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Las Lagrimas de Nuestra Tierra

Esta historia fue escrita para el Jam de primavera de Mizal hecho para el uso de idiomas diferentes al ingles.

This story was written for Mizal's spring Jam intended for foreign languages.

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Female characters? on 7/21/2021 9:29:45 PM

Basically you want to establish a boob size and mention it as often as possible. Also make them lesbians. No reason.

I'm new and writing a project for my socials class on 5/27/2021 6:23:28 PM

You need to back your school shit up my dude. You never know when it might get deleted by a mod on a writing site.

Is beating children normal? on 5/26/2021 9:45:29 AM

Well I'm glad to see the tradition of CYStians having bad parents is still alive and well. 

Is beating children normal? on 5/26/2021 9:40:23 AM

I hate it when that happens 

Is beating children normal? on 5/25/2021 8:11:14 PM

Begin exercising and eating a ton of protein so you get buff and the next time your dad raises his hand against you you catch it midair and say "not this time, old man" and break his arm in one fluid motion. Then a hard punch to the throat to collapse his trachea and then stomp on his face until it resembles grapefruit pulp.

my coding question was deleted on 5/21/2021 11:24:44 PM

Damn Malk, he fucking destroyed you 

Taboo Subject on 5/17/2021 10:54:07 PM

too much and too gay

SUP I’M A HUGE FAGGOT on 5/17/2021 10:43:15 PM

Wow, no kidding. That really is an enormous bowl of rats.

SUP I’M A HUGE FAGGOT on 5/17/2021 10:40:31 PM


SUP I’M A HUGE FAGGOT on 5/17/2021 10:38:56 PM

Jesus fucking Christ, why the fuck do we allow this creature to use the same space as us?