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I've been active since 2020, the same year I discovered that the few Goosebumps CYOAs I read back in the day still had living virtual counterparts. It turns out they're really fun to read, and much more inviting to write than a solid, traditional book for an amateur like myself.



Other than playing storygames, I like to do digital drawings (which are now decent) and improve the site code. I hope to make a magnum opus here someday.



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The Razing of Nipthm
You live a small farming life on Nipthm, a planet of scrublands and grasslands. Trouble heads your way, and it's bringing a mortal danger you can't avoid. United Space doesn't bother trying to protect the outer worlds. You're on your own.

This is a story for Endmaster's Manifest Destiny contest. It was made in such a short period of time I wouldn't have normally been allowed to publish it (2 days). Hopefully it's entertaining, and I didn't make too many errors. Enjoy!


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Hi All! on 1/1/2024 8:26:38 PM
Welcome to the site. You may quit Twine and start using our superior website, you're safe now.

Drop Down Menus Dissapearing on 11/19/2023 7:04:11 PM
If you're clicking somewhere that's outside the dropdown, it's normal behavior to close. The site doesn't do anything fancy like recreating the dropdown, we just use the native browser tags.

Greetings on 7/26/2023 3:16:55 PM
Howdy. I'm going to use this thread to test a recent change to the site. Picking on noob threads is a cherished pastime, after all. ~ posted 15 years ago from my iPhone

Neat thing I discovered about images on the editor on 7/20/2023 3:03:45 AM
It's probably copying the image as a base-64 data URI or something. You'll know if you do that and post it to notepad++ or a similar text editor, and since we don't scrub HTML super duper well it works. I don't have Word to test if this is what's happening or not.

Friday Night Questionnaire on 5/12/2023 3:38:13 PM
Back in Highschool, we had a required course on digital technology, which taught how to turn on a computer and send emails. It's not an awful idea, except you couldn't test out of it. They made it dumber at the end though when they tried to make people write websites for some reason. Kind of seems like two different levels of tech savvy right there.

Runner-up for most useless is math after like algebra 1. It should be elective, but we need to show up China or whatever. Most people get nothing out of it past the first "find X" problem. Art's good and important, but people who did art already drew long before art class and it's an oversaturated talent pool already, so just leave it elective. P.E. at least was keeping kids healthy sort of.

Thunderdome 4: axxius vs anthraxus on 5/10/2023 12:40:08 PM
Story A did well trying to add dialog to the story, but its focus on just combat limited its appeal a bit. It also had words a bit too long, too often. "bantha fodder-eating", "three-sixty", etc. could be omitted or shortened for a smooth flow, which is really important to action scenes. I'd like to see what it'd look like with a smoother flow.

Story B had good framing of the scenes and a nice twist at the end. It managed a show-not-tell approach pretty well with the narration not getting in the way. The ending was good and overall I enjoyed this one.

Going with story B.

KILL the Minimize button! on 5/3/2023 8:54:32 PM
They used to have a "widgets" editor thing that'd let you have multiple things under My Stuff besides just storygames (which explains why "My Stuff" is so generic). But that was always broken anyway, so it was culled a few updates ago. This random button needs to join its compadres and take a dirt nap.

Friday Night Questionnaire on 4/7/2023 3:36:24 PM
If it's going to be slow-cooked, it probably needs to be dinner. The fact that it's at the end of the day also makes it nice because there's no, or way less, garbage to keep track of as far as the daily schedule goes. YMMV if you're one of those weirdos who has kids (old enough that you can't just heap buttered noodles at them)

Site updates 2023 on 3/29/2023 4:47:57 AM
Pushed a few updates for 3/29.

Sentinel's ULTIMATE ANIMAL ABUSE COMPENDIUM on 3/21/2023 1:39:08 AM
Answered. Looking forward to how this all plays out.