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"O God, I could be bound in a nutshell, and count myself king of infinite spaces-were it not that I had bad dreams."


Hunt to the Death

You woke in a van. Now you need to survive being hunted by six psychopaths. There is no health bar only right and wrong answers. Mess up you die.

Order and Chaos

Planet thrust into a war. People dead on all sides. The Faction and The Compound. Join a side and fight for what's right.

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Battle of the Joes on 9/17/2021 8:45:57 AM

My vote will have to go to the second story.

Escape the Dark Sector - Team Alpha on 9/14/2021 8:07:09 AM

Congratulations! It was amazing watching everyone on their journey as I was on mine. Thank you EndMaster for such a wonderful time.

Escape the Dark Sector - Team Omega on 9/8/2021 8:43:13 AM

Smith readies his rocket launcher aiming at one of the goons. He's careful to show as little of him as he can so he doesn't take damage. If he is able to he also uses the medical drone to heal himself.

Escape the Dark Sector - Team Omega on 9/6/2021 8:57:31 PM

Smith smiles laying down both his chrono bombs for the rocket launcher. He holds it as he takes point for the next encounter.

Escape the Dark Sector - Team Omega on 9/5/2021 9:40:42 PM

Smith nods, getting out as fast as possible and continuing point.

Escape the Dark Sector - Team Omega on 9/4/2021 10:42:06 PM

"They'll go back to the ship for sure. Abbot will probably be the one leading the way so we can count on them being safe." Smith says.

Escape the Dark Sector - Team Omega on 9/4/2021 8:54:33 PM

He nods, getting ready for what comes.

Escape the Dark Sector - Team Omega on 9/4/2021 8:49:39 PM

Smith nods with the plan, swallowing the meds.

"I'll eat the rations just to be safe, so you can have the gun. You're better with ranged weapons after all."

Escape the Dark Sector - Team Omega on 9/4/2021 7:44:34 AM

Smith charges at his attacker, hitting them before they can make a plan. He fights as aggressive as possible, making sure none of them have time for anything. Once he finishes he runs over to Tanner, ready to defend her from any would be attackers.

Escape the Dark Sector - Team Omega on 9/3/2021 11:11:36 PM

"Tanner, I'll take point to get us there. But the moment we reach the detention center, you're most likely up for point. You know the mechanics and wires down there best." Smith says, cleaning the handle of his wrench as it was slick with oil