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I happen to be quite the science nerd. I am especially into dinosaurs, which is why I created my first game, "Hanging Out With Dinosaurs". I noticed that there were not many dinosaur-themed games on this site, so I intend to fill that hole.

Hanging Out With Dinosaurs, is gradually coming along; but in the meantime I've started working on a second game: Foxgem: The Stranger. It's my first game set in the Foxgem universe, a world that I have created in great detail on my own time. I hope that The Stranger  doesn't slow down my work on the dinosaur game, because if it does, then neither of them is going to get published! Like, ever!

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Foxgem: The Stranger

My first game set in the Foxgem universe. Enjoy!

Hanging out with Dinosaurs

Somehow you have a time machine, and you're going back in time to hang out with dinosaurs. Yeah.

Being the dinosaur nut that I am, I made this game as scientifically accurate as possible. I will try to describe any dinosaurs you probably wouldn't know, but I warn you that the majority of the dinosaurs you meet on your travels may be unheard of to you. That is because there are nine possible destinations and not all of them will lead you to the familiars like T-Rex, Stegosaurus and Velociraptor. (But if you are a paleontology nerd like me you'll probably know all these dinosaurs already. Hooray for you!)

Happy Time Travels!