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Can help with translations and proofreading in spanish.

Probably not.

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Let's Play Skybreak! on 4/19/2021 8:41:05 PM

3 naturally 

Let's Play Skybreak! on 4/19/2021 8:05:45 PM


2 Minutes Hate: Now with omnidirectional vitriol! on 4/15/2021 9:50:01 AM

Based on his reaction I'm assuming he read Kiel's nightmarish activities, or else he's just a faggot

Sherbet is dead on 4/14/2021 1:57:44 AM

gone too young. rest easy herbert

Is it annoying if I introduce myself like this? on 4/14/2021 12:30:25 AM

wow I wonder who this person whose first action after creating an account was to post in this thread from last month is

Let's Play interest check on 4/10/2021 8:40:16 PM

If we're not playing the brazilian guy's bdsm rape game I'm not interested

Hiya there. on 3/31/2021 12:44:24 PM

As it should be 

Hiya there. on 3/31/2021 12:22:55 PM


In the grim dark of the-near, not so grim future? on 3/31/2021 11:31:27 AM

Just out of curiosity, did you ever manage to share text over the internet?

Ridicule the Noobs on 3/31/2021 11:20:29 AM

Not on my watch, Hitler