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Hey! You! Don't click away! I wrote a story game so go check it out and give me feedback. :D 


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Featured Story The Christmas Crossing

     A seemingly hopeless winter falls on you and your regiment as you lie in wait at Valley Forge. You are tired, your shoes are nearly worn and the smell of death and disease lays heavy on the camp. Rumor has it Washington is planning something before year's end. Personally, you think he's going to surrender. Only one way to find out. You trudge through the peppermint-colored snow around the doctor's tents as you make your way to the officers' cabins. 

     In this story, you step into the role of a soldier in the American Revolution at one of the key turning points in the war as you participate in the battle of Trenton and witness the events firsthand. 

Alpha Centauri

Following your father's legacy, you step into the role of Captain Gideon Judge. The leader of an expedition into the far reaches of space in search of a fertile planet worth colonizing.

Your expectations to uncover old artifacts and resources left behind by possible alien life are blown away when you and your team discover far more than you ever intended to find.


An entry for EndMaster's Prompt Contest.

Dull Embers

A love letter to Ray Bradbury.

The Fireman, broken and rebuilt, whose past lies in ashes trudges down the railroad tracks towards a new path. The Professor a coward by nature finds the courage in his heart to leave behind his old life and start a new one. And the Pilot left empty, grasping for something in her life, strives toward a new chapter that will test her will and grit.

Knights of the Phoenix

When an important King goes missing, it's up to you to steal the only magical artifact that may be capable of finding him. You must accomplish this while navigating the politics of your organization, the whims of your client, and about a half dozen things trying to kill you daily.

For the Corgi contest...

The Way of the Magician

Entry for Mizal's 2020 Jungle Contest.

You are Stor Pendelhaven. a Half-Orc boy who has a natural prowess in the arcane arts. Your parents have enrolled you in the Lynalia Academy. A magic school created under the joint effort of the Factions to promote unity and prosperity. What path will you take in this compelling adventure? 

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Agreena results on 6/30/2022 8:07:37 PM

This was my second time trying to right anything remotely horror mostly because I'm scared of what I'd come up with. I think it's interesting exploring what kind of horror someone comes up with and how it can often be a reflection of their own fears. I just didn't know how to concisely establish the info necessary for the story to progress. Your explanation helped me make sense of a lot of it.

Thanks for the feedback Green and hope you are doing well!

BLACKSMITH: The Second Game on 6/29/2022 12:27:42 PM

As soon as the bard finishes his presentation, the crowd points up at the sky in shocked terror. A massive winged creature descends from the clouds as an ancient black dragon impacts the ground creating a large crater about a half-mile outside the city. Emerging from the crater is a man with burning green eyes, brown hair, and a brown mustache, and he wears nothing but a black thong with straps that go over his shoulders as he confidently strides towards the crowd.

The man notices his attire with a disappointed look and snaps his fingers to change his outfit with instant speed to that of a green suit made of dragon scales and a black dress shirt, pants, and tie underneath. He clears his throat to speak burping out some acid on a nearby rock which was actually a rock gnome who runs away screeching in pain.

"Greetings denizens of Skalreach! I am Sylas Blackwing, Lord of the Cinderwind Peaks! I've been observing your city for a number of weeks now and originally considered burning it to a crisp though that would be an improvement given the state of affairs here," he says. "Anyways, I've decided on a new venture, that of utterly annihilating your pathetic blacksmiths in this erm, competition. I'm going to educate you misinformed plebians on what true craftsmanship is! Kobolds! My workbench!"

A small entourage of kobolds gather with a workbench and tools nearby set up to Sylas Blackwing's expectations. "Now I have a certain gift here that would be the perfect gift for this bard to blowout the next several shows he does." He grabs something behind his workbench and holds it aloft in the air for the crowd to see.

"Behold! This is my | SELF-CLEANING | BRICK | OF ERECTILE DYSFUNCTION | CONSTRUCTED BY TALMUDIC SORCERY |. Now I know what you're thinking. What could possibly be so exciting about a brick? Well, this is no ordinary brick. This brick was ripped straight off of the Ark of the Covenant!" The crowd ahhhs in awe and wonder. " The Talmudic Sorcery latent within this brick means that every time you shove it up your ass it will earsplittingly howl with the souls of the damned and possibly your own mixed within. It also doubles as a tool to practice safe sex so if you want to use it for that function simply shove it up your ass again and it will accomplish both feats at once! Also, the brick is self-cleaning so inserting it with risk of infection is not an issue to be concerned about. With this brick, I guarantee you will be the spectacle of Skalreach bursting people's eardrums with the screams of the tormented."

With that Sylas elegantly bows towards the bard nearly tripping over one of the kobolds running around his legs. 

Surprise inside :) on 6/4/2022 9:23:16 PM

I'm also interested. I suppose we could always run more than one game.

EndMaster's Prompt Contest on 5/17/2022 3:53:29 PM

Just hit me up for a random one to make it interesting I'm in.

Through the Passages of Madness on 4/29/2022 6:18:58 PM

Day 27: Struggles With Finishing

"Yikes. I have 2 stories rated below a 4." 325boy.

Well, time to review these stories. Ok, I'm going to level with you, 6 Door Puzzle, was not that bad. Sure it was a little more challenging than I anticipated, but I got through it and it's fine. However, This GAME, Welcome to Puzzle Land, This game broke me, @325boy EXPLAIN. I'm not reviewing this or progressing any further on my trek through madness until I beat this game. I refuse to quit until I finish Puzzle Land regardless of how difficult it is to navigate. I DARE anyone who sees this to even try to beat this puzzle in an hour because I am struggling. I'll update this post if I actually to beat it, but that probably won't be anytime soon because this is the most difficult puzzle game I've played on the site thus far.



Through the Passages of Madness on 4/26/2022 10:04:11 PM

Day 26: Ye Olde Relics found here.

So, I found a really old story probably one of the oldest on the site. To give you context this story was ranked #35 in 2001, so it shows you how much has changed if this story was ranked that high way back when. They probably had only 100 stories at most back then. I don't know for certain I'd have to consult the historical archives. Anyways here it is!

Lost Keys

This second one caught my attention because it's a fan-fiction of Orwell's 1984. I read Animal Farm by Orwell but only because I was required by my school to read it and I watched a brief synopsis of the plot so I have a vague idea of what it's about. Personally, I've been mulling over ideas of writing a Fahrenheit 451 fan-fiction since I read that story and thoroughly enjoyed it, but that's probably not in the near future.

1984: Cog In The Machine

Through the Passages of Madness on 4/26/2022 9:57:46 PM

Lol Thanks, Darius.

Through the Passages of Madness on 4/25/2022 10:09:49 PM

Day 25: Don't be Dragon me down.

Ok so I read all the dragon stories I heard were bad and reviewed them. Let me know if I missed any of them. The third one wasn't too bad all things considered.

Dragon Tale

A Dragon’s Legend

Through The Dragon Lair

Through the Passages of Madness on 4/23/2022 1:30:59 AM

Day 24: The groaning caverns of madness beckon me along upward and downward. I don't even know which direction I'm going anymore I just know I have to keep going forward.

Anyways! You'd think these stories would have more branching but Nah. 

Though I will admit this first story was more amusing than the second probably because it was more game than story and it made up for the plot gaps. Rise of Vollund II. A short dungeon crawl that may or may not bore you.

This second one however is pret. You better hide... Don't let the overly dramatic title fool you, the only thing more disappointing than reading this story is that the author who wrote it somehow has more points than I do. 

Well, that's it for now until next time!


Through the Passages of Madness on 4/20/2022 4:06:09 PM

Day 23: Cursed story games. 

It's interesting the lore you'll find on these story games just by looking at people's profiles that created or commented on the stories themselves. In this particular instance, I don't think it was a good thing. I did, however, find a passionately worded admin penalty and profile on one of the characters from the Bad Mods season after reading the sacred texts of Cystia which I had a good laugh over.

Anyway here are the cursed stories I reviewed. Personally wouldn't be sad to see either of these go.

Psychopathic Circus

Basic History/Geography Quiz