A sci-fi storygame by vnguye12

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It's the distant future, somewhere close enough to call home... Long ago, Earth was hit with a series of asteroids with radiation levels never witnessed before. This event was coined one of the worst natural disasters in recorded history. The collision instantly took out 75% of the fauna, killed a third of the Earth's population, and left the other two thirds of the population with radiation poisoning that eventually killed the unlucky. A random select few of young women that were affected were miraculously able to survive through the effects and harness the radiation’s unworldly power. This power was later discovered to fade with age, and most of the women continued to live and reproduce normally. However, a very small percentage were actually able to pass the ability to harness radiation onto their first female born child. Societies would go on to discover that the energy harnessed by a single female child at age 3, could be used to power all the nations of the Earth for a decade. 

The world has now become a nightmare-like dystopia, cities are now run by an organized group called HRVST, founded by a scientist who was able to figure out a way to turn radiation into usable energy. They currently operate and control the entirety of the Earth's newfound power, coined Nex. HRVST is collecting young girls from mothers under the guise of protecting and conserving their life, but they are actually imprisoning and conducting inhumane experiments. When the girls reach 17, they lose their ability to harness radiation, therefore rendering them useless to HRVST. These girls are relocated to high security prisons, locations unknown to the public, to be secretly executed. However, there's been a very small percentage of prisoners that have escaped. 

Your name is #957. When you were 5, HRVST infiltrated and set fire to your home looking for their next target. You were able to escape with the help of your mother and a secret underground passageway, but were unable to locate your parent's whereabouts after the event. The local community ruled their death as accidental. Filled with anger and a drive for vengeance, you've spent a majority of your life training in militant combat and firearm usage under the guidance of an unnamed group fighting against HRVST for justice and peace. This group was founded by a survivor and one of the current only known escapee of HRVST. The group works to protect, home and train young girls in various skills until they outlive the age of 17, losing their power. HRVST has become incredibly corrupt and justice is needed. Your leader was able to pinpoint a retrieval target currently in HRVST's custody, TARGET #1312. This girl is suspected to have mutated genes and can possess a particular strain of radiation that has never been researched before. The leader is worried that HRVST will become untouched with this ability in their possession. Your mission is to infiltrate HRVST's research headquarters and to bring #1312 out alive. 


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