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So, this is the Profile page, huh?

That's nice.



Oh wait, hey! You're probably here for some information, right? Well, shit, erm.

I'm ThePraetorian - obviously - and I've been around on the site for a while. Playing through storygames, leaving cheeky little comments. I only formally got this account maybe a few months ago, and right now, I'm working on a few projects I'm hoping to get off the ground by September at the least. 

So be on the lookout for Ascendant and / or Crester!


Mishap on the Maynard

1901, the USS Maynard, steaming it's way across the Atlantic to port in England. Onboard are a host of wealthy businesspeople, celebrities, actors, and scientists, along with you, Jackson Bright, off-duty police investigator trying to get a nice vacation.

But when a murder occurs, vacation is over, as it's up to you to find and arrest the perpetrator - before it's too late for everyone onboard.


This is my shoddy first attempt at a mystery storygame. The story is entirely player-driven, with the perpetrator only being revealed at the end. It's up to you to collect evidence and find the correct way to use it. As always, leave a comment and rating below.


The Mask

In a world left devoid of heroes after Armageddon, there's only one man left to hold back the forces of darkness.

And that man is the Mask.

A superhero storygame? How original, Praetor.

This is more "story" than "game", as usual. However, it is also very possible to injure and even kill the Mask, and nobody wants that. There are a total of three endings, ranging from "Justice Served" to "Fall of Heroes".

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Best way to include combat? on 7/21/2019 12:59:20 PM

Whoo, sorry if I'm a bit late!

I'm working on two very combat-heavy stories at the moment, and personally, I find Ogre's second method more effective for a quick action scene in the story. As opposed to heavy-handily setting up a turn-based, player-input combat scenario, I've set up my battles so there's a short bit of dialogue, the fight begins, and the player is greeted with a choice - the "Block" or "Press the Attack" mentioned above. One of these paths leads to death or injury - the other leads to an advance in the plot and combat. This way, you conserve mental energy for the rest of the story while breezing through fight scenes.

How did you find CYS? on 7/21/2019 12:05:21 PM

I've always been a nerd when it comes to reading - specifically stuff like Red Rising, Hunger Games, Divergent, etc - but it was something like 2015 when I just became super invested in CYOA. So I hopped onto the disgusting Dell laptop that I had at the time and went searching around for some sites that provided opportunities to write and play online CYOA stories. This is the first site that came up, and after a few playthroughs of the Achilles storygames and a few stories from the Endverse, I fell in love with the site.

And uh, yeah. That's about it. Got my formal account registered maybe a year ago and have been working on a few projects that haven't gotten off the ground yet. Really interested in getting things moving again.