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This is definitely probably my profile. I am also a member of, where I put my linear writing. The URL to my profile there is below: In addition to that, I am running a play-by-post Eberron RPG:

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Celestial Lies: Chapter One

The first chapter of Celestial Lies, a series of interactive stories I have decided to create.

Thousands of years ago, the world was at peace. The many nations coexisted without conflict, and war was something that had not yet been so much as thought of. There were relics of fighting, from a time long past, but these marks of the violence that shook the primordial, forming universe are things only mentioned in stories used to frighten children and keep them in line. Weapons were not forged; the closest thing to an instrument of death that the people created was a knife, and it was not used for that purpose.

Then, a shadow fell over the world. First came the invention of murder. A bloody corpse was found, and there was no way that its owner could have died that anybody could find, other than the single, precise wound to its spine. When the injury was examined, it was found to be that of a knife. Suspicion abounded. Former friends turned on one another, and several more deaths followed. The knives were seen to be slightly ineffective; after all, now that the new purpose of steel was death, why not create a longer weapon, crafted to kill. The sword came into being. Bows were created to combat these weapons. Fighting sparked between nations once the entire community fell to a mysterious cause.

Corrupt leaders took their people to their painful ends in battle against others, to kill or to be killed, and the ground was soaked with red. When the people of the world were at each other's throats, the Dayel revealed itself. It was a terrible monster, something that had never been seen before. Fire was at its commands, and the countless fatal wounds that the people dealt to it did not even slow it down. Its minions paled next to it, but were still terrible machines of destruction and misery. Thousands fell before an army of five hundred.

It was then that a youth named Tainea found his powers, for he was the perfect assassin: the assassin of gods. He ambushed the Dayel, something many had tried. None before him had come close before the terrible creature had struck them down with his flames. Tainea, however, had buried his dagger in the Dayel's head.

The corpse disappeared and Tainea thought himself victorious. He was hungry for glory, and he basked in the fame and the crowds of thankful peasants, wishing to pay homage to the one who had saved all of their lives.

However, though the darkness had lifted, death continued. The Dayel's influence still worked at the world, and when an assassin came after Tainea in the same manner he had gone after the Dayel, he was forced into hiding. Thought dead, he was mourned, but his death was quickly overshadowed by the wars that returned among the still-recovering nations.

Tainea knew that though the Dayel was forced out of the world, his influence still remained. That meant that his minions were still at work, sowing discord. He vowed to finish what he had started, and so he left his place of hiding, knowing that he could not kill the Dayel's servants by idly waiting for them to find him.

I know that it's a bit short, but this is really more of a preview to the rest of the series, which is still in the works (the largest difference other than length being that the other storygames in this series are going to be Advanced).

Celestial Lies: Chapter Two

The second chapter of Celestial Lies! Since this game is Advanced, unlike the previous one, the system relies more on the player thinking of what the best idea is rather than choosing from a short list. Try to get the highest score possible!

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