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I'm a girl, and I like cats. I am homeschooled by my mom, and I am a Christian. I have read a lot of books, mostly fiction type books. Right now the pets have is a lop-ear rabbit with fur that is many browns and grays, her name is Floppy. Also I have a old, black-and-white cat named Gizmo. We have many other pets for the other members of the house, including 21 chickens living in a large coop in the backyard. I like chocolate; it's my favorite desert.

I'm not online that often, because we have satellite internet, so we have limited Wi-Fi. If I'm online all the time, then I'd be using up all our internet.

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Cheetah quiz

How much do you know about cheetahs? We'll find out. The highest score is 70.

This is my first quiz, and my second storygame.

(If there are any problems, let me know in comments, and tell what page.)

Phoenix the Magic-cat

This is my first story game.
In this puzzle, you are a Magic-cat named Phoenix who has to save her best friend, Ocean, who got captured by humans in a truck. You end up getting captured too, so you have to find a way to escape and find your friend by using magic.


There are three endings, one bad, one okay, and then the best.


(If there are any glitches or random time loops, tell me. I'll need to know what page. I tested this out a few times first though, so it should be good.)

(Edit 2/3/18: added to the backstory, added to nurse's reaction changed answer description)

The day when all goes wrong

This is my third storygame.

I'm attempting a horror now.

Life is all good until something goes wrong... A dimension to the world of horror opens up, and monsters start appearing.
People you knew and loved are turning into insane cannibals. Former humans you didn't even know now consider you their main target.
Chaos is erupting, and you need to find a way to close the monster dimension. When you do that, all will return to normal. But if you don't... Then your fate lies in the hands of the people of the new world, and that is most likely death.

Some of the story is in the POV of someone other then you, and it shows what the monsters are doing, and how they are doing it. A couple of those pages are based off of dreams. At the top of those pages, I will tell when it is one that's based off of a dream.

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Calling All Carnivores on 3/6/2018 12:39:56 AM

Lovely. Bugs in your teeth.

Calling All Carnivores on 3/6/2018 12:10:27 AM

Yeah, counts as meat. It was a living creature, after all. I've heard they taste like sunflower seeds, but I sure ain't trying them.

Awesome community! on 2/28/2018 7:29:46 PM

Welcome, and have fun. If you want to make a storygame, make sure to read the articles under 'Help & Info' so you know how.

i'm new on 2/28/2018 7:27:14 PM

Welcome, you new person! Take your time to write your story, make sure to proofread, and make sure to test it to make sure it works properly! Have fun on the website, and make sure to read the articles.

Calling All Carnivores on 2/28/2018 6:46:42 PM

Not a nightmare. I don't have fears of mice and snakes; we think mice are cute and snakes are beautiful. Now spiders would be the nightmare.

Actually, on the same day, mom said I'd get $10 if I ate a mealworm. We had them as treats for our mice, and they were alive. I tried to squash the thing to death so I could eat it, but at the last second it started moving again! I threw it back onto the table, giving up the ten dollars.

Calling All Carnivores on 2/24/2018 8:11:11 PM

Well, when my mom is in a good mood, (which is pretty often) she randomly bursts out singing. Sometimes singing about something that someone just said. She sings in a goofing off way, and I think she gets it from her dad (my grampa).

Grampa jokes around a lot, and sometimes pretends to be a zombie and fake eats us. He's not always in a good mood, though. When he has a headache, (which is pretty often, due to his back and neck issues) he can get very grumpy, sometimes yelling, arguing, and complaining about things that make no sense to be upset about.

Last night mom had to get out of the house, and met with her friends to talk, taking my sister, dad and I along. They decided to meet at McDonald's, which I am sick of. We stayed there for 2 1/2 hours before dad decided to leave, because he was getting sore from the seats. He took his car from work to get here, so he was able to go. We stayed another half hour before we left too. When we got home, we found the den (computer/school room) doors open, (one of those doors where the knobs are made to not turn, and so just by pushing they open) and my 1000 piece jigsaw I was putting together was all broken. I had put a chair behind the door, so the cats couldn't get in, but it was pushed out of the way. Marigold, our Pit Bull/German shepherd mix, had opened the door with her weight. Grampa said it was open when he went in there, but he closed it again when he left. So that means the dog had already been in there, but left without messing with the puzzle, but forced her way in again to investigate the cardboard on the table (she thinks cardboard is delicious). I was already frustrated because I was almost halfway done with that large puzzle, but then mom discovered chewed-up pieces of puzzle outside of the room. More were found, and I got a bit mad at the dog, calling her a stupid dog. The puzzle was new, bought a few days ago (and expensive at the place we went to; almost 30 dollars.), and was a beautiful picture of colorful frogs. Mom was nice, as she always is, and looked up on the website located on the box to see if they could order it online. I cleaned up the mess, while mom couldn't find it on the website. So she looked up the name, and found it, along with another pretty puzzle, this one with butterflies. She let me choose; the other puzzle, or the frog one. I chose to get the same one as I lost, since I wanted to finish it. Gramma paid for it, since she's nice and she wanted to. But then mom asked me, "Do you want the other one, too?" I was surprised, and I agreed. Mom says she'll probably hear about it from dad later, but she liked the other one too, and she's kind like that. It'll come on Monday, in two days.

Calling All Carnivores on 2/24/2018 7:32:04 PM

You know, some people may think my family is crazy, but we're not. We just have some silly and random personalities. And many moods.

Calling All Carnivores on 2/24/2018 7:29:43 PM

We didn't find it in the freezer, we used to breed mice so when we put them down to be snake food, we kept them in the freezer.

Calling All Carnivores on 2/24/2018 7:17:21 PM

One time mom dared me to eat a whole dead baby mouse from the freezer, and I did. I earned $5. We used to breed mice at that time, to sell and for our snakes.

One time some family member's friend gave us a piece of deer they had hunted. Mom cooked it up and it was delicious. We have chicken about three times a week, so it's rare for us to have something special like this.

I wouldn't consider this weird, as in this part of the U.S. seafood restaurants serve this, but I've had mussels a few times. Or whatever shellfish it was.

No one has mentioned these, so I don't know if they are uncommon or not, but quail are good. I've had them once, fresh from uncle and aunt's backyard quail cage.

If I've had lamb before, I don't remember it well, but I think I've had it.

Salutations! on 2/18/2018 11:37:47 PM

Welcome, and I hope you have fun! If you've read storygames on this website for a year, you should know how to make a game people will like, right? At least how to wright it? Good luck on your first storygame! ??