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Walkthrough- Castle Conundrum

6 years ago

Walkthrough- Castle Conundrum

Answer 1: 9374

Answer 2: 

Lady A- Lie

Lady B- Confusion

Lady C- Truth

Answer 3:

Patient 1: Adam, 5 Years Old, 65 Tall, Weighs 165, Blood Type A

Patient 2: Alan, 30 Years Old, 74 Tall, Weighs 75, Blood Type O

Patient 3: Jason, 9 Years Old, 40 Tall, Weighs 96, Blood Type AO

Patient 4: Kelvin, 60 Years Old, 48 Tall, Weighs 125, Blood Type B

Patient 5: John, 46 Years Old, 60 Tall, Weighs 40, Blood Type AB

Answer 4: Contestant Number Nine Thousand Three Hundred and Seventy Four

Answer 5: To Defeat Lord Enigma and Free the World From His Evil Grasp

Answer 6: What do you mean, an African or European Swallow?