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Physician, heal thyself.

I'm a guy. I like to read, write, and play video games. I'd rather people just ask me what they want to know than me write everything I can think of on this.

              - ISentinelPenguin


1960's Pop Culture Quiz

Just a quiz about 1960's pop culture.




Fixed a typo on Q9.

Added a list of what questions were answered correct or incorrect.

Fixed a typo on Q10.

Added a statement on Q?wrong pages telling which choice was correct.

Fixed some typos in the Changelog. 

Fixed dead-end on Q10 hint.

Algebra Game

It's just a game for my Algebra class.


You will kill them. You will love them.


The Island of kyordel is... I'm too tired to explain right now. I'm just putting it here so that I'll force myself to work on it later.


When the people of Earth first colonized another planet in the year 2100, they realized that they had finally reached the goal they had been striving for since creation; the stars. For the next 200 years, humanity lived in celebration and peace. Life was discovered under the surface of Mars in the form of microscopicity and harmlessness, Faster Than Light travel was discovered; Teleportation, basic terraforming became possible, and immortality was now a reality with cloning.

However, in the year 2332, everything changed. As humanity continued to spread and grow, it discovered that the universe wasn't as simple and comfortable as was thought. The Humans discovered an alien life form with only one intent and purpose: to destroy all other life.

This being, now known as "The God of Death" or "Nibiru," has the form of a human, except it is surrounded by a Jupiter-sized mass of glowing, semitransparent, orange fluid. The scientists of humanity have concluded that this fluid is the blood, bone, and flesh of millions of different forms of life broken down into liquid form. These same scientists have also concluded that Nibiru is so immensely powerful, that it is unbeatable.

Any living thing that comes within a thousand miles of the being begins to suffer from severe stress, hallucinations, blindness, and, most importantly, they lose control over their own bodies. When this happens, Nibiru takes over.

Many weapons have been launched at The God of Death, but none have made any impact. Anything that hits the fluid is simply absorbed then broken down. Explosions only create energy for the alien to feed off of.

After four years of constant assault by Nibiru, the loss of hundreds of cities, and the destruction of Earth, humanity struck a deal with The God of Death. They offered never ending sacrifices in exchange for the promised safety of civilization. Death agreed.

And so, in 2336, the rulers of humanity

The Colony of Yatter

  The year is 2101. After nearly 70 years of constant war, the face of Earth has changed dramatically. Entire continents no longer exist or are radioactive wastelands due to nuclear war. Aside from refugees and small city states, only three "real" powers remain: the US, the UK, and Japan. Though, the areas they control are much different than what you may think.


 The northern half of North America (start from Nebraska) is now a wasteland. There is nothing alive there anymore. Just being within 20 miles of the 'border' is enough to give you radiation poisoning. The US now occupies the southern half of North America, all of South America, and South Africa (and (technically) it's surrounding countries). 
  Russia is no longer a part of the map. Instead there is just ocean and small, spread out islands too dangerous to get close to. The UK controls most of Africa and all of Europe (excluding: Estonia, Latvia, Belarus, Ukraine, Finland, and part of Sweden due to radiation).
  Japan controls all of Asia (excluding: Kazakhstan, Mongolia, and the Northwestern tip of China.)



Good or Evil... ...It doesn't matter. You do what you're told, or you die.
In this game you play as a prisoner to a sadistic man you know only as "The Steel." You and 6 other people must participate in his game where, each of you, must try to kill the others. The last one to survive gets their freedom.

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Support Needed on 3/20/2016 1:03:53 AM

I, oddly, like the meticulousness of writing quizzes (the only reason I don't have 30 of them on here is because I'm a lazy bastard). How far along are you on the 'massive' one?

Support Needed on 3/20/2016 12:58:47 AM

It's going about the same for me.

I hadn't noticed your publications. I'll be sure to give them a read-through or two (no doubt they'll be magnificent).

Support Needed on 3/20/2016 12:57:42 AM

I had no idea that I had a reputation such as that! 

Well, if you're truly interested in chatting, go ahead and shoot me a PM.

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Yeah, I also got "American Idiot," "Dookie," and "...Justice For All" by Metallica.

Btw, how's life?

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Only for today, sadly. And, thank you very much!