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If you ever wanted to ask "can you make the editor do this?", then come here and post. We're all about the suggestions.
This feature was rejected 1/20/2015: The Notepad is what it is.

Multiple pages in Notepad

7 years ago

I know this has been suggested before, and I believe rejected, but it would be very useful, especially if someone wants something on hand that are in their notes without having to go to another site and find them. I know things like google docs and Word do just fine (most of the time), but if you rely heavily on that and have around 75+ things already on it, it could a take long agonizing time to find just a few notes you want to implement in your game. Real notepads are a pain in the neck to keep track of and keep undamaged.

It would be much easier if you could just go to the notepad that is already available without typing in another password, and go straight to a section that has notes on ____ instead of scrolling down...and down...and down... to try and find it and hope you didn't already pass them.

If this isn't hard to implement, it would be a very nice thing to have. If it is too much trouble, then ignore me.

Multiple pages in Notepad

7 years ago

I'm sure almost no one on the site actually uses notepad to write down ideas. I just use it when I make photos and need to put them in the forums.

Multiple pages in Notepad

7 years ago

I use it - alot. Just look at this mess. Just copied/pasted straight from my notepad. I got Websites, future RP details, Little tidbits that I'll put in my contest story along with the synopsis I sent to Madglee to enter it but forgot to erase...



Ancient human strife

Against color

Against life

New, old, birth, death

People struggle til last breath

This strife will never end

until people learn to bend

one must be given for anothers gain

Or it will be all's bane


oncent fonon stressi

ojonst kalar

ojonst lesi

Nil, all, cert, lit

kikli strojli tel lost crit

tes stressi lel nifir inl

ontel kikli lirn ta cinl

ani nast ci jefin sir onatirs jon

ar et lel ci ol's coni


Hush now child. Lie still

fos nal kell. Le stel.


Trust has a double edged sword

the hilt sharper then the blade

Yet only a madman does not trust

Only a fool can not tell who he can trust

The wise are wary of what they tell


Trost fas o lall ill slarl,

onl ti felt sorkir tin ti cloli.

it anli o nolnan las nat trast

Anli o sal con nat til la fi con trost

Ti lesi ori lori as lot ti til


The bearers of hope,

The hope of humanity,

The bearers of death,

The death of humanity,

The bearers of sorrow,

The sorrow of the world,

The bearers of joy,

The joy of the world,

The bearers of grief,

The grief of everyone,

The bearers of life,

The life of everyone,

They are the gifted,

They are the cursed,

Betrayer of the Sun,

Friend of the Wind,

Mother of the Water,

Father of the Earth

Bringer of the Fire

Child of the Moon

They are the bearers of this burden.



Faki Cirir: hope bearer

Lan Crenjir: Doom bringer

Irt Crikir: Earth breaker



Asti: of the

nan: moon

lotir: water

lenl: wind

son: sun

irt: earth

seri: fire



Betrayer: citroir

Friend: srenl

Arrogant: orajont

Calm: koln

Bad breath: col crit

Death bed: lit cil

Worlds end: larlls inl




Hell Storm

The moon is gone. Slowly, everything is dying. Earth is falling apart and humanity is clinging onto it's last strands of hope. No one knows what to do since the white house and several other buildings of power were destroyed in the first few Upheavals.

Upheavals of the Earth are frequent, about twice a year. They are the times when it seems as though the earth is grieving for its loss, for the tides and the ground would never naturally rise up the way they do. The temperature would never have gotten so cold so quickly, and the storms would never have been so fierce. 

The Child of the Moon must meet with the Betrayer of the Sun, the Friend of the Wind, Mother of the Water, Father of the Earth, and Bringer of the Fire. They are known as Kell Astinan, Citroir Astison, Srenl Astilenl, Matir Astilotir, Sotir Astirt, and Crenjir Astiseri. 

Together, they can end the worlds grieving and save what little is left of humanity. If that doesn't happen, then the world spirals into oblivion, along with everyone on it. 






Legends of the dragon details:

The Ular are a strange group of people, they base their society on trust and dedication, they believe in peace and would sooner die then do wrong to another. If someone does wrong to another, they are immediately put in the nearest village, town, or city with around 10 silver pennies and three sets of clothes.

Of course, they wouldn't own anything else. Because the Ular believe in peace and would do anything to keep it, they share everything so there is nothing to steal, and destroying something is like destroying your own stuff.

They live in small towns at the largest, because any more would make it easier for someone to wrong another in an unnoticed area. People don't bother the Ular, since they know the Ular won't bother them. They are welcomed with opened arms in most places, or just ignored in others.

If they are attacked, then the men will place themselves at the front of the line to slow the attackers so the women and children could get away. But this doesn't happen often. The last time the Ular were attacked, was in the War of Fifty Years, with wickeds going all out on every nation they could get to. People died by the hundreds every week.

{for more details, see 'War of Fifty Years'}

If any of the Ular promises something, they will deliver it no matter what, even at the cost of their own life. If one of the Ular states something, you'd better believe it, because they see lying as wronging another and would never do it. If they do lie, then they aren't really a Ular and will be put out of the village ASAP.

The average hieght of the Ular is around 4' 10" to 5' 5", and they are usually stick thin because they only eat what they need to and no more. With large, usually bright blue eyes, and long hair down below the waist on women and at the shoulders for men, they accomplish an innocent look no other can manage. 

They have festivals at the beginning/end, and middle of each season. So about 8 festivals per year. These festivals are a day off work, except for the things that have to be done every day, such as milking the cows. There are beautiful works of art left out in the open for all to admire, or use as they wished. 

At night, a group of single women who are looking for a husband, dress in nearly transparent silks and laces and dance a mesmerizing, hip-swinging, eye-watering, dance called the carlilea [sounds like car-ill-lee-a]. 




The Herule

The Herule are said to have come from a magic experiment gone wrong.

{see Project Chameleon}

Their skin color varies from red to blue to every shade in between with a black spiraling patterns that seem to dance across the skin, and they always have piercing golden eyes. Since they have come about, people have shunned them, ignored them, or gone out of their way to kill them just because they're Herule, because they're different.



Cool demon ideas drawn by my sister=


Awesome Animation artist=


Sister troubles=


Lone wolf site thingy.





Legends of the Dragon main character sign-up sheets.

Note: only one main character per user, and all main characters are human. And white skinned. I apologize profusely if I'm sounding a bit racist here, I'm not trying to be. You'll see my reasoning as the story progresses.


Part one:


Age (16-20):




Eye color:

Hair color:

Part two:

On a scale of one to ten, how ___ is your character? (bold/underline the #)

      extra physical/mental shape

Slow (physically) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Quick (physically)

Slow (mentally) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Quick (mentally)

Skinny 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Fat

Clumsy 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Graceful

Near-sighted 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Far-sighted

Insane 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Sane


Cowardly 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Brave

Humble 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Arrogant

Childish 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Mature

Optimist 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Pessimist

Follower 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Leader

Uncertain 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Determined

          Part three: 1; horrible, not much/great at all. 10; master, amazing. Starting off, the most anyone will have in the weapons range is a 4 for like a sling shot or bow an arrow for hunting. Probably a zero for everything else. Basic skills, probably around 6/7 for most of them. You got to remember that these people don't believe in cities, leaders, that type of stuff. Why would they have use of weapons other then to hunt game with?

*Remember to fill out the stamina and accuracy, and that I don't want a bunch of super solders to begin with. I will reject any form that doesn't have a bit of uniqueness, and being a super solder isn't unique. 


  (basic skill) Stamina:




   (basic skill) accuracy:


throw knives:

sling shot:


Extra, optional

This is optional, but can't be something like immortality. And it will have to have it's side effect. Like if you were to chose something like, predicting the future. A side effect would be it would come at the moment when 'fight or flight' kicks in (yes, I know there's a specific word for it, but I can't remember how it's spelled).

The ability has to be balanced by a side effect, this is the side effect: 

Hidden ability that will emerge later in the game:


Extra info:

Multiple pages in Notepad

7 years ago

Oh f*ck me, that's a lot.

Multiple pages in Notepad

7 years ago

Now do you see why I want Multiple pages in the notepad?

Multiple pages in Notepad

7 years ago

Yes, I do.

Multiple pages in Notepad

7 years ago

Perhaps someone will see that mess and think twice about sending it into the rejected ideas again.

Multiple pages in Notepad

7 years ago


Multiple pages in Notepad

7 years ago

Yep; and I'm adding more to it as we speak.

Multiple pages in Notepad

7 years ago

here's some of my notepad

Vanvid Angels

Archangel: Jack Reicher

Lyle Faux (Masked Man)
Rachel Fredricks

Ralph Ciel
Cassie Ciel
Michael Sword

Louis Cipher
Adrian Elle
Protagonist: Gabriel Nyte

Other Guards:

The game follows Gabriel Nyte, and his one month employment with the angel.

Significant choices made by player (not necessarily in order):
Save a recruit: When the masked man enacted his plan to kill one of the recruits, he made sure only two could survive. After escaping his predicament, Gabriel is faced with the choice to either save Adrian Elle, or Louis Cipher. [Saved Adrian. Saved Louis]

Side with a general: After the establishment of the lesser council, they have a premature vote for the next Archangel. the votes for the other 4 lieutenants leaves a tie for Gabriel to resolve. He can either vote for Rachel Fredricks, or Lyle Faux. [Supported Rachel. Supported Lyle]

Saved Rachel: Due to the result of the premature vote, the masked man decides to cut his loses and kill the competition. He sets up a trap for Rachel Fredricks during a routine walkabout. Gabriel manages to be alerted of her trouble, and can attempt to rescue her. [Rescued Rachel. Rachel died. Rachel not attacked.]

Reaction to blighted angel: During Lyle's final test for the would-be lieutenants, he sends them into Castle Oblivion. The castle is infested with various monstrosities, the worst of which being a blighted angel; an angel forgotten in the castle and corrupted. When Gabriel finally faces off with the blighted angel, he has several manners to react in. [Killed Blighted Angel. Absolved Blighted Angel. Escaped Blighted Angel.]

Sector Feud: The sectors of Vampirica nd East Lychan were in constant bloody feud, for various reasons, not the least of which being the masked man egging them on. This feud eventually erupts into a battle at the border. Gabriel, being an angel, had many opportunities to choose a side in this fight. [Sided with Werewolves. Sided with Vampires. Prevented Battle. Mutual Destruction]

Helping Masked Man: There are two occasions where Gabriel is recruited by the masked man to aid him in destroying Vanvid. The first being his first night in Vanvid; where he asked Gabriel to aid him rally a rebellion, and then again after the masked man's first attack in the Pits and Circles; to ensure Gabriel's alliance, or convince him to join in the first place. [Joined Masked Man. Rejected Masked Man.][Remained Loyal. Quit Masked Man. Joined Masked Man. Rejected Mask Man again.]

Obtaining Evangelica: After the attack at Lowen Crossing, Gabriel is hospitalized in Archangel. Once he awakens, he has the opportunity to explore Archangel. There he can find the mythical statue of Evangelica, and learn of how to awaken the statue in the coming days. [Awoke Evangelica. Let Evangelica rest. Failed to wake Evangelica. Did not encounter Evangelica.]

Reaction to Ambush: Gabriel has prior knowledge of the ambush on day 27. He can decide to use the information to save everyone, or remain truly loyal to the masked man and do nothing [Save everyone. Save Michael. Save Cassie. Do nothing.]

Day 1: Tour of B50
Night 1: X

Day 2: Training, Meet crew
Night 2: Investigate hooded figure

Day 3: Training Exam
Night 3: X

Day 4: Mt. Legna., Tour Vanvid
Night 4: Encounter Masked Man
(All nights after this are null if you reject Masked Man)

Day 5: Angel Landing, Develop Louis
Night 5: Angel Landing, steal artifact archive

Day 6: Angel Landing, Develop Adrian
Night 6: X

Day 7: West Lychan, Favor recruit
Night 7: Angel Landing, steal siren stone

Day 8: West Lychan, React to attack
Night 8: X

Day 9: East Lychan, Introduce Feud
Night 9: Prolonged guard

Day 10: Vampirica, Continue Feud
Night 10: Prolonged guard

Day 11: Lychan/Vampirica Border, Escalating Protest (mess up with partner)
Night 11: Vampirica, Escort Agent

Day 12: Plain of Undead, Punishment Assignment
Night 12: X

Day 13: Angel Landing, Balrog Attack (either Louis or Adrian die)
Night 13: Angel Landing, steal golden nail

Day 14: The Hollows, Investigate Grievance
Night 14: Prolonged Guard

Day 15: The Hollows, Lost (West Lychan, riot)
Night 15: Still Lost (X)

Day 16: East/Vampirica Border, The Battle of Lowen Crossing
Night 16: Hospitalized

Day 17: Hospitalized
Night 17: Archangel, Explore

Day 18: Castle Oblivion, Recruit Exam
Night 18: Prolonged Guard

Day 19: Castle Oblivion, Blighted Angel
Night 19: Mt. Legna, Meeting with Masked Man

Day 20: City of the Cursed, Starting Assignment
Night 20: City of the Cursed, Clear paths

Day 21: The Pits, Investigate disappearances (later in day, Lyle re-establishes Lesser Council)
Night 21: Blighted Caverns, steal blood gem (can find Judas Coin)

Day 22: Bestiary, rampaging Minotaur
Night 22: Plain of Ghosts, locate wraith (can find Brutus Dagger)

Day 23: The Garden, vacation day
Night 23: X

Day 24: City of Curses, Hostage situation (Can be Rachel in peril) (situation will end in death)
Night 26: X

Day 25: Angel Landing, recovery assignment (possible to gain evidence of Lyle's evil)
Night 25: X (Further Investigate Masked Man> Skip to 31 if investigation turns up more)

Day 26: Nephilim, Break up Attack
Night 24: City of Curses, steal alchemical gold (can find Cross of Absolution)

Day 27: The Circles, Oracle missing
Night 27: Mt. Legna, warning of Ambush

Day 28: Blighted Cavern, Ambush
Night 28: Angel Landing, recuperating (If you did nothing or saved everyone during ambush, and Louis is alive, then he will confront you. If Adrian is alive, she will resign if you do nothing, and if you save everyone she praise you.)

Day 29: {if you did nothing at Ambush, or you attacked Louis} B50, Punishment. {If someone died at Ambush} Angel Landing, recovery assignment. {If no one died at Ambush} Blighted Cavern, Investigate Ambush
Night 29: B50, Investigate Lyle

Day 30: The Garden, 'vacation' day (you tell findings to Ralph, and he says he'll confront Lyle)
Night 30: Prolonged 'Guard'

Day 31: Archangel, Confront Lyle (Ralph turns up dead after you return from Gardens)

and that's just for 1 of my 3 games i have notes for

Multiple pages in Notepad

7 years ago
Why not just make a page/chapter where you store all your ideas?

Multiple pages in Notepad

7 years ago

I have a story game that's just holding ideas. 

Multiple pages in Notepad

7 years ago

Do a Google search for "online notepad" and you'll see there are hundreds (maybe thousands) of these already.  I'd suggest using one of them instead.  Putting all your data in one place is akin to placing all your eggs in one basket.

Multiple pages in Notepad

7 years ago

Do you mean putting your eggs in one basket as bad or good?

Multiple pages in Notepad

7 years ago

If something were to happen to your computer and you hadn't backed up elsewhere it would all be lost.  Same goes for your account here, it could become corrupted like my previous one.  I just mean that you should have backups of your backups.