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Keeping track of my story ideas

2 years ago
Commended by TharaApples on 11/13/2021 8:45:48 PM

Going to try to work on a new story. Leaning towards horror this time since I'm getting tired of writing fantasy settings for now, but it's not the only option.

Current ideas

Father - Horror story. Probably going to work on this one first (In fact I'm doing it right now) Not sure how long I should make it. I still would like to make shorter stories, but they always end up being long by natural design and how ideas unfold. I'll see how it goes.

Incel YOU/Tales From the Basement 2: Neckbeard Boogaloo - Honestly I really do need to finish this one up, but I really got sidetracked with the Succubus story (Which also turned into a larger work and took awhile on its own).

Making fun of incels while never completely out of style, is sort old news now, so I'd really need to expand and even change some of what I did write for it (Which is still gold of course) Which means if this one is continued (Which it probably will be at some point) I'll be adding two other stories and making it into a "Tales 2" and because I'm fucking lazy, at least one of those stories will be an altered version of Exploitation Theater. (A reMASTER if you will. I can't do any worse than Rockstar at this point). The third tale will probably be making fun of wokies. Which again, low hanging fruit, but it makes a nice rounding out. Anyway already got a working title.

Those two story ideas would be at the top of the list. If I manage to get really ambitious, it might even be a throw back to the really old days and a double release.

Scifi Story

The other main idea is a new scifi story since again, haven't really done one in a long time.

Some sort of sequel to Paradise Violated or Ground Zero (Because it's easier than coming up with a completely new idea!)

Honestly out of those two at this point, I'd actually choose to do a sequel to PV. Which is funny since I actually did attempt to do a sequel to GZ at one point a long time ago, but I just wasn't feeling it even after the first few paragraphs written.

PV though I sort of have a new concept for. Not exactly sure what the overall plot would be, but the universe would be a bit different than it was during the first story.

Oddly, I'd probably make it slightly less W40K, though it would probably still lean the grimdark side. Basically all the races in the original story wouldn't be at war and actually be allied now (With potentially a couple new ones) but it would be a shaky alliance only held together due to greater threats. Probably the planet "Paradise" would be this new alliance's capital, just so I can work Paradise somewhere in the title.

Probably would have the protagonist from the first story. (Higher in rank now perhaps)

As for a sequel to sometimes I think about one, but I feel like it doesn't need one. Most of the endings in SSS are the closest you get to one for now.


This one is one of those ideas I probably should have worked on when I had it, but I just had other ideas that I felt a more pressing need to work on. I feel like this would just be "Seedship" with more violence and a darker tone now. Yes, not a bad thing, but the similarities make me less inclined to work on it now, but who knows.

On the plus side, this one would put you in the role of an AI, so it would be popular with all the genderless robots out there.

Other ideas

Some sort of Edutainment/Historical story about Aztecs

For awhile now, I've had the idea to make one if only so Will isn't dominating those areas completely. There's no way I'm going to be able to have the patience to do a shitload of research like he does though, so the best way to approach this is to pick a period in history that really isn't discussed a lot. (Thus avoiding excessive nitpicking)

Of course you also want to pick something interesting, so I'd go with making one about Aztecs. I'd probably go the edutainment route and have you playing as someone going about their life as one of these folks. From there, it would be easy to insert various facts and such. I'd also probably jump around on the timeline of their reign (Start, Middle, and when the Spanish finally kicked their asses) so you wouldn't really be playing as the same person the whole time.

Still, even taking this approach would require a bit of research and really needing to fact check. I wouldn't want to lead impressionable young minds astray after all.

Some sort of Family Friendly story

I dunno, I just think it would be really hilariously wholesome to make all my characters into baby versions of themselves and have a Mistr...I mean Nanny looking out after them.

Back to Fantasy Ideas

And yes, eventually I'd go back to writing some sort of fantasy story or in one case adding to an existing one.


While complete in its current form, is technically "unfinished." Always had plans of doing a whole other path for the sister. (Yes, that would be VERY long) Plus, always intended on writing a prison path for the brother (Slightly less long, but still a lot of work) Don't know when or if I'll ever get around to this, but it's still always on the table.


This is another idea that I probably should have finished when I first had it, but got sidetracked with other shit. Primal has actually gone through 2 attempts at finishing it and I always get sidetracked at some point during the first path I'm working on. Still, I like the idea so it's one of those I haven't completely abandoned. However I imagine if I ever start it up again, I really need to get some of these other ideas out of the way so as not to get distracted.

I feel like I'd need to change the title though at this point since there's been a video game AND a really cool cartoon with Primal as the title. Savage seems like a good enough replacement.

I'd probably put this in the Rogues fantasy setting as well, though there would only be a couple of references that its taking place in the same world (And not even necessarily during the same "time" as Rogues does, probably a lot further in the past)


EDIT: Tales 2 done and currently working on Paradise Fortress

Keeping track of my story ideas

2 years ago
I still remember really liking the first part of Primal you had over in IS.

The sister's path in Rogues is one I'd really look forward to seeing finished too, although I don't see any ideas here I wouldn't like to read about.

Keeping track of my story ideas

one year ago

Looks like a bot/third worlder bumped this thread. Glad to see their intelligence increasing.

Looks like I can cross off Tales 2 off the list.

Keeping track of my story ideas

one year ago

Well I'm glad the bot bumped the thread. I'd love to read a family friendly Endmaster game.

Keeping track of my story ideas

one year ago

You've read this one right?