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Hey! You! Don't click away! I wrote a story game so go check it out and give me feedback. :D 


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Featured Story The Christmas Crossing

     A seemingly hopeless winter falls on you and your regiment as you lie in wait at Valley Forge. You are tired, your shoes are nearly worn and the smell of death and disease lays heavy on the camp. Rumor has it Washington is planning something before year's end. Personally, you think he's going to surrender. Only one way to find out. You trudge through the peppermint-colored snow around the doctor's tents as you make your way to the officers' cabins. 

     In this story, you step into the role of a soldier in the American Revolution at one of the key turning points in the war as you participate in the battle of Trenton and witness the events firsthand. 

Alpha Centauri

Following your father's legacy, you step into the role of a Captain. The leader of an expedition into the far reaches of space in search of a fertile planet worth colonizing.

Your expectations to uncover old artifacts and resources left behind by possible alien life are blown away when you and your team discover far more than you ever intended to find.


An entry for EndMaster's Prompt Contest.

Children of Cain

Being marked is not a promising existence and that's something the Children of Cain know better than anyone else. Matthias wanders back to the land of his progenitor to claim an inheritance that should've been his. Welp, this is what I got ladies and gents. 

For this contest PRAISE ENDMASTER.

Knights of the Phoenix

When an important King goes missing, it's up to you to steal the only magical artifact that may be capable of finding him. You must accomplish this while navigating the politics of your organization, the whims of your client, and about a half dozen things trying to kill you daily.

For the Corgi contest...

The Way of the Magician

Entry for Mizal's 2020 Jungle Contest.

You are Stor Pendelhaven. a Half-Orc boy who has a natural prowess in the arcane arts. Your parents have enrolled you in the Lynalia Academy. A magic school created under the joint effort of the Factions to promote unity and prosperity. What path will you take in this compelling adventure? 

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Well maybe this will be incentive to finish reviewing every story below a 4, though I'll be taking breaks and reviewing better stories to preserve sanity and avoid burnout.

Storytelling: One Sentence at a Time on 5/16/2024 7:21:17 PM

With no other rational course of action, the oxygen-deprived Bob followed the fluffy, majestic, and genius Dog to the last place anyone would expect to find a shotgun shell in Detroit.

Racing game??? on 3/12/2024 7:44:06 PM

This site isn't the most intuitive for a racing cyoa though best I can come up with would be to code it like a dungeon crawler with a health bar and different hazards the player would face. Some ideas that come to mind would be F-Zero or Star Wars podracing. Haven't set aside time to write lately or figure out how the design would look but figured I'd share my idea with anyone who has enough free time and is interested. That's about it. Write some more stories so I can read'em!

Admin Abuse? Call now! on 9/19/2023 5:50:10 PM

The admins are all amazing people and I don't even know why this hotline exists.

The Golden Dragon Series on 8/4/2023 11:43:03 AM

Thanks for reviewing this series! haven't heard about game books until now so I ordered the two you recommended as the best in the series to try them out myself.

Sentinel's MONUMENT OF BLOODSHED AND INIMICALITY on 7/10/2023 8:40:50 PM


Sentinel's MONUMENT OF BLOODSHED AND INIMICALITY on 7/10/2023 8:33:32 PM

Wtf, the original trilogy had aged far better than the Disney sequels. This is an abysmal take to have.

Sentinel's MONUMENT OF BLOODSHED AND INIMICALITY on 7/10/2023 8:32:21 PM

Actually I liked 8 because at least it tried to be different from the ones Abrams did which just felt like soulless remakes. That being said, all of the ways it tried to be different were pretty stupid.

Sentinel's MONUMENT OF BLOODSHED AND INIMICALITY on 7/10/2023 6:18:55 PM

Bubly is a nice sparkling water to drink chilling by the lake or the beach. It's got just the right amount of carbonation and flavor. I'm more a newcomer to seltzers but whenever I drink a La Croix it feels like I'm squeezing lime directly in my nasal cavity. I do like the pamplemousse flavor though.

Sentinel's MONUMENT OF BLOODSHED AND INIMICALITY on 7/10/2023 11:12:50 AM

I just came here to say Bubly is not an option and my disappointment is immeasurable. You can all choke and die on your high fructose corn syrup sodas you fat, disgusting, polyhedrons destined for liver failure. I'll take the quiz later when I've got time.