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A Cystian Suicide - Short Story

4 months ago
Commended by mizal on 12/13/2023 8:46:39 PM

As I get back into writing, I wanted to put something together that has been sitting in my notepad since before the last time I disappeared (about 2 years ago). I thought this concept was pretty funny. I wanted it to be longer with more references but I've been so out of touch with this community that I think it would have been worse off.I wanted to cap myself at 1000 words just to get back into writing. Anyways, C&C is always welcome, even though this is more of a joke of a story. Enjoy!

My name is StoryMaster45 and I am the greatest story writer in Cystia. For the last 3 months, I have been publishing stories left and right into The Grand Cystian Library. These stories were supposed to guarantee that I would be remembered for all time. My name was supposed be spoken with reverence throughout all the Orders. However, my most recent story, my magnum opus, “can u survive zombies 5” was met with horrible reviews. This was the fifth installment of my massively successful “can u survive zombies” series. I dedicated an entire afternoon into crafting this absolute masterpiece of literature. These review bombers must be jealous of my work ethic, of my genius, and most of all my mastery of the English language.

With this knowledge, I decided that I am way too good to be here. I deserve way more than Cystia and their jaded opinions of my masterpieces. So, I have decided to end my life here. I need to ensure I cannot come back to this place. I will move onto another plane that will appreciate my works – a place where I will be recognized for my craftsmanship. Anywhere is better than here.

The best place to make my dramatic escape from the world would be on the large hill next to The Lounge, which seems to be the most active place in town recently. Behind it in the distance in a large foreboding castle in which lives the “ruler” of this land. I am 1000 times better than any of the dictionary length stories he has published. He is probably the one who is pitching everyone against me.

I left my humble home and walked out into the town center. Due to being relatively new, I had to first pass the reception center, Newbie Central, where new arrivals come to introduce themselves and get assigned an Order. Those poor souls. If only they knew the best thing to ever walk through those gates was about to be gone forever. Passing through all the new arrivals and Newbie Central, I could see my target location in the distance. I continued on, passing the Writing Workshop, the place where all the amateurs look for help. I pity them as they could never compare to my natural talent. I could hear the names of the damned and the shamed being called out by the local crier for all to hear. This is so everyone can shame those who could not deliver their assignments on time. I chose to never participate in such childish games. I have real stories to work on.

Climbing up the hill, I started to see a crowd gathering at the bottom of the hill. It seems like they have come to witness my departure from his cursed realm. Once at the top, I turned around to face and address the crowd. I cleared my throat and spoke aloud, “I hav desided 2 leave.” The crowd just started at me. I noticed people leaving The Parlor Room and Reading Corner just to gather around and see my pronouncement. “No1 appresiates the work I do. Yur all idiots who cant writ good,” I bellowed to the crowd. They stood in silence, knowing I spoke the absolute truth. I waited for a moment to let it sink in. “I will b leavin 4ever. I curze this place,” I continued. The crowd continued to grow as I spoke, more and more idiots coming to see me.

“EndMaster,” I intoned quietly. With just that one word, the sky grew dark, a rogue wind rolled through the area forcing me to cover my face with my hand. I could hear gasps from the crowd. Some fools even dared to laugh at me but I will be the one laughing when I am famous off of my writing! “EndMaster,” I spoke again, much louder than last time to compensate over the wind. Lightning struck nearby and I could hear vicious laughter over the disastrous wind. It was his so called “Daughters”. They knew what was coming and wanted to witness it firsthand. The townspeople frenzied as the sudden change in weather scared most, and made others fall into hilarity. I couldn’t hear their words over the wind but I knew they must have been terrified of what was happening. They must have realized what they were about to lose. It was too late. They had their chance and they all decided to slander my work. I’ll show them. I’ll show them all.

In the next moment, I spoke the name a final time. I screamed it from the top of the lungs. I wanted everyone everywhere to be able to hear my pronouncement. The dark sky above me opened up, the eye of the storm, and a giant skeletal hand came down towards me. It had grabbed me and began to pull me up into the void from whence it came. I smiled, knowing that I will be better off leaving this place and never coming back. The last things I heard before disappearing forever was laughter from the entire crowd and a deep ominous voice calling me a fag.