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Tales of Vanquera: Redux on 4/20/2023 12:15:15 AM
The following is an excerpt from my WIP novella An Empire to Fell (Title pending). A warning: The excerpt is graphic and may disturb some readers. You have been warned.

Feedback is appreciated!

L'dora coughs herself into consciousness. She starts dry heaving, the only thing spewing from her mouth being spittle as she is unable to properly vomit.

L'dora wipes the crust from her eyes, only for her to be startled by what she sees before her; All around her in massive mounds are rotting corpses. A horrid mess of black, red, green, blue, yellow, grey, and white.

L'dora screams, pulling herself away from the dead bodies she had been resting upon. She stares at the masses all around her, her stomach desperately tying itself into knots out of sheer anguish. Bugs of all sorts buzz and squirm about, feverishly devouring the rotting flesh.

Prying her eyes from the mounds about her, L'dora looks down at herself. Where her markings once had been are now long, pink-ish red cuts all across her entire body. She inspects the back of her hands. The silver lines she had become so familiar with are now indentations carved up her arms, exposing the parts of her beneath. The very markings she had identified with for her entire life... they are now gone. They had been stolen from her.

L'dora starts crying, tears flowing down her face like rivers. Her tears flow through the canals on her face where her markings once were. It stings to an indescribable degree, but her emotions overwhelm her more than her body hurt physically.

She is both covered and surrounded in death. Crying is all she can do.

My thread seems to have been deleted on 4/19/2023 8:11:34 PM
The link to the forum returns an error page, yeah. The storygame I had also seems to have gone, but I had little to no progress in writing it so it's not a big deal. Thankfully I still have my storygame saves, I intend on finishing those at some point.

My thread seems to have been deleted on 4/19/2023 4:01:57 AM
Within the last hour or so is when I noticed the thread disappeared. I added a reply to the forum post, checked back to see if I had garnered any feedback, and discovered that the whole forum was gone. I was confused, and so I posted this thread, only to notice that, in addition to the forum disappearing, my profile picture was reset to the default. I checked my profile and found my bio was also reset, as well as all forum posts I ever made, including those I had been commended for. I understand if it's a glitch, old websites will do that sometimes. Not much was lost, and anything that was I already have saved elsewhere. Although, I do hope it is reversible.

My thread seems to have been deleted on 4/19/2023 3:16:11 AM
I had a thread in the Creative Corner titled Tales of Vanquera, which, from what I can tell, has been deleted. I'm wondering what reason there was to delete it. Was the most recent reply too dark/too mature in what it portrayed? If that is the case, would it not have been possible to just delete the reply itself so the rest of the thread may be preserved?

Actually, looking at it now, it appears much if not all of my contributions have been deleted. What gives?