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Did I break your computer yet?

Nickname: Christa

Other Names: Vonkittycat, MasterCat, C-Gal, 

Gender: Female

How I got my Nickname: It was a dark and stormy night a few years ago. I had finally saved up enough money to get my first pokemon game (Platinum). I watched Rowan talk on about pokemon, when it finally asked for my name. I typed it in, but it only had 7 slots for letters. Since it did that, it deleted a few letters in my name leaving me with Christa. I fell in love with it over the years, and even when they added more spaces for the name, I stuck with Christa.

Favorite Books: Warriors, Magik, Eye of Minds, Animorphs

Storygames: I have NO idea what to do. Please help me...I may be making a short version of a real book i'm working on.


Riddle of the every few days!!! The winner gets their name on my profile!

*All riddles come from the internet or books.

How do you get holy water?

(You have to tell why to win)




Question: Four men walk into the desert. Suddenly all four are simultaneously knocked out. They awake buried to their heads in the sand unable to look anywhere but straight ahead. They are positioned so that each man sees another's head before him. However between the first and second man there is a separating wall. So the first man sees only desert. The second man sees only wall. The third man sees another's head and a wall. The fourth man sees two heads and a wall. On top of each mans head is a hat. The underside of each cap is black, but the outside of each cap is either blue or white. Before any of the men can speak, their captors tell them if they speak, they die. However, if any of them can guess the color of their cap on the first try they go free. The captors tell them that there are two blue caps and two white caps. Being an omniscient observer of the situation, we know that the order of the caps are: blue, white, blue, white. So knowing the perspective of each man in the sand, and that they can only see the color of caps/wall/desert in front of them, which of the four men knows for certain the color of his own cap. More importantly: why?

Last riddle's answer was:

Yes, word is made up of 4 letters, yet is made up of 3,Sometimes with 9 letters,and then with 4. Rarely consists of 6, and never is literally written with 5 letters. 

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Will I Ever Name This?

This is literally a rough draft of a book i'm trying to write turned into a storygame.

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