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New here! on 9/17/2016 5:40:46 PM

Thanks a bunch! I already am having fun XD

Hey! I'm new here! on 9/17/2016 3:54:39 PM

I'm new too! So, I probably can't give you any advice, but I am here to welcome you!

It really is an awesome community!


New here! on 9/17/2016 3:58:22 AM

Thanks! One of your members invited me to join a close-knit community of writers, and I was up for it!

All These New Storygames... on 9/16/2016 4:49:13 PM

Pfft..George Washington's horse was Black! Because that's the farthest colour I could think of from white.

New here! on 9/16/2016 2:41:54 PM

Man, you're revealing yourself out here, hahaha!

We should connect, help each other in writing.

You don't know me XD

New here! on 9/16/2016 2:29:14 PM

I wouldn't be surprised if we find more identical people, maybe triplets, quadruplets!

You don't know evil ;)

New here! on 9/16/2016 2:19:07 PM

Oh, you sadist son of a...

Haha! We're pretty similar then!

New here! on 9/16/2016 2:00:52 PM

The most I've written in one go is a little above 1k, you're scaring me now!

New here! on 9/16/2016 1:15:34 PM

20k is not a small number!

New here! on 9/16/2016 11:56:15 AM

You almost wrote a new novel all these years. It is pretty impressive.