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Resource management games? on 9/9/2022 5:49:22 AM
Are there any games on the site that are about strategic resource management, or crafting and survival? I'm pretty sure this would be easy to way to make with the way variables work but I wanted to look at any examples if its already been done.

Tales From the Basement 2 (Formerly Incel YOU) on 9/6/2022 6:43:59 PM
Omg, what did I just read. This is hilarious stuff, I couldn't stop laughing by the time I got to the "seizure".

Hell's Army Update 1 on 9/6/2022 6:08:57 PM
I'm having a great time with the rewrite, and now that I've learned to script I feel like anything is possible.'s-army I'll just leave this here with my first three pages, which is the expanded intro with choices added to choose equipment. (Your starting gear will effect flavor text but also have strategic importance later.) I still would appreciate hearing any opinions, but I honestly feel like I'm on a roll with this now. The only thing I'm not sure of is the title it feels a little generic so I may change it later. Didn't change the first line though, that enterpride guy will just have to keep on laughing.

Using Variables To Effect Dialogue on 9/6/2022 4:49:59 PM
This is exactly what I needed, brilliant. I knew there had to be a way to do this.

Needing some opinions on 9/4/2022 3:52:36 PM
All right so "okay but not exciting" is the sense I'm getting from responses. I'll rewrite this page to have a little more detail, but no one seems to think it needs more choices in this part which was the main thing I was wondering. The plot takes place in the surface world once you're already invading and not in the Abyss, this first page was mainly to establish the backstory and who you are so I didn't want to linger on the intro long. But I may have gone too much in the direction of brevity as people have said. I'll put up a revised version this evening.

Needing some opinions on 9/4/2022 3:44:23 PM
It was just a meme with my brothers and a friend at the time I made the account. I can't really explain how funny it was at the time, but we had been in a restaurant when this very upset man in shorts entered the foyer while shouting this line into his phone. Everyone in the restaurant heard him and we could not stop laughing for several minutes and ended up repeating it to each other over the next couple of weeks. And then it was just the first thing to pop into my head while coming up with a name for this site. Maybe that man went on to do all those things, there's no way to know now. He was pretty mad.

Needing some opinions on 9/3/2022 4:08:31 PM
I am also wondering if I should change my name, it was a one off joke when I made the account.

Needing some opinions on 9/3/2022 3:58:29 PM
This is the first time I've written since high school, and for some reason I've decided to make an interactive fiction to make it ten times harder on myself. Here's the first page I have which is based loosely on a roleplaying game my friends and I played last summer: *** You were a great warlord once, or so you believe. Fragmented memories of leading armies and of the cries of the women in the villages you sacked still surface at times, even after how many years....centuries, millenia? You spent that time as a tattered soul in the depths of the Forge, what you all call the region of molten lakes where new forms able to withstand the fires of all but the deepest Hells are crafted. You think you are smaller than you were, stunted and twisted in a few ways, and you don't believe you had the scaly tail and lopsided goat horns in your previous life. But you believe all your experience should count for something, even if you don't remember it. So when the proclamation is issued by the demon lord Axxerus that he'll be carving out a piece of the mortal realm for himself soon, you're quick to volunteer. There before Axxerus's obsidian throne you scrabble and vie with the others over a pile of rusted weapons and armor you've been allowed to pick through, trading a few scratches and bites and giving a few in return, until you emerge finally with a dented iron breastplate, and a cudgel with obsidian spikes driven through it. Grasping these new prizes as from somewhere down the echoing hall the drums of war begin to beat, you are elated. It's time to make something of yourself again. *** I could really use opinions on this, mainly does it catch your interest as a first page? I've thought maybe I should add more to it, let them pick their appearance or do more with the recruitment process or when they're fighting over the weapons. But none of that is very important to the overall story.

Baiting and Fishing Again on 11/5/2021 2:54:52 PM
Perhaps I shall.