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"O God, I could be bound in a nutshell, and count myself king of infinite spaces-were it not that I had bad dreams."  


Contest Fairies

EndMaster's contest of making a story about fairies.
Play as a fairy that lost it's wings and needs to find a way to get them back. Or with you decide to fall into darkness even more.

Hunt to the Death

You woke in a van. Now you need to survive being hunted by six psychopaths. There is no health bar only right and wrong answers. Mess up you die.

Order and Chaos

Planet thrust into a war. People dead on all sides. The Faction and The Compound. Join a side and fight for what's right.

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EndMaster's Prompt Contest on 5/20/2022 9:29:34 AM

Any chance i can get number 40?

EndMaster's Prompt Contest on 5/20/2022 9:18:42 AM

Stupid question, does it have to be written in a CYS style or a normal story?

Prank Ideas? on 4/4/2022 12:13:54 PM

Make sure not to use super glue or it could end very very badly. I also would like to add after taking a shower write something on the mirror. When the next person takes the shower they will see it. 

Agreena results on 2/11/2022 6:58:42 AM

Originally i was gonna add in lines about him being relaxed and controlling his emotions. Since it just alters emotions that was the plan, but sadly i cut it. As for the sentence's thank you very much for giving me the advice. I'll try to improve off i do this again. I'm glad you enjoyers the story.

Ebon’s duels (welcome to the Agreena): on 1/31/2022 5:54:33 PM

Well, this was fun. Just itching to see those results.

Ebon’s duels (welcome to the Agreena): on 1/14/2022 11:49:52 AM

May the games begin. Good luck to all.

Attention Newbies: January is Open Season! on 1/13/2022 5:55:39 PM

Still interested in this.

O'wl draw you! on 12/30/2021 3:32:58 AM

The background and torso do help make it amazing. There is no need to do bust style as this was the perfect touch. Once again thank you.

O'wl draw you! on 12/29/2021 9:17:10 PM

Perfection. I do apologize that it was a struggle, but you should definitely be happy about it. I know I am.

O'wl draw you! on 11/30/2021 8:00:08 AM

Just the hood please.