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I love writing. I have enjoyed writing fictional stories since before 4th grade. I really try to use good grammar, and there is no swearing ever in my stories. It takes a lot of time so I might just make the one, unless lots of people love it. 


A Happy Ending for Gwen

Make an entertaining story with a happy ending for Gwen, a bright 11 year old who knows what she wants.

Deciding What to Do

Not to be published, just talking back and forth with myself, deciding what to do.

The Adventure Director

You are a director of Dreamland- specifically, an Adventure Director! Tonight on your list is an 80 year old man, a boy of 7, a 14 year old girl, and a 35 year old woman. Your job is to give them exciting dreams. And remember, you are not the nightmare director, so make sure you don't make their dream too scary, otherwise the head of directors will fire you. You are an Adventure Director! So the dreams you create must leave your sleeper feeling exhilarated! 

There is absolutely no bad language, and to a large extent how violent it gets depends on your choices. 

Please note that I did not intend for this to be thought of as 'excellent writing.' I just aim to entertain. :) And I encourage the use of the back button, I don't consider it cheating. 

Also, I realize that you might think things like, "Wow, I've never had such long conversations in a dream before," or, "Now where on earth did that come from?" Well, maybe we do have long conversations in our dreams and just forget them, and maybe they just read a book about what just came up in their dream. Just enjoy the story and don't think too much about it making sense. ;)

I have a lot of places where more story lines can go...

The Land of Imagination

This story takes place in the land of Imagination, as in, not the future, not the past, not another planet, not a supernatural world, but Imagination. You are going there to have an adventure.

The Pure in Heart

Sofia tries her best to make good decisions. She wants to have adventures while remaining pure in heart. To play this game, you have to make good choices. And by good, I don't just mean correct. I mean choices that conform to the moral order of the universe.

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Not your problem, it's mine on 7/9/2020 9:47:04 PM

Hello! I am so sorry I posted a review on myself. I thought it would just be harmless fun; I didn't know it wasn't allowed. Can you remove it please? It is on The Adventure Director. My mistake, I'm sorry. I'm starting to work on it again, and I don't want my blunder to be seen when it is published.

Thank you,


How do you get from one chapter to the next? on 5/28/2018 1:24:36 PM

Thank you both for all your help :)

How do you get from one chapter to the next? on 5/28/2018 11:50:59 AM

That is so nice of you! I actually think I may have gotten it though!! So, it says on the page that it's going to such and such a page, but when I actually previewed it it DOES take the player to the page I wrote in the script!!! Thank you so much!! :D

How do you get from one chapter to the next? on 5/28/2018 11:35:53 AM

Yes, I think you are right, I wish I hadn't tried another chapter.

How do you get from one chapter to the next? on 5/28/2018 11:30:14 AM

Now it's letting me do the script like that, but it isn't taking me to that page. The only way I can find to get a button to change the script is to add a link to a page in that chapter or a new page, but changing the script seems to do nothing then and just goes to the pagearth like normal, like changing the script didn't do anything. I wish I could just see what you guys are doing haha.

How do you get from one chapter to the next? on 5/26/2018 8:22:12 PM

Ok, I'm still having problems. On chapter 2 it says my start page, but when I try the link from chapter 1 it still says there's no link to chapter 2. And I tried the scripting thing, I tried typing it in different places, it always says it wasn't expecting those characters. First it was the =, so I wrote it without that and then it was the @ so I took that out and then it said it didn't recognize the P! So I gave up. But I really need to get back to chapter 1, it was just one of four story lines I put on chapter 2, but I need to put a way to get back to the other 3 from chapter 1. Sorry I am just clueless :-/ I do appreciate all the help, but you can stop anytime you get tired of trying to explain things to me ??

How do you get from one chapter to the next? on 5/25/2018 11:48:00 AM


How do you get from one chapter to the next? on 5/25/2018 11:47:28 AM

Thank you very much! Where do you type that in?

How do you get from one chapter to the next? on 5/25/2018 10:17:35 AM

Hi, yea I'm new. So, I started just with everything in one chapter, but of course there were so many pages. So I figured I'd try to start a second chapter, but I can't figure out how to get from one of my pages in the first chapter to one of the pages in the second chapter. The second chapter pages don't show up when you link to another page, and when I link to the chapter it doesn't seem to work, it won't go there. I tried the help and info section but the post that says it would explain how to use chapters only explains pages and variables and drops... 

Please help? I wish I could move a page from one chapter to another. Is that possible?