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I'm gunna write a cute lil stalker story, It'll take me prolly a year.

Goals: Stay at 0 points till I post a story. (Admins I <3 you)


Lovey Dovey Cutsy Stuff ^-^

A cute little love game about going on a simple coffee date!

I don't plan on this being more then two endings but we shall see!

I'm not all to much of a writer but I'll try to get at least a few stories pumping out. I plan to have this out by around my birthday (middle January).

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I know I'll procrastinate

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Obligatory Thanksgiving thread on 11/22/2023 10:05:13 AM

Meeting up at my house with close family then maybe taking that "walk" with a few friends before eating. 

Welp, food poisoning is a b*tch on 11/2/2023 11:39:11 AM

Dawg... It's been 2 years. Stop digging up old threads lmao.

Slang on 10/31/2023 8:18:46 AM

Indeed, It's such a silly lil word. 

How to I load a save? on 10/30/2023 10:33:33 AM

Click my stuff on the side then saves. 

Slang on 10/30/2023 12:43:50 AM

This is one of the best words I've ever heard lmao. Thank you for enlightening me. 

Slang on 10/27/2023 8:20:50 AM


Slang on 10/24/2023 8:45:46 PM

What is your favorite slang eras and phrases (any fav online slang periods)? How do you feel about the way slang is so temporary? Any slang terms you want to bring back? 

Hey I eat poop and I'm 13! on 10/16/2023 2:02:10 PM

You're such a silly lil guy

Thunderdome 8: Ace vs Dark on 10/16/2023 10:44:31 AM

Easy B here.

Halloweeeeenn on 10/9/2023 2:17:01 PM

Mmmm yeah sounds fun....