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September the 14th Part I

This is a spoof off of Friday the 13th. This game is about the 2 new evil zombies named Tiff and Tuff that go on a killing rampage after being burned down by the people who began convincing Nintendo to cancel the Kirby cartoon. You now have to help destroy them. Will you succeed though? That all depends on the game!   Teen

                                                                  Descriptors: Blood, Fantasy Violence, Comic Mischief

Advanced Game Test
Just a test.

Anti-Chicken Squad
unpublished , coauthor
Based on the SCLUA fund (Stupid Chickens! Leave Us Alone) commercial from September the 14th VIII, this game shows a new side of the September the 14th universe. Whole squads of chickens are attacking the planet, and only the underfunded and outnumbered anti-chicken squad can stop them... and their mysterious overlord!

Cancel the Kirby cartoon!

The Kirby cartoon has been hated by a lot of people. You hate it so much that you want it cancelled. Good luck at cancelling it!Everyone

                                                                                                                              Descriptors: Violence

Change the 1986 Boston Red Sox game!
In 1986, Bill Buckner let us down by missing the ball and losing us the game, handing the game over to the New York Mets. I hate him. You hate him. We all hate him. Your mission is to go back in time and change the event! Good luck, comrade!

Deven711's Baseball Quiz!
Welcome to "DEVEN711'S BASEBALL QUIZ"! This is where you go through several questions about the history of baseball. I haven't seen that many baseball quizzes around so I made this. Enjoy!

UPDATE!! NOW Round 3 is up! I promise! I fixed an error in it that sends you to the "Coming Soon!" page. It's here for real now! NOW test your skill at a higher difficulty!

how much do you like AC/DC?
If you like AC/DC, then your gonna fail this qiuz, cuz this quiz is only for AC/DC freakz like, me, but, your gonna do it anyway, so, so be it.

Little Kid Assault!!
They're annoying, they're spoiled, they tattle-tale everytime they think you do something harmful to them, and now...they DIE!! Sure, you were a little kid once but...WHO! FREAKING! CARES?!They suck anyway! And now it's time to take action and demolish all spoiled rotten little kids from Toddler Hell! This is an all-new taste of my games. Not September the 14th, not cancelling Kirby, not going back in time to change Red Sox games, but this time...ASSAULTING LITTLE KIDS!! You will be assigned with each task for every level to shoot and kill the most spoiled little kids of all time. You must stop this evil organization of little kids before they launch a secret weapon: The Tattle-Talator! They shall use this to send an organism that's 3 times the power of every single big guy they keep hiring to confront you in the world to ruin mankind!! And now you must stop them. GOOD LUCK!!

Make the Indians lose!
5/4/04 Red Sox lose to Cleveland Retards.

Go back in time and change the game!

May the 28th 2: Tiff & Tuff Go to Hell

They finally return...after four months, Tiff and Tuff snap and try to find a way out of Hell. When they find no way, they send out some minions to Earth, swim into the Sea of Japan, and retrieve the crystal. With the crystal, they can reawaken Yoshikawa and steal his power so they can use it to open the portal so they can finally escape and once again wreak havoc. Good luck in this new adventure!

May the 28th: A New Beginning

And you thought The Final Chapter would be my last game! HA! Anyway, this continues the Homeropolis series and goes to you, who, after finding out about 4-Kids and their resurrecting, you set off to stop their evil plans. It's all up to you!  But you'll be surprised at who they also hire.


UPDATE 9/22/06: I added a level select cheat. See if you can guess where it is.

UPDATE 8/27/06: I finally finished all the secret bosses. There may be some dead links in the Venger battle. But I'll fix them later. For now, enjoy the secret ending!

UPDATE 11/14/05: I added some items and changed the Giant Ursula battle music. The secret page is under construction though.

UPDATE 11/17/05: I fixed up some bugs. It should be good now.

UPDATE 3/12/06: I added two secret bosses. One's almost completely finished and the other's not even close. I'll just post this to see how you think of them.

Pikachu,s life.
unpublished , coauthor

This game will rip your tongue off!


Reverse the 3/12/05 Red Sox Loss!
Yep. Another time machine game. SHUT UP AND PLAY!!

September the 14th Math!!!

It's September the 14th Math!! Tiff and Tuff have escaped from the depths of Hell and now they're using the physics of Math to spazify good TV Shows! Stop them by solving math equations because learning is fun! And thinking hurts your brain! YAY!!!

September the 14th Part II

Notice: Beat September the 14th 1 in order to read the description.

Where we last left off, TV was filled with crappy, moronic shows that were going to have their own eternal marathons. You teamed up with your girl/boyfriend and put a stop to that though. You defeated all the spazzy characters and defeated the spazoids. Tiff and Tuff transformed into a gigantic beast named Toff, who you defeated with your rocket launcher. Toff seperated back into Tiff and Tuff and you finished off the 2 and killed them. They died just like their first death before they arose from the dead and spread evil all over TV. Now here's the sequel, which starts from the end of the first one.Teen

                                                                               Descriptors: Blood, Fantasy Violence, Comic Mischief 

September the 14th Remix
Here it is. The complete September the 14th collection. Uncut, Remade, and Reloaded.

September the 14th X: The Other Side
A new evil is introduced: an evil alien organization called the Sparms have come from a very distant universe. There, in that universe they live on a very distant planet called "Armolia". Now, they have come to destroy both good and evil and conquer everything. Also, there is another group called the Light Spazoids of Tiffany's race. Who are these people? Find out by giving this game a try!

September the 14th: Part III
It's Part 3 of the ultimate quest to destroy the entire population of psychopathic cartoon characters.  This time there's...

MORE Bosses

MORE ActionTeen

MORE Stupidity

MORE Terror                                      Descriptors: Blood, Fantasy Violence, Comic Mischief

MORE Violence

MORE Depth


September the 14th: Part IV
Tiff and Tuff return for the fourth time! This time they have summoned spazoids that are twice as powerful! Can you survive like the last few times?

September the 14th: Part V: Game Over
Tiff and Tuff are back again! This time, they're not sending in crappy shows, but crappy video games! They've also possessed the classic, old-school games to attack you to get their own video game and hypnotize the world's
best video game companies to make games starring them! Can you defeat them a fifth time?

September the 14th: Part VI: Barney Lives

Tiff and Tuff have once again escaped from their casket and this time, they decided to help bring Barney back to life and give him a few adjustment he needs to have enough strength to finally destroy you. Let's see what happens! Play now to find out for yourself!

UPDATE 12/18/05: I changed this to an advanced game. Now it's a lot better!

September the 14th: Part VII: A New Bomb
Part 7 of the September the 14th saga has just begun. This time, Tiff and Tuff are sending "bombs" at you. Heh. Get it? Bombs. Bad movies. Nevermind. Anyway, just play it.

September the 14th: Part VIII: Tiff and Tuff Take Tokyo
Where we last left off, you demolished Tiff and Tuff's robot: Toff Prime. The two died again and this time. they were brought to Mt. Fuji in Tokyo, Japan and buried there. Coincidentally, you and your girl/boyfriend were also going to Japan and Tiff and Tuff break free again. Can you stop them for the eighth time?

September the 14th: The Final Chapter
This is it! The finale, the showdown, the big kahuna, and everything else I missed! Prepare yourself for a whole new twist in adventure games!

UPDATE!! I changed the music in Part 2 of the ending! Go check it out! It's better!

September the 14th: The Wrath of Kahn

My return to the world of CYOAs. I hope that this one is better than my previous ones.

Shadow the Hedgehog Personality Test

This test is based off the game, Shadow the Hedgehog. It will determined your personality and your purposes. WARNING: Spoilers to the game!

T.V. Show tycoon
unpublished , coauthor
Make your own cartoons. Make there ratings from TV-Y7 to TV-MA. Make as much episodes and seasons as possible. Make alot of money and use the money to buy ads and comercials. also buy newspaper ads and more.Can you be the T.V. Mogul?

The Legend of Zelda: The Cartoon Saga
Legend of Zelda LogoThis game is based off the Legend of Zelda TV Series. Now YOU get to experience the adventures Link had in the cartoon series. Here it is! The first Zelda-based adventure game EVER!

The Pikachu and Links adventure
unpublished , coauthor

Pikachu and Links adventure.

Recent Posts

I realized something about an old story I made. on 12/17/2020 10:20:22 PM

In this game I made years back, a far off sequel to the Final Chapter of the September the 14th series, the protagonist goes on an adventure with Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin (it's complicated) through different forms of media in an uninspired, directionless romp.The first stage has you murdering characters from cancelled cartoons, and the first secret boss leads to a dead end when you beat him. The second stage has you fighting video game villains, namably Bowser, Ganondorf, Mewtwo, and finally, Sephiroth. As of recently, all four of them are playable in Smash. Even better, when you use the ring to unlock the secret boss, Bowser drop kicks Sephiroth, basically predicting Bowser's updated forward smash and back air in Smash 4 onward.

Sometimes, I simply like having a lookback to my past. My old stories still suck, but there's a sort of...charm to them that keeps me coming back. How good it felt to simply not care too much and just have fun. Not that I would ever let the quality of any of my YouTube or writing go to ruin with this sort of mentality, as I'm keeping it in the past.

Nobody had a perfect childhood. Writing was my way of coping. But back then, I simply did it for the sake of playing god and taking my stress out on imaginary ants in the imaginary ant farms that were the universes I threw together.

If the world tossed me back and forth like a wet rag, why couldn't I have something or someone to kick around? I didn't have the heart to do that to anyone in waking life, nor the nerve, and mom wouldn't let us have GTA for obvious reasons, so I simply did it to fictional characters. 

Just saying hi. on 9/14/2020 8:19:16 PM

I decided, in light of today, to stop by and say hello. Been a while since I was on this site, but it's nice to stop by memory lane and look at my old stuff.

Happy September the 14th and all... on 9/14/2016 8:21:10 AM

Or, as I like to call it, "What the Fuck Have I Created When I Was A Teenage Shit Day?"

In my defense, I used this site more as an escape than to actually write stories. I think one of the most likable I've read thus far was Part VI for being just a little more deep and not killing all of the characters. Similarly, Part III missed quite the opportunity with the destruction with Thomas the Tank Engine. Had it not been for Tiff and Tuff assuring the protagonist that Thomas was with them all along, this could've added a major plot twist where said protagonist figures that there is much more to these "spazoids" than just childen's cartoons left to dawn on airwaves and ruin adult entertainment. However, being the naive shit I was, I had no idea that the animes I hated most sucked ass because of the dubbing. Hell, Kirby's dub wasn't even that bad. Okay, so it was pretty terrible, especially with pushing episodes 96-97 forward to promote Kirby Air Ride. Bastards. That aside, it was not only on account of my complete lack of research, lack of any real protagonist and trying too hard to appeal to all genders and sexual orientations, hence your "girl/boyfriend" named "Moe/Mary", but on account of being abused by my middle brother of the family and attempting to protect myself by attempting to drive these things away. Hell, most of these featured I've never even for myself back then, nor have I now, but I've heard very good things about. On the contrary, the true shitty cartoons were depicted as allies (The Loonatics in May the 28th. Less we say about that, the better.)

Anyway, I just wanted to talk about an old CYOA I made over ten years ago, and explain why and how it came to exist in the first place. Thanks.




I wrote a review for one of my own games. on 2/6/2015 6:12:12 PM

No. Not only do these hold some slight sentimental value to me, but they are a bit unintentionally comedic, contrary to the broken difficulty and simplistic writing style.

There are people who feel the same. I feel we should laugh a bit and take these stories as examples of how NOT to make a series.

I don't hate my younger self. His work is questionable, sure, but his years were quite challenging for him. Just about everyone mistreated him, people at school, his middle brother. He also never had any close friends. When he wasn't writing stories, he was either being made fun of or beaten for his interests in Mario and cartoons, or he was secluded within his room, playing his Nintendo GameCube.



I wrote a review for one of my own games. on 2/6/2015 4:55:25 PM

This is for the sixth installment of...the September the 14th series.


If you are reading this from ten years in the past, my younger self, you suck at writing. 

While I will admit, you have worked quite hard with this series and managed to finish every single chapter, you still not only rushed, but severely half-assed the character design. 

Female character? She can cry and get emotional. Villain? Laugh, monologue, I'M A GOD! 

Also, when using terms such as "You" and "your name here", aren't you actually referring to your egotistical self. Obviously, we all share the same perspective, as one single anime dubbing company who have broadcasted and censored anime for children that would otherwise be targeted for an older demographic has led us into fearing that all our favorite"adult-oriented" television programs and media would be altered by two major characters from the ONE dub that actually wasn't as bad, would come to unleash hell upon the town by awkwardly changing said demographic of said adult-targeted television shows to younger children. 

This is one of your best, and that's not saying much. These all suck. 

Don't change a thing. 

-Your Older Self 

September the 14th: Part VI: Barney Lives on 1/14/2015 12:11:34 PM

Use the gold medal upon encountering Scar. Don't select any options, and go for your Gold Medal.

September the 14th: Part VI: Barney Lives on 1/10/2015 11:16:25 AM

I'm aware of the pic. I don't change it because it's a part of my history. It serves as a reminder of the past, no matter how truly good, bad, or cringeworthy it was. That no author is without sin.

September the 14th: Part VI: Barney Lives on 1/8/2015 11:13:37 PM

Creator here. Made as a tween-ager. Still cringe at it.

Scar is impossible unless you select the "Across the Island" option, where you'll

come across Timon and Pumbaa. Complete the training and get the Gold Medal.

(Past Me quite obviously wasn't too fond of "doing research" on this film)

Now you may confront Scar. You'll see a page that will give you the option to:

"Click here if you went to the cavern with the cubs and hyenas" or some shit.

Anyway, go into your inventory and select the Gold Medal, and

Scar will become beatable. 

Good luck, my friend. Congratulations on reaching Phase 6 of your journey through this COLOSSAL mind fucking and half-assed excuse for "human imagination".

Sorry for making this. Truly, I see my former self and I as two completely different people. This boy only wrote so he could have a world to call his own, complete with an artificial sense of worth and lazy character design. Also, he apparently didn't have the balls to create a distinguished character other than the reader, and had to give the love interest two different names. Why the hell not a simple unisex name, you confused fuck? 

His half-assed writing ability is understandable, for his only knowledge of the world outside his own, aside from the school he went to and his immediate family, was the judgmental, antagonistic bully who was his older, middle brother. 

These creations originate from him fighting back against his childhood, struggling too hard to "grow up", shunning away his old interests, along with anything even slightly targeted at children.

Good luck on your quest, buddy. Here's to your sanity and intelligence level making it out alive.


I wrote a Creepypasta on 10/26/2013 12:48:30 PM

She's Gone, Woody



As a kid, I loved the Toy Story film, and you know what else I loved? The Genesis game. Played that game every time I got back from school, before I went to bed, every time I got a chance. A fantastic game. It was pretty much Disney's answer to Donkey Kong Country.
Bought a Sega Genesis yesterday. Got it from a very nice thrift shop around the block from the very kind old couple running the place. With that, were cartridges of Sonic the Hedgehog 3, Aladdin, The Incredible Hulk, and, to my joy, Toy Story. Finally, I thought to myself, a much needed blast from the past. It was Friday, and I had just gotten the weekend off from my job at the local Walmart. I was ready for a weekend-long nostalgic bonanza. Just me and my Genesis.
So after blowing on the cartridge and inserting the disk, I switched the knob to on. After skipping the company logos and legal notices, I got to the title screen. It was Woody's arms crossed, grimacing at Buzz, who was showing off to the other toys. 
I hit the Start button and Woody cried "Yee-Haw!", as expected. After starting the game, though? Well, after Buzz Lightyear flew across the screen and knocked over the Toy Story logo, things went downhill. 
After a description of what happened in the movie, complete with photos, the first level started where you would have to free the green army men and prepare the baby monitor for Andy's birthday party. An easy stage.
But things were a little off ("A little" being an understatement). The lighting was in the evening sunset, similar to the stages after the RC level, where Woody is confronted by the toys, and must help Rex escape from the room.
Level design was the same as in the original aside from that, but the background music was the Nightmare Buzz theme.
I didn't know what was going on, but I played along, I guess.
As I ran through the levels, I noticed there were no obnoxious enemies in my path, but a few obstacles to attack with my pullstring. At the end of the stage, on the shelf where the baby monitor would be, there were small pieces of what looked similar to Bo Peep's limbs. Buzz was standing there, waiting. When I landed on the ground, a cutscene was triggered. Words appeared over a black background.
No music. No digitalized images from the film. Just words in the normal white font.
"Bo Peep took a tumble. She's gone, Woody."
I was a bit startled by this. It wasn't until Toy Story 3 that Bo was written off. So whatever happened? Is this a hack? A joke? Part of the original plot? 
Then I saw a completely animated, digitalized CGI clip. It looked like one of those Sega CD clips with the 64-bit graphic capabilities. Much lower than 240p, but probably would've look slightly impressive for the time. The clip featured a shocked, heart-broken Woody holding and staring into the eyes of Bo Peep's severed head, going into a sobbing fit and repeating the word 'No', Bo Peep's eyes staring lifelessly back at him. The weird part? It was the same audio clip from the first Toy Story film, during the scene where Woody lights a match to ignite Buzz's rocket, only to be thwarted by a passing car.
As Woody sobbed, Buzz pouted in shame.
Then, the clip ended when Woody turned his head toward the screen with a menacing glare, the look of an enraged killer. Then it faded to black, and another audio file played.
Another quote from Toy Story 1, when Andy abandoned the toys at a gas station by mistake.
Gameplay returned. Apparently, I was now fighting Buzz. He seemed to be walking quite slowly toward me. Seemed like an easy battle. 
Things got real weird as soon as I whipped Buzz. His parts went everywhere and the Wilhelm scream sound effect played like in the movie. Felt corny at first. Then the screen faded to more white text.
"This was your fault, Buzz. I loved her more than Andy could ever love you."
Now that really puzzled me. Woody wouldn't even dare compare his love for Bo Peep to his devotion to Andy, let alone Buzz's. This cartridge was getting stranger by the minute.
Next, was a still shot of Mr. Potato Head pointing at Woody.
"MURDERER!" cried yet another recycled clip from Toy Story 1.
The shot faded and was replaced with a clip of Woody again glaring at the screen.
Gameplay went back up and apparently, I was supposed to whip Potato Head, Robot, Rocky, Hamm, and strangely, even Rex, who helps you during the game. No music in the background. Just what sounded like a church bell striking twelve.
Pieces flew everywhere as I swatted the toys one after the other. Finally, after swatting Rex, the screen faded again.
More white text.
"I won't live in a world without her."
Then, it showed a CGI clip of Woody falling out of the same window that Buzz was knocked out of in the movie. Except he ended up landing in the driveway. His head shattered loudly and violently into shards of plastic as his body lay lifelessly. 
After the cutscene faded, I was taken to the fight with Nightmare Buzz. Things were the same, except rather than the usual quote that played before the fight, "You wouldn't want to be in the way when my laser goes off.", the sound clip was of Buzz murmuring "Why did you do it, Woody?"
I tried to fight back, but the lasso would only go through him, unharmed, even when he was checking his wrist communicator.
After helplessly losing all my health, Woody went into his Game Over animation where he'd bleakly pound the floor. Then, Buzz flew into Woody and both of them dissolved into the background. Another fade, and more text...
"There's only one place suited for your kind, cowboy..."
Then, a hellish cave with green fire faded in with the words Game Over, along with the normal Game Over music. Then, fade and one last text.
"I'm sorry, Bo..."
I couldn't skip the text. It seemed to be one of those unskippable screens, like when you beat a game.
I shut off the system, pulled out the cartridge, and played some Aladdin.
I didn't sleep all weekend.

Need ideas for next story game! on 7/26/2013 4:30:57 PM

No idea...


Although the toilet seat one's original, but I dunno how to make that into an adventure game.