talking to Spanish women about seed.

Crazy people have looted the stores of hand sanitizer. Some hand sanitizer vendors have allegedly raised the price up to $80. Those vendors are getting yelled at by the big bad government and threatened with things.

Joe Biden has decided he's not actually running for the Senate - but rather for the office of President.

Bernie Sanders probably burst a blood vessel after Elizabeth "Pocahontas" Warren dropped out of the race after Super Tuesday.

Tulsi Gabbard continues to run for President, probably figuring that Biden and Sanders are old and could die before the actual election. Tulsi also amusingly called Warren a fake indian. Her precise words: "fake indigenous woman of color."

President Trump wore a hat.

A gang of hooligans mugged a 15-year-old girl in NY and stole a bank card, her phone, and her shoes.

Fake News Interview with 'The Corpse of a Warrior Cat Account Holder':

What do you do these days?

Well, I write Warriorcat fan-fiction on about three other sites and cry when people criticize me.

I see your taste in literature and your personality have not improved any. But has your writing?

My writing was always perfect. It's very rude to say that it wasn't. Why are you attacking me?

I'm terribly sorry. Let's change topics. Who do you support for President?

It's a tough call between Fidel Castro and Joseph Stalin. They were both very misunderstood.

You're in college now, aren't you?

Yes, I took out $150,000 in student loans because the communist revolution will make them go away soon. Also, it's not real money because it's not in paper. If the money isn't that green paper, then it's not real, so it's not like I'm actually in debt. You know how Trump always talks about Fake News? Student loans are like fake money. Also, news is never fake - unless I disagree with it.

Interesting. How are your classes going?

Well, they'll probably all get shut down because of the C-Virus. That stands for China right? The China-Virus? Anyway, they were going great, I had straight A's until my English professor attacked me. I borrowed a few lines from another source, and the professor had the audacity of accusing me of plagiarism. I felt attacked. And I told him so. They I went to the crying closet, and after I had a good cry, I complained to the dean. I also felt like the professor was too aggressive with his knowledge of English. Just because he has a Ph.D and published research articles and interactive fiction stories doesn't make him better than me!

Did you try to bribe him with your body?

No. Do you think I should have? And that's offensive. I think. I'm not sure. I'm a panda.

I think that's all I need. Good luck with that bamboo deforestation.

I blame Trump, dogs, Boomers, and Texas.

In the alleged next edition ...

We will do an allegedly REAL NEWS interview with EndMaster; (or a fake news interview with [spoiler redacted]).

The Weekly Review - Edition 45 on 3/2/2020 8:49:03 AM
The skid-loader story was amusing. Was it insured/under warranty?