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I just really, really want one of those dope looking plague doctor masks.


Seven Days for Grieving

Some things are in life are doomed to fail. But that doesn't make them worthless.

Do you think this ill-fated love was worth the effort?

Stranger Stranger

Dipper is FAR too young to be getting gray hair. He's also too young to die. Unfortunately, his spontaneous vacation to his great-uncle's tourist trap is pushing him uncomfortably close to both.

The Door to Everywhere

They say there exists a Door. A Door to any time and any place you could possibly imagine. A perfect opportunity for most. A second chance for you.

A hundred hero's deeds are the toll. Will you pay it?

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[Insert obligatory greeting here] on 4/17/2020 8:16:18 PM

I was supposed to make this intro post like, three days ago, but I got distracted reading some of the games on here and planning my own. Got around to it eventually though. 

Hi. I'm new here. Kind of. I used to use this site years ago, back when I was something akin to a toddler. I totally forgot all about its existence, but the Corona lockdown has had me so bored that I resorted to sifting through my mind bank for entertainment. Lo and behold, I stumbled upon the memory of this place, and here I am.