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So, I joined this site in high school and made a couple of games, some of which won minor runner up prizes which thrilled teenage me like nothing else, it was awesome.

Don't really make any games these days, but I will always appreciate the kind feedback of this community which has greatly encouraged me as a writer.

I will occasionally poke my head into the forums now and then to see how the place is doing. Feel free to drop me a message any time.

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A Man to the Slaughter

Blood guts and gore. Oh yeah, and cows.

Die Zombie! Die!

To put it simply, you find objects, solve puzzles, and fight  zombies and stuff. It's pretty violent and only suitable for older players, and there is only ONE good ending (unless you think dying is a good ending, which some people do). Remember to write down the code when you finish the game, as you will need it to play the sequel (which SHOULD be out by the end of the year, IF this story gets good enough ratings.)

Die Zombie! Die! Pt II

The long awaited sequel (okay, I started writing it two days after the first got published)to Die Zombie! Die! This time it's about breaking out of jail though, and only has one part when you actually fight zombies.

UPDATE 03/09/12: You can now pee in the cup without it overflowing, after many comments requesting this option for all those kind players who don't like undressing security guards- I also added in an extra combat sequence relating to this matter, though I doubt that many people will end up playing it, I hope the few that do enjoy it.

Die Zombie! Die! Pt III: The Final Chapter

The conclusion to the Die Zombie! Die! Trilogy.

This is by far the best installment to the trilogy so far, allowing you to use over 12 different weapons and a HUGE variety of items. It also includes realistic player stats, including health, hunger, ammo and even hydration (eg. If you don't drink enough then you die from dehydration), and you are only able to save the game at certain points, like in the grand theft auto games. As the game's author, I can guarantee that you will enjoy this game just as much as (maybe even more than) the previous two titles.

 If you find anything wrong with the game, don't give me bad comments and ratings, just to tell me about it.

Have Fun!

02/10/06: The game has been updated again! The shotgun which I foolishly forgot to put in the last game is finally here, and you can now use the zombie antidote. Any more problems, just tell me.

05/04/06: Has it ever occured to anyone that if your local power plant blew up your apartment would lose power? It does now. I've changed a few other things as well that I know everyone will enjoy.

Fight to the Death: The Game

You're a loser. You've done nothing much in your life, you've never really amounted to anything, you just suck. But today's a new day. It's time to make a fresh start. Whether or not that start leads to a happy ending, or a horrible unexpected death, whether you become a hero or a villian, whether you want rob and attack innocent people, or you just want to make your life that little bit better.... 


It's all up to you.

03/03/07 GAME UPDATED: You can now kill more people using guns. Or rather, you can USE your guns to TRY and kill them. In any case, the game is much better, and I've also fixed many of the variable change glitches.

04/16/07 UPDATED AGAIN: EVER WONDERED WHY YOUR HEALTH EQUALS 0 AND YOU STILL DON'T DIE?! Me neither, but it's dumb. I fixed that. Also, the variable TRBLMKR is no longer shown on the screen.

Sorry if you got a save deleted! It was for the greater good....

Mouldy Oldiez


This was a game Chris_Zelda worked on in high school. It was highly ambitious, with gif animations and YouTube videos and licensed use of the South Park character creator- we sent the person who made it an email and got permission for it and everything. Mouldy Oldiez was shaping up to be the biggest game CYS had ever seen...

Then we stopped using the site and got real lives, the boring kind. One day I thought I'd just take what we'd made and release it to the public, because I'm probably never going to finish it and honestly, looking back, it was actually pretty cool, even without everything we wanted in it. A few broken links and items will no doubt be noticed (feel free to inform me of them), but if you just click back you should be able to find another route and get some kind of enjoyment from this game. Thanks to Alexp and all of CYS for staying online all these years and giving me somewhere to start writing, I appreciate it.



A zombie outbreak in a aged care home.

Old people. Zombies.
How is anybody meant to tell the difference? And the black suited agents that are trying to apprehend you aren't making your day any easier.
Well, you better decide what to do quickly, or you may....

Well, who knows what will happen?

The Coast or the Chase

Your sister is on schoolies (in Australia its a after grad party where people get wasted and stuff).

Mum and Dad want to keep an eye on her so they book a room at the same hotel. You invite your friend Michael to come up to the resort.

That's pretty much it. Based on a true story by the way.


You can go on an epic adventure, evading the government in the first mission of a story you know nothing about, in an epic quest with next to know real plot.

WARNING. Drug use, violence and immature themes. Not recommended for audiences with good taste or sense of judgement.

Bonus Mini Game, The Hallway of Purple Tacos, was made by Miccy2000, who does not endorse drugs or beating up Mario, in any way shape or form.

Drugs are bad.

The Journey: A True Inspirational Australian Story


Due to technical difficulties with photos and videos that were produced for this game, many videos and photos weren't able to be included in the game. In near future the game's creators plan on adding in the parts that are missing, but for now, hope you enjoy what we have done so far.


This entire game is based on a true story. Well, everything except the chainsaws. And the Mexican Flipping Cat. And....

Well, we said it was BASED on a true story.

As me, Miccy2000, you must  go to the movies, survive a rainstorm, go home and have lunch and return your crappy game to EB games, before your 7 day trial period is over! Then you will have lost yourself a whole $18.50 in irreplacable birthday money! You have to act now!

This game also contains 'unlockable features' and 'secrets' so be sure to play through it again if you wanna see it all!

Virtual Video Game

One day you were sitting at home bored, so you deside to go to EB games. There you find a new kind of video game. One with multiplayer capabilitys with any other gaming system within 300 yards! Not only that but its a virtual reality game. You just snap on the helmet, and think of what you want to do or say and BAM! You say or do what you thought in the game! But then things go wrong. Things get to real. Like the kids at school that are dissapearing and all of them own a copy of the game...

Please note that this is my first game and I would love some feedback. Please tell me what you think! Also tell me what the maturity level and the difficulty level should be. Thanks!

Note: Most of the Game Overs in this book lead directly to the End game and leave comments page. This is to avoid people cheating and pressing the back button. But if you remember your path, you shouldnt have a proble getting back to where you were.

Who STILL wants to be a Supervillian?
Out of holiday time boredom, Miccy2000 has made a return to the site for an indeterminate period and figured he might as well release this silly little game that he never finished. No doubt it's effin glitchy, so my apologies- do let me know in the comments of any significant problems you encounter, it would be much appreciated- game updates are noted on bottom of description.


So, you were dissappointed last time when the closest you got to being a 'supervillian' was teleporting out of a phone booth like some GTA-Vulcan retard sub-species?

Well, prepare for less, or more dissappointment, in the continuing adventures of YOU as you try as hard as possible to stay alive and make as much many as possible, in:


CREDITS: The story, or lack of, and all the awesome semi-mediocre illustrations are done by me.


26/12/11: Thanks to urnam0 for pointing out failures to pay the player for certain missions, also added a couple of new crimes.

31/12/11: The mugging crime wasn't always paying you the right amount, fixed it.
Do let me know if you find any glitches, thanks.

Who wants to be a Supervillain?




That's right, you gotta try and become a supervillain. You start off with crimes as simple as pretending to raise money for charity and keeping it, but maybe later you can move on to world domination. This game might be a little repetitive and frustrating, and most of the story is nothing special either, but the next one (if I make one) will be better.

03/07/07 UPDATE

Fixed some glitches, and I've now added the high score table!

Jan 11 07- Thanks to Silverman for pointing out some glitches, much appreciated.


Gerard                    201933

Fleshnblood_78  201933

gameshark1313 201933 

Cojocaru              201923

Deven711            201918

Silverman              201888

Black Paint and Red Ochre

Bob's Psych Ward
unpublished , coauthor

You're in a psych ward and the murderers are out! AHHH!!!

This idea for this game came from Chris_Zelda, but Miccy2000 did pretty much all of it except for like two pages. Anyway, play it!


Horror Movie Quiz 2

Yep, more questions to test your useless knowledge of horror movies.

Mystery Adventures!

You live the life of an average suburban working man (or woman) just waiting to see what adventures life will bring you!


Q1 Anything in a workplace that has the potential to cause harm.

Q2 The process of putting controls in place to reduce or eliminate workplace hazards.

Q3 The highest level is Elimination, the lowest is Personal Protective Equipment.

Q4 You can identify a hazard by seeing the hazard and using your knowledge of hazards to identify it as one. You can identify a hazard by being informed that somebody has come to harm or nearly come to harm as a result of something and thus deduce that it is hazardous. If someone in your workplace dies and you are able to identify what it was that killed them you can safely assume that it was a hazard because it clearly has the potential to cause harm.

Q5 List 3 hazards you may find on a film set?
Drink spill, explosives, firearms.

Q6 Occupational noise exposure protection (earplugs), occupational foot protection (appropriate footwear), hand protection (lighting gloves)

Q7 Who is responsible for filling in an incident notification form?

Q8 Should this form be used if the incident results in someone's death?

Q9 Where should this form be lodged?
The form should be lodged at the government office that handles the matter which is different for each state (Workplace Health and Safety Queensland in Queensland, Worksafe Victoria in Victoria etc)

Q10 How long should this form be kept on file?
At least 7 years.

RPG Engine

The Coast of the Chase 2: AGA Infiltrations
unpublished , coauthor

the second part to the first one. OMG WOW. yeh well if you liked the first one u mite like this one, well i dont no because i havent started it yet.

The Monty Hall Problem

This is a game designed to prove a logic puzzle called The Monty Hall Problem. It may blow your mind a little bit. Please keep in mind that I do not alter the variables in order to affect the outcome to make changing your door choice get you more wins, it's how it really works.

Not sure what I'm talking about? You can learn more about the Monty Hall Problem below.


The Video Game Quiz

Yes, a quiz about video games. Not just about a single video game, but everything from Pong to Pacman and Halo to Half Life. Good Luck!

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Madglee came up with a contest idea
He'd get CYS users all busy.
They became anxious as the day came near
Where he'd judge them til they said, where is he?

They'd written sonnets and wanted to see
Which entry he thought to be the greatest
But heard no one did, the news from Madglee
Announcing which sonnet he thought was best.

And who can blame those impatient writers?
Not I, like you I want to know who won.
Many of you I hear, pulled all nighters
In order to get your own entry done.

This poem's about done- wasn't that great
Now that it's written I'll shut up and wait.


I assume you're referring to the poetry contest, which I am also waiting for with an unreasonable level of impatience.

If you refer to the cola keyboard comp then I refer you to the post above yours.

Best book you've ready about dragons? on 6/27/2013 12:21:35 PM

The dragons in the Discworld series are very very cool, mainly because a lot of them explode all the time.

Banned books on 6/27/2013 9:59:52 AM

I lol'd at the Captain Underpants bit. It was probably because of the Flip O Rama sections containing GRAPHIC VIOLENCE.

No Lord of the Flies? Clockwork Orange? American Psycho? Crazy...

Best book you've ready about dragons? on 6/27/2013 9:53:34 AM

Yeah, The Hobbit.

The worst book I ever read about dragons was Twilight.

Madglee Pop Contest on 6/26/2013 11:14:00 AM

Personally, I would like to see everyone's, including first, second and third.

Also this is my first forum post here in like, 11 months. Hello everyone.

Here's the real scoop on the "batman" murders on 7/25/2012 9:05:20 AM

Has anybody seen the recently released footage of him in court? The way he's acting looks like it could just be the results of a psychotic breakdown but if you've seen it he does give off this vibe like he was forced to do it, like he's confused or something.

Speaking of mind control, I'm assuming you conspiracy people are familiar with MK Ultra? That's not a conspiracy theory, that's a real thing the CIA did that they didn't want anyone to know about but yeah, that whole Watergate thing or whatever, I think it's a bit silly to say that the US Government doesn't torture people when the MK Ultra project, Guantanamo Bay, stuff like that, goes on and nobody seems to care about it, it makes me a bit angry at America.

Probably happens in Australia all the time but at least when we sweep it under the rug there isn't a giant bump visible under it that's kinda shaped like an oil grabbing torture advocating lie factory.

The public is told that this is also coincidentally the shape of happiness factories, which is where the Monopoly man prints money and band-aids for all the sick children, so that's probably what it is.

Dark Knight Shooting in Denver on 7/25/2012 8:51:39 AM

Oh oh oh and while I'm throwing my 2 cent pieces around, yeah, gun control laws are kind of like marijuana laws, if somebody really wants marijuana they can get it, but, well, a person might be able to get a few grams of the stuff and get a bit stoned but if it's illegal than it's very difficult to get a giant shopping bag of it and just carry it with you on the bus home, maybe smoking some on the way.

While we're on the topic, a country where it's legal for kids to own guns but not for adults to smoke weed- like, in most states- is silly, but anyway...

Yeah, making guns illegal wouldn't get rid of them, however, the people who owned guns would all be people who were willing to break the law for some reason or another to get them- some would just be ordinary people protecting themselves, but the majority of them would probably be criminals, plus, like marijuana, it would only drive up the price of the product by making it illegal and create a bigger black market for it and that kind of thing.

Killers would have to pre-meditate and get the gun beforehand and be at risk of arrest before their killing spree or whatever, by owning one, while a normal law abiding man who suddenly finds his wife in bed with the milkman might have time to calm down about it while he's looking for an illegal gun merchant instead of having his gun ready in his glovebox to kill them both with.

So, might decrease crimes of passion but won't stop killing sprees...

Dark Knight Shooting in Denver on 7/25/2012 8:36:43 AM

I appreciate cool74's point of view, but I hardly agree with it. I'm okay with cutting a person off from society, like with prisons, but done in such a way that they can still have access to basic nutrition, exercise and some kind of option for them to communicate with other people with similar sentences only when all participants in the socializing are willing- as in, don't force them to go out in the yard daily where there's a chance they'll gut people, have like a prison chat room or phone line that can be monitored so they don't get Carl Williams'd in the gym.

If the prisoner is compliant and behaves themselves they should have access to a limited amount of recreational material like drawing and books and a very small television, the prison network would have limited, filtered news access.

This is just a hypothetical adjustment to your original proposition, which I expect you're using for the example of the Dark Knight murderer and not just killers in general.

Oh and JJJ, I'm pretty sure I did actually go to at least one BBQ with shrimp or similar crustaceans.

(Insert broad racial generalization about Canadians here)

Dark Knight Shooting in Denver on 7/24/2012 5:31:56 AM

Well, I'm glad that nobody on the site was hurt, I mean it's not like I know any of you that well but I like to think I'd be kind of upset about it anyway, having read your stories and everything, I mean I was reading ?The Salmon of Doubt? today (a collection of writings and tributes to Douglas Adams) and I felt sad.

Yeah there's all kinds of shit in the news about him, first he's the Joker, then he's Bane, then there's the newspapers blaming it on video games (I'm not even joking, like front page words were pretty much BATMAN KILLING SPREE CAUSED BY VIDEO GAMES or might as well have been), the legal system seems to be processing the matter very quickly based on what I heard today.

It's one of those scenarios where CONTROVERSIAL OPINION ALERT I definitely support the death penalty, luckily it's in a country where they support that, unlike that Anders Breivik prick in Europe getting off with life in prison or whatever.

Oh by the way, hi everyone, I'm Miccy2000, you may remember me as that guy who wrote that Die Zombie Die story on the front page and then left the site to fail at multiple relationships, get a shit job and drink a lot like a real Australian adult, nice to be back.