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I've been active since 2020, the same year I discovered that the few Goosebumps CYOAs I read back in the day still had living virtual counterparts. It turns out they're really fun to read, and much more inviting to write than a solid, traditional book for an amateur like myself.



Other than playing storygames, I like to do digital drawings (which are now decent) and improve the site code. I hope to make a magnum opus here someday.



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Earning 100 Points Earning 500 Points Earning 1,000 Points All the cool code stuff and giving Killa a kick in butt. It really seems like you should've had this by now! Given by BerkaZerka on 10/17/2021 - Thanks :)


The Razing of Nipthm
You live a small farming life on Nipthm, a planet of scrublands and grasslands. Trouble heads your way, and it's bringing a mortal danger you can't avoid. United Space doesn't bother trying to protect the outer worlds. You're on your own.

This is a story for Endmaster's Manifest Destiny contest. It was made in such a short period of time I wouldn't have normally been allowed to publish it (2 days). Hopefully it's entertaining, and I didn't make too many errors. Enjoy!

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let's play Lost Coastlines on 10/2/2022 5:50:49 PM
How about Burnscar Plateau

EndMaster's Myth and Religion Contest on 9/30/2022 4:07:44 AM
Just shamelessly copy your review of Eternal somewhere in there and you'll be well on your way!

Drawings From Night on 9/30/2022 1:09:50 AM
I sent it via carrier pigeon. It didn't arrive!? I was sure I got the right addressee, and who wouldn't know Briar Rose...ah. You've changed identities, no wonder.

Drawings From Night on 9/29/2022 3:44:05 AM

I've been doodling away. Many of these are wallpaper-sized space drawings, and mostly from this month. Thanks to everyone for compliments you gave before. Insert usual spiel about how I like to take drawing requests, especially if it gets used for a storygame.

How do you outline? on 9/24/2022 1:16:45 PM
SETTING blah blah blah PLOT LINES blah blah blah You wake up, what now? - do ABC - do XYZ     > you decide to do XYZ     END Just another indentation strategy. The format isn't set up to make sense of scripting, items, or looping to other pages. But it's easy enough to shove it all in a single text document.

The Cat Raping Pedant Is a Joke on 9/20/2022 11:51:57 PM

The Cat Raping Pedant Is a Joke on 9/19/2022 4:29:02 PM
Make your own offsite game in Javascript, then. You can embed all your favorite Rick and Morty videoclips so much easier that way!

Government poll on 9/7/2022 1:11:32 AM
Well corruption is eternal, so might as well elect me as Supreme Ruler so at least I don't have to deal with the taxes. The election system will be dismantled, and the West Coast shall be sunk into the ocean so it may start over again. Then I'll just go about making the sweeping changes I want to see. If I ever feel doubtful, I'll read a bit from Eternal to brush up on the process.

Here's a story about a war on 8/27/2022 3:08:12 AM
Since all the spaces were there, I pasted a bunch of line breaks so there's a chance someone can read it, now.

Seeking attention from obscure writing sites on 7/29/2022 1:29:20 PM
This sounds psychosomatic to me. 22yo, healthy, and checked over by ER without finding anything makes me think you should just ignore it. Take daily pegging, do things to lower your anal pressure and you'll probably be fine.