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Hi person reading this. I ain't written anything to you're probably wasting your time here.

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The 1st Annual Hunger Games!


[Writer Words? Idk] Ok so, if you can read English, which I'm sure you can if you got this far, you'll see by the title name that this has something to do with a certain, well, book. So this is my 1st (technically like 3rd or 4th), but my 1st one I'm gonna be serious with. Aaanyway, this is all made up by me, it is based off the Hunger Games, but NOTHING THAT HAPPENS is written in ANY OF THE BOOKS.


Welcome to the 1st Annual Hunger Games, a new game introduced by the Panem in an attempt to 'control' the 12 Districts after their rebellion against the all powerful Capital...


The rules of the game are stated as so:

Two 'Tributes', (or in other words, participants), from each District must be entered into the Hunger Games.

The two Tributes must be a Boy and a Girl.

Those who enter must be between the ages of 12 and 18.

Depending upon age, the Tributes name must be entered a certain number of times.

(Basic Rules; read the book if you'd like to know any other rules).


"Happy Hunger Games, and may the odds be ever in your favour..."


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What Does It Matter?

You need to fix your life, and escape the swirling void of depression that has seezed you over the years. Escaping your past is more difficult than you expected, and all you can do is battle it head on. You're unsure, however, if it's all worth it, and if you should infact better yourself, or if you should simply dive into the darkness of crime. But really, what does it matter?