Studio 5

Player Rating5.41/8

"#222 overall, #6 for 2014"
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Story Difficulty6/8

"wandering through the desert"

Play Length3/8

"A nice jog down the driveway"

Maturity Level6/8

"I'll need to see some identification"
Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 16. If this were a movie, it would probably between PG-13 and R.

Studio 5





In Studio 5, you play the role of a film producer named John, who must find out why two of Hollywood's most famous celebrities have been brutally murdered right before your very eyes! Interrogate suspects, collect evidence, and solve puzzles as you try to figure out who did it!

Update 1.2: Fixed more grammar issues and improved upon the beginning of the story. John, Smith, Darlene, and Jim all have their own back story now, which may clear up any confusion about their characters. 

Player Comments

Wow! Amazing! Just simply amazing!

The plot is intriguing, the grammar is great, the puzzles are easy enough that they aren't super hard, and overall trying to solve a murder case in a movie studio is a fun plot! I really enjoyed the interrogation, the ability to move throughout the areas, and the puzzles were pretty fun.

And the plot twist is what made me go "WOW!"

So yeah. I give this one a 5/8. It took me an hour to beat, and like I was listing above, its really fun! However, it is pretty short (only three chapters) and I always had a feeling in the back of my mind of how you could've made one aspect longer or more sandbox-ish... like L.A. Noire or similar crime/detective games.

But this was really fun. If you're looking for some time to kill, play this game! Cheers!
-- Fazz on 7/23/2014 2:07:51 AM with a score of 0
This was a great game! I loved the puzzles and how there was a plot twist! This game is amazing!
-- Portal on 12/21/2020 4:01:19 PM with a score of 0
This mystery was 10 dollar trash. Much better when it was peta bread imo.
Anyways, to cut to the nmeat and potatoes of this complaint, i thought it was fine until that garbage ending. plus some of the time i got my identity confused thanks to your writing style. im having an existential crisis right now and it doesn thelp that all my co workers were actors apparently. my brief relationship with jenny made me realize how lonely i am in my real life. i still dont know if she actually loves me. will she love our children? are our kids gonna be actors? is my life a lie? damn you for making me think this.
devin was a great comic relief. i liked how he ate food and was the master of hint giving. too bad his hints were great lol
at first i thought anthony was the killer cause he didnt get raised. good red herring. i like that fish in my mysteries.
i wish we could have viewesd the camera in dannys coat but i guess the technologi just aint there yet.
i felt proud that i could hit the light cues. i hope my job descriptiong is a bit clearer because i thought i was a producer not a light man.
my 1st grader enjoyed the color puzzle in thebasement. thanks for considering yougner audiences.
i hope the next mystery is The Case of my Disappearing Father and his Many Mistresses." i wanna get to the bottom of that case.i think my character could use some more lore. please.

overall 2/10 i'd poop it if i could
-- "Upset Ace Detective" on 2/6/2020 10:46:46 PM with a score of 0
It was amazing but why did I die if it was all an act and also, why couldn't the saying "Can we just talk it out" at the end of the book not be the ending because usely that is what makes me want to keep on going and "Jime never liked you" just made me think that I'm about to die but after that the book was incredible where I hope you make more books in this series and also I can't wait for the next book in the "Before Midnight" because I loved that series and the Secret ending was surprising because I didn't know that......Ops! I shouldn't say spoilers so I'll just say play smart to find out yourself in "Before Midnight" please tell me when your games are made so I can play them all please.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
-- Patandjenfan33333 on 11/29/2019 8:25:46 AM with a score of 0
The twist was slightly obvious but the puzzles made it incredible!

Great for a quick play!
-- Rotini on 5/2/2019 8:04:04 PM with a score of 0
Super cool, I honestly felt like a real detective!
-- meh on 4/15/2019 12:09:55 PM with a score of 0
This was very enjoyable. It had a great plot and nice length.
-- Faervel on 12/28/2018 8:38:29 AM with a score of 0
Really good story, fabulous plot. There were a few times though where you switched from second person to first or third, but it was still really good.
-- AstralEmbers17 on 4/30/2018 7:50:46 PM with a score of 0
I have one thing to say about this game and that is this game was awesome! I actually thought that a murder happened but it turned out that the director was actually playing a part in the movie without even realizing! I loved the characters you created and how you threw in the plot twist at the end of the game. Great work with creating this game and if you decide to make a sequel to this game I would love to hear from you so I can try it out.
-- Haleigh Baird on 9/20/2017 4:37:38 PM with a score of 0
That plot twist though... :O
-- _skye_ on 8/23/2017 3:17:38 PM with a score of 0
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