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Hey everybody, my name is TheBookThief and discovering this site was really fun for me because I always loved reading Choose Your Own Adventure books and now I can write my own stories :)


An Escape from Ruin

Your character is trying to escape a city that is collapsing on itself from within. It's easy enough to survive but less certain what type of person you will become by the end of your struggles.

Darkness in Love

Phoebe's world is crumbling all around her - a government watching her every move, her family turning on her, and rebellion stirring up in her heart. Just when she thinks things can't get any darker, she crosses paths with the winsome yet infuriating Priam. It could be love, it could be darkness - it's up to you.

Ghost Stories

A group of young men and women go on an innocent camping trip. But they each get more than they bargained for. How will you tell this GHOST STORY? . . .

The Speech

You're a middle-aged adult celebrating christmas with your only family, your parents and siblings. Because you are the most eloquent speaker, all of them are expecting you to make some kind of speech. What kind of speech will you give? Enlightening? Funny? Serious? You decide in this quick and easy game.