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"O God, I could be bound in a nutshell, and count myself king of infinite spaces-were it not that I had bad dreams."


Hunt to the Death

You woke in a van. Now you need to survive being hunted by six psychopaths. There is no health bar only right and wrong answers. Mess up you die.

Metal and Steam.

Two people like in this world: The cybers and the steampunks. What happens when the social order breaks down?


Part of the Cyberpunk contest

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CYBERPUNK CONTEST 2021 on 5/24/2021 9:59:56 AM

I'd like to enter.

CYBERPUNK CONTEST 2021 on 5/24/2021 9:55:36 AM

Would it be acceptable to use a mix of cyberpunk and steampunk? Mainly using the cyberpunk but a small section with steampunk?

250-word Segment Challenge on 5/2/2021 3:24:50 PM

"I'm not sure how much more time I have. My kidneys ain't what they used to be. I got 'bout two weeks left." A silence settled over them, seeming to last for an eternity. 

"You ain't bull shitting me are you?" Casey asked, a slight growl in his voice. Too many people used sob stories to get what they wanted from him.

"I swear I ain't. I need you to drive me there. I've....I've been having problems with day to day life, that's why I need you." Casey stood there, weighing his options. He owed this prick nothing good. On the other hand, it didn't feel right just letting him die without his last wish. He wouldn't feel like a good man whenever he went to sleep.

"Think of what your old ma would want." McKinley said in a soft whisper. Casey turned away, determined to show no emotion play out on his face. With a sigh he turned back around, ready to deliver the verdict.

"Listen, I'll help you but some things need to happen first. One, I'm here on a stakeout and I'll finish it. Two, you listen to me and do anything I say. Three, no funny business. I don't want to deal with your shit." McKinley grinned that sly smile that he seemed to have perfected over the years.

"You're the boss. And why do I gotta wait on this stakeout? Pretty sure since I'm dying I got the trump card, you know."

"Might be a...."

Wow, what a week! (It's only Tuesday) on 4/22/2021 10:47:07 AM

That's a nice length sword. One way to tell if it's hand forged is by looked closely at the blade. If it has circular prints or any prints it was most likely hand forged. They would be small but it's a clear indicator if it's hand forged.

Wow, what a week! (It's only Tuesday) on 4/22/2021 9:31:04 AM

Do you know if this is hand forged or not? Also how long is the blade?

Boardgame Thread on 4/20/2021 3:39:15 PM

I always did amazing on that game, until it came time for me to get my final piece. I would have it lined perfectly, the piece was and easy shape, my hands were steady.....and I would still hit the edge somehow. I haven't played in 7 years and probably won't because my hands constantly shake now.

Hey there, how's it going on 4/12/2021 11:07:57 AM

I hate having to wake up for school....just five more minutes.

CYS Book Club? on 4/6/2021 8:02:43 AM

Gonna read the Percy Jackson series. 


Edit after reading: I still enjoy the book. I liked how Riordan explianed the whole Greek gods coming to america. I also realized that the man who guarded Olympus was reading Harry Potter. He also read Twilight in the last book. He did a great job building the world with a slow story that has very well written action in between scenes. Every part is tense and you don't know how the hero's will solve the problem. 9/10. 

Ridicule the Noobs on 4/2/2021 4:46:35 PM

normally i don't like your mom jokes.....but i walked right into that.

Ridicule the Noobs on 4/2/2021 4:27:30 PM

I've read through this and one thing i there anything an admin can't do? Cause some of these comments and other posts make me wonder. Not sure if this belongs here or not but just wanted to ask.




Ridicule me all you want for this latter.