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i am now murtagh 756, so this is now an inaactive accountmurtagh.jpg The photo is my avatar on murtagh756

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24/7 Horror Movie on 7/23/2007 4:55:05 PM
cool i will definatly play it.

gret gAME on 5/27/2007 7:47:42 PM
you have to paste tthis to the addres bar

gret gAME on 5/27/2007 7:46:36 PM
this is the link to a great game vengence.http ://

I just made a game on 5/27/2007 11:55:03 AM
i di unbublish it. thanks for the good comment JJJ

I just made a game on 5/22/2007 7:31:17 PM
check under new stories or fantasy adventure. it is rpg of a rider

I SAW SPIDERMAN 3!!!!!!!!!!!! on 5/20/2007 2:04:40 PM
it is where it came from. i saw the new cartoon ( nothing was on ), read the comic, checked fan sites, and went to plus i liked 2 the best. 3 stunk because 1. harry get's killed 2. venom, and other villains don;t get enough screen time, and 3. venom came from a shuttle not a meteor GET IT RIGHT WRITERS!! 

any one working on an x-men based game on 5/20/2007 1:55:11 PM
i am trying to start one but i always get stuck so please just post notes. please say yes to the subject.