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Hello Everyone,I'm creepyguy735,otherwise known as creepy Mo(I couldn't think of a creative name so at least give me some credit) and my favorite series is the walking dead and star wars.My favorite character from the walking dead (video game)is Pete in season 2 and the reason why he's my favorite is because he's a pretty cool guy who seems to be the most rational in the cabin group.*SPOILER ALERT* However,either in the end of episode 1 or the beginning of episode 2,pete dies either from being devoured from the lurkers in episode 1 or succumbs to his bite in the leg and sacrifices himself and buys some time for clementine(the main character) to run.BTW... I could some stories in the future(mostly about survival) and maybe some short stories here and there to pass the time.Suggestions would be appreciated and collabs too!

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DISCLAIMER:This is my first game on here,so please,don't be harsh on me and constructive criticism will be welcomed in the comments.

Anyways,this will be a new series that will have 5 parts to this series.It's also basely losely off the walking dead made by TellTale Games.The main character is Mark,who's about 30 years old,who goes to work one day when he feels that something's wrong as he goes to the freeway,but he wasn't wrong on it.

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Hello everyone,my name is Mo(nickname actually since my name is apparently long,but whatever),and i'm interested in the Horror genre,specifically zombies and post-apoclayptic eras,and i'm also a big fan of the walking dead(video game) and the least favorite genre i like is anime.And really that's about it.     

P.S Comment down below on what your favorite and least genre is on this site.And also wondering if there's anyone else that is new in this site.??