Before Midnight

a Love & Dating by AppDude27

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Player Rating6.19/8

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Story Difficulty7/8

"wade in shark infested water"

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"A well spent lunch break"

Maturity Level6/8

"I'll need to see some identification"
Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 16. If this were a movie, it would probably between PG-13 and R.

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Why does your Composition and Rhetoric Professor have to assign a 10 page paper due by the end of the week at midnight?

Of course, you procrastinate your way through the week to Friday night. It's 7 o'clock PM. Only 5 hours until the paper is due. No exceptions!

You open your laptop and begin typing...until the power goes out.

Adventure your way through strict RA's, bug infestations, wild frat parties, and more in this all new storygame!


-Butterfly effect decisions that will affect choices later on in the story.

-Is that item worth taking? Or is it better left where it is?

-Multiple endings and even a "secret ending".

-See all your choices in the end.

Will you submit your paper in time before midnight?

Version 1.5 Updates:
+Fixed more grammar
+Updated the Score variable. It will now display how many pages you wrote in the comments! 

Player Comments

This is a really great storygame and I enjoyed the characters and the writing. The plot was simple, but effective, and the butterfly effect was well pulled off. While my criticism is particularly picky, it means that the story was thoughtfully made and I had to dig a little deeper to look for improvement. Here are some other thoughts:

- Some good ingenuity; this is shown in little touches like the alignment and highlighting to show text messages or snaps. I guess you're being true to your name. I like little bits of polish like that because they show creativity and that work has gone into the story. The important choices system is another great example of this.

- I felt the explanations of important choices and the confirmations on which one you chose in the next page were a little bit unnecessary, but the fact that you had no mistakes, which is disgustingly common on a lot of stories here, meant I knew instantly that this was going to be a good read. The >6.00 rating kind of helped a little too I guess! While I like the important choices idea, though I'd say it could be improved by making the actual link choices bold instead of the text beforehand. This lends itself to being more immersive.

- Another minor gripe is that the story could have benefited from once-only options that disappear after clicking, like when you have the choice to search for Nick all over the frat house.

- Some of the dialogue was a bit unnatural, especially for the yoof of today. A few examples are:
'I heard the bouncers require that you have a drink in your hand in order to get inside the concert.' This girl sounds like she's been programmed to spout RNG facts about the party.
'"Charlie, did you make sure to bring the clown costume I told you about?"
"Yes, Elizabeth! Of course I brought it with me! I love our role plays!"' I appreciate the humour, but it could have been done a little more subtly. Not many couples go around shouting about their fetishes very clearly and loudly.
'"Oh yes, this is definitely beer."' You'd think the bouncer would just be more like 'Alright' and wave you through or something. However, Nick and the MC, on the whole, had pretty realistic dialogue and that's the main thing.

- I'm a convert Robotic Otters fan for life now. Their music is beyond words so thank you so much for introducing them to me. By a mile, they're the most incredible indie-folk pirate core band I've come across, and that's saying something. I'm wondering if you painted the poster; it definitely looks painted (apart from the signing)! If you did, that's just more evidence of the hard work that went into this.

- There were barely any mistakes, if any. One of the only ones was: 'You step back inside your room to grab you belongings'. A repeated offender was the lack of capitalisation after a full stop (period) is used after dialogue ends. E.g:
'"I know, I know." you shrug your shoulders.' Also, a comma is needed at the end of dialogue if the sentence is being continued, like when the text is expressing who is saying the dialogue and how they're saying it. E.g:
'"After you." Nick says...' needs to be '"After you," Nick says...'

- There was also a font change that doesn't look intentional (Stay in the Dorm option above the 'page increased by 1!' line), but it's pretty damn impeccable, so you clearly ran through it a few times.

- You masterfully weave a tale where the reader is made to pity Nick, as in this example where he's talking about his laptop: '...and the new update of Windows 10."' He's beyond help now. Poor soul...

- In my first play through (4 pages, rocking the D grade), I got the poster but didn't get to give it to Nick, but in my second (bumped it up to an A like a square), I did get to give it to him. I don't know if this is intentional, but it doesn't really make much sense and I was sad that, after being such a disappointment to my parents and teachers, I couldn't at least cheer up the lad with the signed poster of the band he loves. Heart wrenching.

- The secret ending was brilliant. I really enjoyed this whole game and think you should definitely keep writing. All jokes aside, there was something really heart felt about this whole game.
A very solid 6/8. I wish I could rate it 6.5.
-- AzBaz on 7/23/2017 8:02:59 AM with a score of 10
Wow! I'm really impressed. Very well done. I don't usually play school based story games, and this one caught me by surprise. It was fun, well paced, and for some reason I actually felt stressed about getting the paper in on time. It felt odly realistic enough (not that i have been in that sort of situation before), and I was so overjoyed about being able to get away with an A, that I didn't dare try to replay to get the ten pages for the fear of being in that horrible yet strangely exiting situation again. The secret ending was just :) short and well worth the time
-- temp on 8/28/2016 7:58:21 PM with a score of 9
Great story, So far I have only done the sneaking out path twice (the second time to improve my ending) and I have to say that I was engaged until the end. I only found minimal typos and grammar mistakes. And by adding a time limit you created a bit of tension in the back of the readers mind making me REALLY want to finish the paper but at the same time I didn't want to miss out on the party. It reminds me of the Wal*mart game a bit. 6/8 Really immersive.
-- SonicTurboTurtle on 9/10/2015 8:46:25 PM with a score of 0
Awesome and fun story!
-- Soraya on 10/17/2020 11:04:08 PM with a score of 0
OMG this game is so good, short and sweet, I love it:D
Enlightenment, baby!
-- Codific on 9/12/2020 9:43:03 PM with a score of 10
this game is all most good at all.
-- ATHUL on 8/20/2020 5:10:12 AM with a score of 0
It was good, I figured out your secret ending ha ha ha
-- IMSPOOKY7 on 8/9/2020 8:26:22 AM with a score of 10
-- WittyKitty2468 on 8/3/2020 11:37:38 AM with a score of 9
this is the best choose your own adventure i have ever played and i hope to play more like it. thank you so much for making this.
-- aon cron on 6/30/2020 9:43:47 PM with a score of 10
Slightly more fun than homework
-- Adeline on 6/29/2020 2:00:08 AM with a score of 0
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