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I'm Yuuko, I like to read and draw. When it comes to reading and writing I tend to have a favouritism to the more descriptive pieces. I hope we get along well!

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Gacha Community on 5/1/2020 3:09:48 PM

My human-sized body pillow of a cricket was supposed to be a secret between us wtf mizal.

Gacha Community on 5/1/2020 1:03:29 PM

You've personally attacked me, cricket. Expect to hear from my lawyers in the coming years.

Gacha Community on 5/1/2020 1:02:03 PM

Typically gacha games refer to the type of game where a big part of it is that there is an element of chance in being able to obtain some sort of item or character. They are almost solely mobile games and people can pay real money to be able to try again without having to earn in-game currency. Most gacha games have to be fair like that in order to have any proper player base.

The gacha game being referred to here is a really cheap-looking game that relies on gacha but it doesn't require any actual time to earn in-game currency. The gacha may as well be free. That being said the game is well known for having a cringey fan base that makes little skits or "animations" like you would see on MovieStarPlanet or something like that.