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Good day to anyone who happens to be bored/ free enough to read this profile~

I still didn't read any comments in Empathy as it's the one I wrote for one hour late at night and I bet it has lots of grammar errors XD

Started working on a mystery and a ... virtual pet sci-fi? At first I wanted Adopt an Alien to be much shorter and a break for writing the mystery but but it's SCI-FI. I added much more back-story than I expected ... D:

About the music game... I can't say it will turn out well but I know that the idea is really interesting. It can also turn into an epic with tons of extra ideas----

M-Maybe I should make another short game... To clear my head.




My first game. Pretty simple game about meeting a strange girl with a rabbit.

Adopt an Alien

Inspired by... multiple virtual pet games I play, Adopt an Alien is where you have 3 routes: Ruby, Sapphire and Amber where you play as teenagers who just adopted cute aliens. Follow as their lives become more exciting by the minute!

First time using this advanced editor and I'm impressed  :D

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High School Investigators (Part One: The Diamond Thief)

This is a mystery game with a teenager protagonist named Orlando Hover, an aspiring detective, who finds a young girl being accused of stealing a $5000 diamond ring from a jewelry store.


Side note: I might be continuing this mystery thing for a little while with more characters and harder mysteries with more heavier crimes than theft, which means it will have a higher age rating than 3. Or should I create a huge mystery with a really dark plot without the humor in this game (i.e. cross-dressing... yes and I'm not sorry). Maybe even fantasy?

Eh just leave your comments and perhaps I might consider ideas, maybe :D

Underground Escape

A prince gets turned into a mouse by a wicked witch and tossed in an underground maze! Help him get out and marry his princess.

A pretty typical game with multiple endings.

World of Music

What if when the guy down the block tosses an empty can into your window and runs down the lane laughing, you get out your guitar to his house and blasts him onto the wall?

In this world, a scientist accidentally discovered a way to turn sound into a physical force. The organisation hid this fact for a long time... Until someone leaked the information to the public. From then on, people started to produce weapons with the same capability for violence and destruction; the world fell into chaos.

You are a young girl named Emma and you play the violin. Will you be able to survive in this world?