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Hi, I'm bluejay14 and I write stories in my free time. Sadly, I haven't published any novels yet, but I'm working at it.

I have a Scratch Account that is apparently also bluejay14.

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Home is Far

You are a 11 year old boy.
Your family-meaning mother, sister, and father are said to be dead, so you go to live with your grandmother.
You learn things from her, such as about your family, where they are buried, etc.

Then something horrible happens.

She dies.

From now, you will have to survive your everyday life, manage to fly a plane to where your family resides, and unlock secrets of your past.


You are an oracle...
You have no choice but to see into the future.
No choice.
It is like a little prison.

You do not want to see the dying bodies of clients.
Never wanted to see any death at all.

Now that you think of it, you don't even want this job at all.

You are just an oracle. You so-called skill is like a curse. Why were you were an oracle is a mystery.

But you still have power over one thing: to choose between what you feel is right or wrong.

Try to gain back your memories.

There are different endings.


This story takes place a few years before the sun's demise. You are one in a million humans who are still surviving. The rocket ship has no space for that many people. The solution? Each week, the Emperor of the Continents, the sole ruler of the whole Earth puts a selected one hundred people to the test; one flaw in a test subject results in death.

This is to keep the remaining citizens clean and perfect.

Your father is either dead or unknown, and you live with your troubled mother. Because you are a girl, you are constantly underestimated.

"Hush, my child." was what your mother always told you. And those words stuck with you.


You are a teacher.
And it's not that simple.
You teach your pupils deep things about life.

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