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I'll create stories on various subjects, some sci-fi, others horror. Maybe a mystery or two.

If you want to be friends, I'll accept. I'd like some pointers on creating stories like this, as I'm just starting.

My current story is actually going very well. It still isn't entirely finished, I just want to see what the public thinks of it. I'm going to unpublish it for more work near September 15, so play it while you can, and if you hit a dead end, please suggest what I should do with the pages.

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Zombie Survival 10 Years Into the Outbreak

This is one of those zombie scenarios, most likely you all think it's a cliche, but I'm trying to make this one as fun as possible.

It is staged in Alaska, where you and your friends have created a very successful survivor colony. But the food has begun to run out after three and a half years. Your mission: To get to New York City down in the old United States, where a new colony will be running. Your job is to clear the way at least until Ontario for the trucks and other vehicles. You go on foot, and have only a few weapons.


This game has very graphic descriptions of blood, violence and gore. It might be a good choice to back out of this page now if you're easily scared or emotional about people in a story.