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A Living Nightmare

In the not too distant future. . . 
The Earth has gone dark, wild and uninhabitable. After a century of being ravaged by nuclear warfare between nations, the destroyed Earth was left behind by the humans. Each nation created it's own space station and for many years they resided in those stations until they felt the longing to return to earth. As a test, the nations sent a hundred criminal teenagers to the abandoned planet. It won't be long before they discover, that Earth has become a Living Nightmare. . .

Credit to Penworth; for helpin me polish my work and create a better summary. 

High Voltage

You are lost in a video game after sleeping one New Year's day, and even then, you are in terrible anger. If you do anything to alert the people around you, you will be woken up. Being awaken will end your life. If you are killed in the game, you will die in the real world. So do you have the guts to survive this catastrophe? Or will you die at the hands of the game?

Kudos to the people who generously offered their time to help me. You will get your money's worth! 


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Writing Exercises - KF: Week Eight on 4/16/2015 4:56:03 PM

The henchman, whom is disliked, is always the one with the gory hands and bloodied spear.  His teeth were always fined with a nail buffer or the occasional knife, and sometimes he literally takes a 'bite' of his prey. Although his appearance may be your downfall, underneath all that blood and demise is a normal guy. Think of the most smart boy you've ever met. Then pair that with the dumbest boy. Who's in the middle? The henchman, Guy. No, seriously. His name is Guy. Maybe his parents couldn't think of a name.

Guy was the obeying man in the team. Teeth and the Doctor usually weren't so obedient. Even when Albany would insult him he would oblige and be that person. Nobody wanted to be friends with him Or at least now.


Guy had his sword sheathed, the point dripping with gore. He laughed with happiness and danced around the carcasses of his fallen enemies. Did anyone else get to do this? No! Guy danced in the giddiness of it all.

Teletubbies! :D (Childhood TV shows) on 4/15/2015 6:36:31 PM

Dora *shivers in fear and horror* That's something called your parents wanting you to learn Spanish ;-;

To Kill a Mockingbird on 4/15/2015 6:35:24 PM

Honestly, I began reading, but it didn't say anything about the characters and I couldn't follow. I guess I gave up on it. Sowwy, Chubacabra---I mean Capybara 

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Eight on 4/15/2015 4:21:09 PM

The fact that the once-heroic doctor had actually been a real, caring person was odd enough. Seemingly strange, this unique doctor had a dark past that he never wished to share. His black eyes were filled with envy and insanity, and you can tell from the deep, permanent scowl he wore that he did not care that millions were dead and were being killed because of him. He was so wrapped up and stuck in his own head that he could barely appeal to his own ideas. He tinkered with his copper plaything. He felt a soft voice in his head encourage him to keep working.

The Doctor was once a Nobel Prize chemist a few years ago for curing cancer, but his achievement resorted to a dark and horrible path. Many "cured" patients died shortly after their bodies were removed of the parasites that had consumed every moment of their waiting lives. Families were devastated to see their loved ones disappear from their loving arms and turned on him. He tried to fight the diseases, but they were too aggressive and got past his delicate hands. One by one, they spread, killing off three quarters of his state. The emperor had turned to the quarantine experts to fence off the area. The Doctor was the only one that survived the massacre, and of course, the experience and pain twisted his heart and broke it like a glass toy that had slipped out of a child's grasp. 

Soon, he was filled with grief of the ones he had lost. He was the hero that succumbed to be a villain. He hated himself and the world for making his life harder than the rest. Yes, the disease was spreading, but he had no time to think about that. Darkness poured from unknown regions within himself and filled the empty pit that was his heart. The goo was his own remorse, and he could not forgive himself. He cried out to the heavens as he was overtaken with his own creation, the same disease that had turned on him years ago. But now, the darkness is still in control, and the poor man is forced to obey.


The doctor pondered about his boss. He hated being given the role of the brains, even though they were the most important thing behind the operation. His boss got so much attention, and yet the only thing he got was insults. His boss would yammer on and on about himself and sure enough, his henchman was licking his toes like a dog. He grumbled and dropped his metal toys. Soon, he convinced himself, Albany will beg for my help, and I will crush him underfoot like an ant. But before his devious plan would unfold, it would require patience and concentration to win his master's trust. But until then, the Doctor would be planning his revenge.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Eight on 4/14/2015 4:23:58 PM

Teeth followed the group ahead, crawling on his belly. His master took it upon himself to slaughter his friends. Or, enemies. His plan was great, though there was one problem. The giant dragon following them. Luckily, Teeth was a ChangeWing and could switch colors and shapes in a instant.

Teeth transformed into a tree, waving slightly to give off the look and feel of an actual tree. He felt nervous, as this was his first day. But soon, it would be his last.

He felt his throat. His venom and tail were cleverly tucked away. His venom pipe in his esophagus was priceless. Given the chance, Teeth would demolish the small humans. But that venom was his only defense.

He thought about his sad, horrible life before he met the infamous Thomas Albany.

*"Ma!" He screamed, falling into the volcano. He saw his brother, Knyfe, standing at the edge. He smirked and left Teeth falling into the lava.

When he fell, he felt something break inside of him. He sizzled and burned in the magma, and was reborn as Teeth, the tiny dragonet only a few years old. Teeth felt strange in his new body, his CHANGEWING body. He felt.....uncomfortable.

But only a few years later, he had enough. His heart shattered and he ran away, back to the volcano in which he had died the first time. He saw a human, laughing as he crushed flowers and small animals underfoot. Teeth knew this was going to be wonderful, and he sought revenge.*

*sorry, i couldn't redo the italics.







My new story: "High Voltage" on 4/13/2015 4:39:16 PM


Hunger games on 4/12/2015 7:30:15 PM

District 10 female: Lieserl Hungary (I'm sorry that it sounds weird. I like it though. :) )

My new story: "High Voltage" on 4/12/2015 7:19:49 PM

You are sixteen-year-old Jason Steely who celebrated the new year a bit too hard. You crashed in your bedroom and woke up in your favorite hand-to-hand combat game, High Voltage. But in the real world, you appear asleep  to everyone around you and must not be disturbed. If you are woken in reality, you die in reality. If you die in the game, you die in reality. You are forced to fight to get back home, leading your own troops and commanding your generals. But your goal is extremely hard to recieve: YOu must live in the game and in real life. Will you survive? Or will you die at the hands of the video game?

I am looking for a coauthor if anyone volunteers.

Writing Exercises - KF: Week Six on 4/10/2015 8:24:22 PM

Make more prompts! I'm so lonely and idealess now

NEED A CO AUTHOR! on 4/4/2015 11:36:22 AM

Just add me in another story you write. I'd be happy to help.6