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Hi, I'm a flower.

Despite being a plant, my main activity here is lurking in the darkness. I no longer need sunlight since I have found an alternative source of energy.

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Gross food menu on 1/30/2022 8:37:01 AM

Well, this thread is where I put ideas about some of the most disgusting food I can imagine.

Welcome to the Gross Food restaurant where you will enjoy some of the most disgusting food.


1. Stir-fried diaper seaweed


This dish is made from diaper seaweed stir-fried with foot fungus. The diaper seaweed is freshly harvest from local seaweed farms. Here are some fun facts about diaper seaweed:


- Diaper seaweed is very nutritious. They are full of vitamins and minerals which is essential for our body functions.


- Diaper seaweed grows very fast. It takes around 10 days for it to double in mass.


- The most interesting fact is that diaper seaweed grows on diseased old people's used diaper submerged in sea water. This is how diaper seaweed got its name.


2. Worm egg toast


Mmmm... Worm eggs. Don't worry, they are properly boiled so that you don't contract intestinal worms. Who doesn't like the crunchiness of toast combined with worm eggs popping in their mouth. Each egg is a tiny vesicle filled with an unforgettable flavour.


3. Tape worm noodle


Noodles freshly harvested from local parasite farms. This dish is a must try if you are a fan of Parrobeekan cuisine. Each bowl of noodles is masterfully crafted. The temperature must be just right since high temperature destroys the chewy texture of the worm while too low temperature gives you intestinal worms. The vegetables and meat must be cut thinly. The diaper seaweed has to be marinated in urine for at least three days. The people of Parrobeek are proud to have this dish as a representative of their cuisine.


4. Shit ice cream


Who doesn't like ice cream and who doesn't like shit. That's why we have invented the most loved flavour of ice cream by combining two of the most loved things on this planet. The sweet aroma of vanilla fuses with the strong and distinctive smell of shit will surely make your mouth water. You can choose one of the following toppings: raw baby snails, diaper seaweed, crystalized urine or candied fish eyeballs.


5. Vomit smoothie


Peculiar, yet refreshing. Vomit smoothie will surely quench your thirst away. This smoothie is made of various berries and milk which has experienced the process of half-digestion inside a snake's stomach. The slight burn of stomach acid upon taking the first sip will definitely be unforgettable.


6. Diseased liver soup


This soup is made of diseased liver (obviously) cooked with various herbs and condensed blood. Diseased liver comes in many different flavours of disease: Cancer, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis A,B,C,D,E, fatty liver disease and much more. The best part is that you can choose what flavours of disease you want to try on your soup. We recommend the hepatitis combo since it has the most diverse flavours, and it is one of the top-rated flavours. 

My first short story on 1/18/2022 11:32:18 PM

Yeah. I think it should be more detailed. Thanks for the advice.


My first short story on 1/18/2022 8:12:09 PM

Thanks for your advice. I will practice more.

My first short story on 1/18/2022 10:27:54 AM

So, this is my first short story. Let me know how I can improve my writing. Any form of criticism is appreciated ^_^



Hmmmm... What face should I wear today? This feminine face with rosy cheeks and luscious plump lips, or that masculine one with sapphire blue eyes? How about something more androgynous looking? Perhaps I should try something entirely new. Today, I will wear no face. Ohhh... This will be interesting. I remember when I was a youngling, I would frequently ask my mama why we had to wear faces all the time. She would always answer: "It's a must for our survival." Yet, I didn't believe her, and still don't. When a [unintelligible] is born, it has no face yet. The nurses have to quickly put a face on its head. During the first few years, the younglings have their faces changed by their parents at least once every week since they cannot do it on their own. As they grow older, they learn how to wear their faces properly. In the teenage years, many youngsters tend to change their faces constantly; some even do it every day. I used to be one of them.


   I have heard about stories of people went missing after they take off their face for a while. There are many theories about this, but none is confirmed as no one returns to tell the tale. The most prominent theory is that they simply cease to exist. Another theory suggests they are transported to another dimension. Many people told me it would be suicide to take off my face for a long time, but I still ponder this question every night... What truly happens if I am faceless for a long period? I have next to nothing to lose, so why not find this out? I hesitate for a while... Should I really do this? Well, you see, survival instinct and fear of the unknown work together to form a rather formidable force. Shame also plays a role here as a supporting factor. Would I be remembered as a curious fool who remove their face? Then again, why should I care about them? All they do is wrongfully judging others to please their hypocritical minds. I take a deep breath and remove my face.


 Fifteen minutes, twenty minutes, thirty minutes... Huh... no drastic changes... So, this is all just a hoax? Suddenly, I feel a slight tingling feeling on where my face should have been... That's it? Boring, yet I am glad that nothing scary happens. I think I'm going to put my face back on. What the [unintelligible]! I cannot put on my face... Arghhh! No matter how hard I try to push my face onto my head, It just falls off. The tingling feeling starts to develop into a burning sensation. Oh come on... The tape! Hopefully this will work. How foolish of me; should have listened to what they said. After a few minutes, I successfully tape my face onto my head. Yet, something is wrong... The burning sensation grows stronger and stronger like fire meet dry wood. I take a look at the mirror and see a horrifying picture. My face is melting. Oh shit. My face. Melting. Ahhhh! Someone help me! Please! My skin is melting like candle wax. My eyes roll out of their sockets, leaving two black holes on my melting face. I can hear liquified skin splatter on the floor. My screams soon turn into wet gurgling. Every moment spells pain and regret. The pain spread throughout my body while it is liquified. Each second lasts forever. Why don't you just shut down already, brain?


   Suddenly, the pain disintegrates as I feel a sense of calm linger in my mind. I look in the mirror to see no one there. Huh... I look around the house and find no traces of myself. So they are right, those who have no faces become no one. I have noticed that my senses much better for some reasons. I can see everything up to the tiniest details despite having no eye. I can hear every sound from the smallest vibration of air particles despite having no ear. I can smell every flower on earth despite having no nose. I can taste every dishes despite having no tongue. I can sense every touches despite having no skin. I can feel everything from every perspective. I realised something... Those who have no face become no one. And by doing so, they become one with everything. From that moment of realisation, "I" ceases to exist.

Help! on 4/3/2021 12:58:42 PM
I don't know, whenever I go to this website, I'm already logged in.

Help! on 4/3/2021 12:33:26 PM
Well, this is embarrassing. I forgot my old password and want to change my password. Is there a way to solve this problem? Thanks in advance.

Hi people on 12/26/2020 10:50:40 AM
Thank you for your advice.

Hi people on 12/26/2020 10:44:06 AM
I have some ideas but I don’t know how to piece them together, and my English skills are not that great either, so I suppose it will be a while for me to post any story games.

Hi people on 12/26/2020 10:15:24 AM
So, I am new here and I would love to write something in the future to improve my English skills and my writing skills. I have never written a story before, so I am really excited to try some new stuff. Have a nice day to you all.