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Life of a Daemon's Chosen

This is a fantasy adventure where you have to travel through the region with your daemon (a creature aligned with an element who bonds with you and speaks to you using telepathy). You will need to duel other Daemon's Chosen to become stronger and rise through the ranks. You will meet other daemons on your journey who may either join you in your quest or fight you. You start to notice some strange things and the old legends of war with unearthly creatures suddenly seem terrifyingly real. You realise you are changing and that there is more to being chosen than getting a powerful pet. As the danger increases you try to warn the council. The daemon's chosen will need a true Daemon Champion to lead them through this. Will you and your daemon become the Daemon Champion?

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Super Crazy Game Show- coming soon! on 9/1/2011 3:36:27 AM
Well we're not sure about the exact wording, maybe it was more than that and anyway there could have been other problems and the insults were just the last straw or maybe the insult went too far or something. You can't really say that people don't kill themselves because of insults on the internet because it did happen but I admit I don't think most people would have gone that far if it really was just three insults.

Super Crazy Game Show- coming soon! on 9/1/2011 2:15:34 AM
Wouldn't it depend on what the insults were?

on 8/26/2011 3:04:52 AM
I didn't really think it was a bug but I wasn't sure because it still didn't work after the blocker was turned off. I'll try that and hopefully I'm as lucky as you.

Stroll Through Yesterday on 8/25/2011 6:27:05 PM
Is that an idea you got for a storygame or is it a sample of your writing?

pop-up blocker on 8/25/2011 10:09:52 AM
Do you mean the box where you type the website address and then click the button to allow pop-ups on this site? I've tried it and the blocker is set on low so it should work but even when the blocker isn't on at all it still doesn't. If you're talking about something else could you explain what it is and how to do it? Thanks for helping.

pop-up blocker on 8/24/2011 6:09:10 PM
I don't know if this is a bug but when I click the edit page button in the advanced editor a message comes up saying that I can't because the pop-up blocker needs to be disabled but I disabled it and it still didn't work. I tried closing and reopening the internet and restarting my laptop but I still can't edit the page. Is this a bug or is it just that there's something else I have to do?

Discworld on 8/20/2011 8:21:55 AM
I don't remember much about that one but I liked it. I prefer the books about the witches or the watch or Death though. The wizards are also funny and I like the Moist books too but there's only two of them.

Cirque Du Freak on 8/20/2011 8:14:32 AM
You're right about the program that tells me what's on the screen. It's a screenreader and this particular one is called jaws. It doesn't read the whole screen, only the line I'm on unless I use the read-all shortcut and it tells me what key I press so I know what I'm typing but I know how to type anyway so I don't really need it. I can search for a specific word on a page and go to it so I don't need to use the arrows like I searched for the word 'werewolves' because I remembered writing that in my last post and then I just had to scroll down to the replies. Sometimes I use my braillenote (a kind of laptop where I can type and read braille) but I can't click some of the buttons on this website for some reason so I just use my laptop. I actually found this site in a kind of online magazine for accessible games so there might be more visually impaired people here than you think.

Discworld on 8/18/2011 9:50:49 AM
It's really good! Maybe my favourite series but that's hard to decide because there are lots of reasons for liking a book and choosing between books of different genres can be difficult. It's hard for me to imagine someone not liking Discworld but I suppose it depends on what kind of books you like.

Discworld on 8/18/2011 9:42:45 AM
Do you remember which book it was? I also read one or two Discworld books when I was a child and I didn't like them too much then either, maybe I was too young to understand them. You should definitely check them out but be careful because there are different serieses (is that a word?) in the series about different characters and you might not like one but like another. Some people don't like the Rincewind books so if they read The Colour of Magic (the first Discworld book) then they would get a bad idea of the rest of the books, (especially since that book isn't very good compared to the later ones) but if they started with Guards! Guards!, which is about the city watch who are kind of like policeman, then they might like it. So if you start with The Colour of Magic and you don't like it then remember that the rest of the series is better and you might prefer reading about different characters like Death or the witches.