Secret Santa Story

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Story Difficulty3/8

"trek through the forest"

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"Not going to lose any sleep"

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"aren't you a little too old to be trick or treating"
Some material may be inappropriate for persons under age 13. If this were a movie, it would probably be PG-13.

This is my 2016 December Ballad Contest entry

Note: Any items are in the girl's inventory.

Also, this entry is quite short, but there are several endings.

Beware some of the things in here as they're quite... unfriendly.

Player Comments

This was far better then I was expecting. I can't believe I haven't written a comment for this yet.

I really liked the flow of this storygame, not just because of the clever rhyming, but the words just went well together and sounded smooth in my opinion, as if I were reading a poem from a professional author.

I didn't think it was too short, because I can understand that the plot you used sorta has a limit. I enjoyed finding all the endings and reading throth the multiple paths.

I didn't actually notice very much wrong with this, because it's creative, different, descriptive, fun, entertaining, etc.

I was a bit confused at some points as to what was going on, but overall, I found this to be quite incredible.

The plot and setting made it all the better, because the way you wrote gave me a very clear idea of what all this was like :D

6/8. Nice work!
-- MinnieKing on 3/19/2017 8:55:37 PM with a score of 0
Amazing, you did quite well in making this ballad quite entertaining. You also used the Advanced Editor in a pretty clever way, and while this was short, it wasn't linear.

I found it pretty cool that this ballad had multiple endings and not just one destination for the story to reach. This had a bit of everything that I usually enjoy from a CYOA ballad, rhymes, a interesting story, and multiple paths that the story/poem could take.

This was very enjoyable, so great job, Crescent.
-- TharaApples on 12/18/2016 4:55:04 PM with a score of 0
Good but a little to short for my taste probably because I picked to many of the nice links.
-- Noob_Master on 12/15/2017 12:59:06 PM with a score of 0
This was really beautiful, Crescent. I did a double-take when I saw what was really written on the Christmas card, especially towards the end. I like that you can control the POV of both characters, though I feel she shouldn't forgive him for doing what he did.
-- Saika on 11/28/2017 11:50:00 AM with a score of 0
I'll do you a favor and hand you a gift and say something nice... yes, so it's a wonderful thing to receive a gift from Santa! ;)
-- TestingJest on 10/9/2017 2:13:46 AM with a score of 0
oy, that got dark really fast. I liked it though, especially the rhyming. I can't write poetry for my life but you make it seem so effortless.
-- crazygurl on 6/5/2017 11:08:07 AM with a score of 0
:o This ending was even better. It's so sweet when you pick the right ones. <3 I still love the rhymes. A lot.
-- MelodyWolf on 4/30/2017 7:01:57 PM with a score of 0
That was awesome! I loved how you wrote it all in rhyme. I love rhyming. It's so sad... With the bully.. and... anyway, I like it. Really worth every cent!
-- MelodyWolf on 4/30/2017 6:57:38 PM with a score of 0
Honestly, the story was one of my favorites, and I loved the actual immense and tremendous impact that the choices made. One of my favorite stories of all time. You should definitely make a sequel to this, or at least something similar. 8/8
-- Snowflame on 1/7/2017 5:42:56 PM with a score of 0
Good enough, I guess, but definitely potential for a lot more than the 3 ending there are right now.
-- The Ghost on 1/6/2017 4:56:43 AM with a score of 0
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