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Anti social book nerd and writer... that's enough said I think.

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Eternal Plagarism on 1/3/2022 8:58:25 PM
You’re right. If I see another “hate to love”, “rich guy loves poor girl”, or “they lived happily ever after” I might die from second hand embarrassment.

Eternal Plagarism on 1/3/2022 8:54:59 PM
No kidding. I find full novels on there all the time and I’m just shocked. Like, idiot, that’s not yours to post even if you give credit. It’s illegal.

Eternal Plagarism on 1/3/2022 8:27:48 PM
Honestly go for it. It’s embarrassing enough. And I didn’t know I overstepped any boundaries... I’m new. Pitiful excuse, I know, but it’s all I got. Lol. Glad that I survived it though.

Eternal Plagarism on 1/3/2022 8:22:24 PM
Okay, cool I’ll go through with it too. More reports can’t hurt, right? Too bad we did away with cruel and unusual punishment... kidding, kidding, I swear... sorta.

Eternal Plagarism on 1/3/2022 8:11:15 PM
Fair enough. The scum bag doesn’t even deserve the time it takes to report. And yes, I think you do.

Eternal Plagarism on 1/3/2022 8:08:07 PM
I tried to do the same because I hate liars, but the site gave me a hard time... “Are you the owner of the original material? Or are you the authorized representative of the copyright owner? (No) The work I am reporting is a published and copyrighted work. (e.g. Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, etc) The work I am reporting is the original work of another Wattpad writer or a writer from another website. (Yes) We appreciate you reporting it. But only the owner of this content or their legal representative may submit a DMCA takedown request, so if you are in contact with them, please ask them to contact us.” It’s up to you @EndMaster to right their wrongdoing.

Newbie on 1/3/2022 5:48:34 PM
Yes, exactly. Which is why I stay away from from anything with werewolves, vampires, and the like. Most of the other material is cliche, but with different details. Honestly, that’s part of the reason I like it. I can get a good laugh and my teenage drama fix it one sitting. The other reason depends on the first part. After reading the same story in a different time, with different characters, or whatever else they can change without really changing anything, it makes a unique, quality story *that* much better.

Newbie on 1/3/2022 11:50:37 AM
I spend a lot of my time on Wattpad (where I do most of my writing) and then there is, Movellas, and Sweek where I mainly read.

Newbie on 1/3/2022 11:48:16 AM
Well, I spend a lot of my time on Wattpad which is the only platform I actually write on as of right now since I want to keep my stuff in one place. I do lots of reading there, too, and some on, Movellas, and Sweek. I ended up here because I had a story I wanted to share, but the Wattpad system wasn’t conducive to my objective. Fortunately, this seems to be just what I was searching for. And hopefully I still have that half a brain... I’m going to need it.

Newbie on 1/2/2022 10:05:47 PM
Good to know... thanks.