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hi random visitor! My name is Rory, a 13 year old game programmer from Australia.

I don't want this username, so if you are an admin, then please change it to rory-games. I wrote it when I was, uh I think 11, I don't remember.

I decided to come to the website again, hopefully I can make something reasonably interesting.



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this is a test to see if idle games are possible because I was bored today, enjoy it 

max: the quest for the legendary sausage

You are Max, the egendary pet dog! Known for your ferocious bark, your endless sniffling and whining, and your constant want for food, you are on an adventure around your large country home to find the leftover sausage that you saw put in the fridge last night. Go find it!

Two notes, 1: this is my first storygame, and 2: I'm only 13, so this won't be top quality at all. Will try my best though! :D

random test

just testing stuff, nothing to see here. if you want to use these tests for stuff contact me and I'll co-auth you into this thing

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some unlabeled buttons on 10/25/2019 5:08:23 AM

hi! I'm hoping when you put in the next update, these buttons can get some labels on them; the link restrictions, item drops, variable changes and a couple others are not labeled and just say "submit" 

thanks and best regards! 

greetings to all storygamers! on 10/25/2019 5:05:56 AM

ok, I'll put this on the requests board. thanks for telling me! currently they're all called "submit" which is kind of funny :) 

greetings to all storygamers! on 10/22/2019 1:28:32 AM


I just found a small accessibility issue with the site: 

the buttons on the link for variable changes, restrictions and item drops aren't labeled. 

Is there a constistancy to which of the buttons they are? for example, is it the first button, the third to last, when that little menu starts? 


greetings to all storygamers! on 10/21/2019 3:59:56 AM

hi! just letting you all know I figured out within minutes of looking at the article after returning to the site; seems my past self was a little half-witted :)

but anyway, I'm not working on the dog game anymore but I am gonna do a scifi one. if anyone could help with proofreading that would be much appreciated! just let me know here. 

greetings to all storygamers! on 11/17/2018 12:08:55 AM

Ok, hi all. I'm back again to ask a question. How do I make a random variable, for example between 1 and 5? This random variable will define if the dog in my game needs to do something, but that doesn't matter. Just if someone could tell me what buttons I'd need to click, that would be cool. Thanks in advance!

greetings to all storygamers! on 11/16/2018 7:45:47 PM

hey there to yall! My name's Rory, and I am a blind person. I hope to write some very cool stories, I've always wanted to make this sort of thing, and by the looks of it so far it's all pretty accessible, which is awesome! I was thinking of making a story where you play as a mischievous household dog who just can't stop going over to the fridge and cupboards for a sniff. But you'll find about that when it get published. anyway, tried out a storygame this morning and immediately I am adicted these things. hope to make some cool stories soon, Rory.