Escape From School

a Puzzle / Games by Ogre11

Commended by mizal on 5/20/2019 7:11:05 PM

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This is an IF game in the old Colossal Cave Adventure style. Basically all your choices are just picking directions and manipulating stuff. You wake up trapped in the school and need to find a way out before you are caught! Wind your way through over 100 different rooms and locations to find your way out of the abandoned and locked school building. Initially published: 5.04.19

Update 1.1, 5.13.19: Added a time-out so that if you take too long you get caught in the school (Sorry about lost saves)

Update 1.2, 9.1.19: Fixed beaker issue, updated item use issue, fixed room descriptions (Sorry about lost saves)

Player Comments

This game brought me back to my Zork days, and I loved every minute of it. It was super old school, and the real sign that it was a great game was when I was interrupted in the middle of playing it to make dinner, and I was completely distracted, thinking, what the *hell* am I supposed to do with a spoon? This is classic text adventure primo, stripped down to its basics. At its heart, it's keys locked behind doors that need keys. But, yeah. That's the genre. And this does it with humor and style.

I have a few bugs, I think, to report, and a few writing things you may want to look at.

Some of the descriptions are structured in a somewhat repetitive way, like "You are standing in the principal's office. You are very nervous because you are standing in the principal's office!" which could be tightened up to make it funnier. And I know it's hard for *everything* to be amusing, but some of the descriptions feel really functional without a lot of interest in the writing (like "You are in the kitchen. There is a swinging door to the north that leads to the serving area. There is a small side door that should lead outside."--I think you could do more there.)

1. In room 211, I picked up a beaker, but it didn't appear in my inventory, and the beaker is still there: " There is a single beaker that appears to have been left out on a table."

2. The directions of Rooms 106 and 107 switch their east/west directions in different descriptions:

Non verbose description: You are in the main hallway of the school. The hallway continues north and south from here and far to the south is the entrance to the school. There are two doors here for the classrooms: 106 is to the east and 107 is to the west.

Verbose version:
You are standing in the main north-south hallway of the school. The hallway continues for a long ways to the north, but you can see the entrance area of the school far to the south. Around the door to the west are huge letters spelling out MATH. In the middle of that section of wall is a door with the number 106 on the door. The other wall of the hallway here is empty, but there is a door there with the number 107. Far off in the distance you hear something squeak, but then all is quiet.

Main Hallway:
You are in the main hallway of the school. The hallway continues north and south from here and far to the south is the entrance to the school. There are two doors here for the classrooms: 106 is to the east and 107 is to the west.

3. I could swear the description of the Serving Area gave me the verbose description in later visits, and then the shorter description when "looking around" but I have to replicate that bug.

4. One of the items (the flashlight?) gave a pop-up message that I couldn't use it in a location as opposed to the other in-game messages that it couldn't be used.

5. I don't know if this is typical, but when I dropped an item I expected it to be still there in the room, but at one point I dropped the shoes and they were thereafter vanished.

-- Gower on 8/29/2019 7:54:34 PM with a score of 118
Super fun, especially because I got to make a map and mark all of the rooms. Second floor is a bit confusing but I'm also a weirdo. Anyways I really enjoyed this and discovering everything! :>
-- Erin on 7/14/2020 7:12:38 PM with a score of 155
Well, congratulations for setting off my OCD. I made a beautiful map for that school, and you completely ruined it by having certain areas in the map that overlapped. I hope you're happy! >.<

Also I was mildly irritated that there were certain doors I never got to unlock and certain objects I never got to use. (Do you realize how long I spent looking for a bicycle pump to blow up that basketball?) That aside though, I spent way too much time fucking around on this infuriating little game... And I found it all pretty enjoyable. Well done. ^_^
-- Avery_Moore on 5/12/2019 2:48:27 PM with a score of 0
I’m mainly commenting just because of how proud I am to have beaten this. I literally had to make a map of the maze becuase it was so hard.

Luckily, I didn’t have to back track any, but I know that you made it pretty easy to do so. The beginning was probably the hardest part, so I’ll give some small pointers, otherwise this will have no ratings. This is setup so that you can only access certain rooms after getting the right keys.

Here are some hints: The first key is on the first floor to the east. The O stands for office. You’ll need a key that seems like it serves no purpose to escape. You’ll need a total of 5 keys and 2 misc objects to escape.

This was difficult, but nowhere close to “Jurassic Fairview Park” difficult. I actually needed a guide to complete that. Try harder next time.
-- Austinc on 5/7/2019 9:29:42 PM with a score of 0
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