Picaro's Experience Points

Picaro has a total of 52 Experience Points. Following is recent point activity.
6/10/20223Duel Refund RPS
6/6/2022-3Duel Escrow RPS
6/3/20221Rate Game A Super Tale
6/2/20221Rate Game Courier 237
6/2/20221Rate Game Zurigul the Incompetent
5/27/2022-3Duel Escrow RPS
5/27/20221Win Duel RPS
5/26/2022-1Duel Escrow RPS
5/25/20221Duel Refund Rock Paper Scissors
5/25/2022-1Duel Escrow Rock Paper Scissors
5/25/20221Rate Game The Warning
5/23/20221Rate Game Secrets of the Crag
5/17/20221Rate Game Harry Potter: Sorting Hat Quiz
5/17/20221Rate Game TRASH
5/17/20221Rate Game
5/5/20221Rate Game
5/4/20221Rate Game A Very Special Choose Your Story
5/3/20223Create Game
4/22/20221Rate Game Escape the Room 2
4/8/20223Create Game
4/8/20221Rate Game Knights of the Phoenix
4/5/20221Rate Game The Road: Carrying the Fire
3/24/20223Create Game
3/24/20221Rate Game WORST DAY OF YOUR LIFE!!!
3/24/20226Win Duel Rock Paper Scissors
3/24/2022-3Duel Escrow Rock Paper Scissors
3/24/20222Win Duel Rock Paper Scissors
3/24/2022-1Duel Escrow Rock Paper Scissors
3/24/2022-2Duel Escrow RPS
3/24/202215Admin. Bonus - Happy Birthday!!!
3/23/202215Create Account