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just a noob(Squid?) that came from Inklewriter

be patient with me, i'll figure things out eventually!


Forgotten To Time


I'm something long forgotten in the endless void of time, now remembered once more in a land of utter chaos and barbaric people striving for survival. Nothing is familiar.

This is everything you could expect from a Sci-Fi, and hopefully a bit more. This is my first time at both; doing a story on this site and experimenting with Sci-Fi, so I hope it can be of acceptable standard. The story is also based off of a bit of a cliche, but I hope I was able to pull it off so such doesn't matter.

All in all; a lot of hope was put in this story.

Have fun ~ D

Somewhere and Someone New



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Why Is Spazzler A Faggot? on 7/7/2019 7:48:25 PM

Not really, been whining at other places, didn't like how straight this site was with only a few degenerate people. Cool if heterosexuality is your thing but I guess I just want a faggier group.

Why Is Spazzler A Faggot? on 7/7/2019 3:46:04 AM

haha wow, what a loser I am

lol fag on 7/7/2019 3:44:51 AM

lol fag

Why Is Spazzler A Faggot? on 6/24/2019 1:52:45 PM

Having my balls removed is possibly the funniest thing ever. Thank you.

lol fag on 6/24/2019 12:45:58 AM

And thus I remember why I'm a complete faggot.

Fresh Meat - baiting and hooking thread on 5/1/2018 4:34:03 AM

1) Thanks, but I made it!!! It's a rather old pic tho. And it's of my shitty persona because I can't be assed to draw myself so I take the easy route.

2) You know what, I'ma have gonna go with Dracula (1931)

Tattoo thread? on 3/8/2018 12:11:29 PM

Personally i love tattoos and want to have a lot, but I'm a pussy with pain so I don't have that many. But every birthday I have a small star tattoo added to my right arm. It started back when I was 16 and I got a star tattoo on my wrist with my parents, my dad got a sun and my mom got a moon. It was supposed to represent some cheesy shit like 'when you look at the tat u kno ur parents love u lol' or something stupid like that.

But it means a lot to me.

Nudes on 3/1/2018 6:37:49 PM

Kay, thanks.

Nudes on 3/1/2018 5:13:20 PM

Heyo, I assume it's fine to have pictures in your storygame of naked people, though obviously not if it's for pornography purposes, right?

Glorious Sleep on 2/27/2018 11:20:13 AM

I'm one of those depressed assholes who can't sleep so I unwillingly sleep 2-3 hours per night, and I hate any kind of caffeine whatsoever so I'm just living on the verge of death 24/7. I wish I was one of those depressed types that sleeps all the time, that's my fucking dream.