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Sherbet's Guide To Being A Cat on 11/27/2023 3:28:56 PM
You're a very fat cat

Thunderdome 10: Suranna vs Lux vs ??? on 11/23/2023 6:40:26 PM
Thanks to the voters and to Lux and Suranna. For a while there, all three were tied and even after more votes started coming in it looked like it could go to any of us. And yes, winning this made me forget for 3 seconds about my excruciating pain until I breathed too hard and reminded myself. In any case I’m open to dueling anyone whenever Mizal considers it appropriate, and personally I thought twelve people was pretty decent for a non-shitpost thread, though perhaps because there are 3 participants it feels like less.

Let's write a Storygame by committee on 11/19/2023 10:28:52 PM
The grapefruit is the murder weapon, naturally

Let's write a Storygame by committee on 11/19/2023 10:09:22 PM
It should include lesbians

this is for EndMaster. well, for all the goats. on 11/17/2023 11:01:57 AM
Truly an impossible dilemma

this is for EndMaster. well, for all the goats. on 11/16/2023 9:43:45 AM
haven't you already broken the terms by making this thread?

Admin Abuse? Call now! on 11/11/2023 6:52:04 PM
Fuck the IRS!

Admin Abuse? Call now! on 11/10/2023 6:42:25 PM
Hello, I would like to donate what little points I have to the IRS.

Admin Abuse? Call now! on 11/7/2023 5:38:01 PM
If you reply to this post, you will have a further 72 points docked

Saying hello/Looking for friends on 11/6/2023 6:27:21 PM
Write the reviews you said you were gonna write or just generally do something of use instead of punching down at literal kids